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We've heard firsthand about the benefits of teaching students to become savvy searchers. Today we're introducing a new resource for educators: our totally redesigned Search Education hub. Visit the site for classroom lessons based on Common Core Standards, subject-specific search challenges and a library of our most popular webinars:
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Nice initiative. I'm wondering how this could be used together with e-universities like udacity or khan academy to get strong help from the power of search.
Nice! I wonder if that would be good for me? Hmm, just might try it.
grazie from east java island mojokerto indonesia.mus be the best forever.
As I see it the main problem (at least in my school) is that most of the time the teachers are the ones who could really need some practice when it comes to search or other available services that could help them(Google maps, Earth, Art Project...). Most of the teachers in my school just aren't used to students being able to search nearly every fact any time they want on their smartphones. The web gives us so many opportunities to learn (e.g. I learned a lot watching YouTube documentaries or simply browsing Wikipedia), but since they don't get utilized enough a student sometimes gets the impression that going to school in the morning closes the door to the world which should be exactly the opposite and definitely needs to be changed.
I agree with +David Wittenbrink - while I think the ability to use search and queries is valuable to students, most are native to it - its the teachers who may need the help, especially those teaching contemporary subjects using materials that are years out of date.
The idea is good but I don't like Google knowing what I am searching for, what e-mail I am sending thru Gmail, what I am posting on G+, Google wants to know inner you and one will know everything about you and I mean everything. My advice to all, use FF with encryption and make your search and e-mails encrypted and limit your exposure to Google's control and hunger for information about you.

Google motto "do no evil" and yet they are doing great things with evil intentions.
FF does the same thing as google that's how they make their money.
So why the heck did you post on Google+?
Good question :D nobody forces you to use google, but it is the best service out there. and +Hassan Rquibi, what do you mean by "great things with evil intentions"?
Teach me...I love the specific skill breakdown ed! It truly targets the needs.
I'm with you David I trust google with my info more than any other business. Google is sooooo much easier to you than all the rest.
This is incredible. And I've been just telling my mom that people should be thaught more about how to use web and search efficiently!
Wish there had been captions. They are useful for many, and necessary for some.
Very useful resources! I think I would try to adapt the Begginer 1 lesson plan to use in my Spanish class, as it is also a great way to learn more related vocab.
I'm finding, as a business man and entrepreneur, that teachers are very good at educating - but not as business and the graduates can't start the business they have been taught to run... Needs discussion.
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