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Excited about summer movie season? The Knowledge Graph, which we began rolling out last week to people using in the U.S. in English, can help you plan your time at the cinema. If you search for a movie title, you may see a panel of information on the right-hand side of the results, where you can view key facts like the release date, cast and rating. To get more info about a given film, click on any of the images or blue hyperlinks within the section to learn more. For example, if you search for The Dark Knight Rises, you can click on any of the cast members to learn more about their other movies, awards and personal facts.
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It's a nice use of space!

Now to localise it and pull cinema times off [maybe?]IMDB [if it's in cinema's of course!]
How about showtimes and nearby cinemas where they're being aired? That sure would be some useful info, and it's not like you don't have it already.
How about a complete summer season movie schedule where current and future movies are shown in release date order? There are so many opportunities here..
den its prolly iz starin the guy from the movie who gets caught in oriental holes in floors
I trailer would be nice too. But this is pretty cool...I am really liking the look of the Knowledge Graph. Sure, you could go to IMDB but we tend to spend a fair amount of time at Google anyway...and having the information presented like this is really nice.
That is so cool!
You guys just keep making our lives easier :)
THEDARKKNIGHT RISES!!! :DDDD Ahem, sorry, back on topic :P Google, you're awesome!!!!! :D
Does + not support png?
I'm not in the US and I do get the knowledge graph >.> It's probably just a matter of when it rolls out to you.
Nice... Ima go search Amazing Spiderman RIGHT now.
its the arabian gulf, dickhead
Why do you people always have the need to talk about the Persian Gulf? Talk about it in some other post, not here. This is about Google.
Awesome (not in a Zuckerberg way but really AWESOME)! I'd love to see even more facts in the KG sidebar. For example when I search for Berlin, there could be this weather snippet which I get, when I search for "weather Berlin".
I just noticed I got the update. Thank you!
when is it comming to india.........?
I get the facilities of Knowledge Graph from Bangladesh.
Those who haven't got it yet, maybe using will help.
The knowledge graph is really nice when you search for movies.
This is the greatest thing they've done GOOGLE IS SO AMAZING
Thank the collage boy that we have google!!!!!!!!!!!!;))
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