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sqrt(x*x+y*y)+3*cos(sqrt(x*x+y*y))+5 from -20 to 20

sin(5.5x)*cos(5*y)+x*x+1 x is from -1 to 1, y is from -1 to 1, z is from 0.1 to 2.8

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Ben Handy
I tried it in Bing and all I got was an ad for erectile disfunction
nice! For all the folks who didn't. Just google each of the expressions and enjoy.
Now Chrome supports Webgl in older machines, so this makes sense.
same here, need webgl for 3D charts
How many students can still do this manually?
They are seriously sexy!
Hmmm. Wolfram Alpha shows different results for #2
Woah, I think that you got the colors in the the tanh a bit off. ;-)

Pretty amazing!

I wish I had this 15 years ago.
works fine with FF 14.0a1.
So... will google buy Wolframalpha?
what with the numbers and letter uh.
What is...a job interview at Google?
sqrt(x*x+y*y)+3*cos(sqrt(x*x+y*y))+5 from -20 to 20
black hole ?
Nice, I like the 2nd and 3rd graph. But on my iMac it works only with Chrome, not with Safari...
NO WEBGL :( until I get home...
Ging De
Is there a secret message hidden in those?
Entwickelung der Wurzel einer cubischen Gleichung des irreduciblen Falles in einen Kettenbruch. Von Herrn Thomas Clausen
Very Very cool! Amazing the beauty expressed by mathematics!
That's awesome. Didn't know Google was doing 3D graphing now.
Awesome. And it still can be used for web searches too. :)
Li Ya
nice intro (Pic at the very top)
OMG... amazing...just blew me away
Those are awesome SERPs. Nice job.
Interesting, had to run chrome with --ignore-gpu-blacklist but now I can see it. Leaves one question: Why is my GPU on the blacklist for webgl when its working?
Cool. Awesome graph :)
numerical analysis se aram se nikal jaega
need a webgl compatible browser, but I use chrome LOL :-)))
Copy and paste in into google, you will get awesome graphs!
No way seeing this with mobile Chrome, right? :(
Wow thats like . . . Nothing. 
F'n awesome! Is Google incorporating Mathmatica now?
That's incredible. Google is awesome.
Ging De
After updating Chrome and pasting the equations into the search engine. I got the desired results.
those are fantastic! better this than animated cat gifs.
Interestingly enough on my Linux machine (Linux Mint) it will not run in Chrome v18 (missing WebGL), but it does run in Firefox v11. Come on +Google , you should fix that!
I'm on Linux and I use the default open-source graphics drivers...
With the latest Chrome I can't run WebGL stuff because my video-card is blacklisted...
Instead, it runs well with Firefox Nightly...
Please add a flag in chrome://flags to disable blacklisting...
Works in Firefox but not Chrome on Linux. At least it works with the video card I have, which came with a Dell Optlplex 980.
Sure they look cool, but can you make a +Google logo?
google ..what you want say ?

Now Chrome supports Webgl in older machines it's very good message.. but i think there surprise from google maybe new app or new serve .
if we could graph them on the same axes at the time....
I guess what Google want to say is I'm more powerful than WolframAlpha
... ~saves for my little brother to figure out later~
This is exactly why they suck marketing Android - ChromeBook and other products... Because they are F*** Nerds !!!
i think i just had a seizure.
The thing that interests me the most about this post is the responses. :D
산수 이상은 힘들어 ㅠ ㅠ 수학 하시는 분? 풀어주세요 ㅋㅋㅋ
Great feature. It would be even better if I could print the chart that's created. PLEASE ADD A "PRINT" BUTTON. Thank you!
Solution to the equations: Google them individually and you will get the solutions ...really complex graphical image.
So we could Google search equations now and you solve them or illustrate for us. Thank you. Would have been more useful in college days tho XD
Why all the hate for up to date drivers on linux?
Ok I have no idea what this means.
Looks like a math problem or something. Algorithm?
x^2+((3 y)/2-(x^2+abs(x)-6)/(x^2+abs(x)+2))^2 = 36 why doesnt this work?
try x^2+((3 y)/2-(x^2+abs(x)-6)/(x^2+abs(x)+2))^2-36
+Matic Debevec it just plots functions, not equations. Try this:

(x^2+((3 y)/2-(x^2+abs(x)-6)/(x^2+abs(x)+2))^2)-36

Very nice heart!
I discussed this post with 3 people in a hangout.
Hey i dont have a graph Celcius , someone post the image result xD
Ke Zeng
Cool! I don't need Matlab to do this, aha!
Am I the only person that thinks this looks very similar to MatLab?
AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'd like to remember how to calculate those functions!!
vowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!Mathemathichall sciense/?
Whoa, nifty that Google can graph that for us, iff you use Chrome
wish it was available when I was in high school... 20 yrs ago
LOL.. Bing says:

"No results found for sqrt(x*x+y*y)+3*cos(sqrt(x*x+y*y))+5 from -20 to 20."

Guess they've given up stealing now..
These graphs are made possible using WebGL. If you're interested in the latest news surrounding WebGL, the blog at is a good resource.
Pretty soon, Google will render cellular automata and when someone requests a sufficiently advanced rendering, a new universe will appear across the involved DC's. I hope the inhabitants are nice.

--apologies to Wolfram.
Hey, Joey Numbers; why so serious?
I'm not sure what this says, is there an English translation? ;) - Thanks to the poster who said to search each equation individually - pretty graphics, thanks for sharing. :)
The third one is my favorite. Does this mean Maple is obsolete?
Very nice demonstration Google! :) Adding more function to your search capabilities to rival that of Wolfram Alpha.
Haha after this life becomes confusing
+cassie hersman, it's ok if you don't care. We do care that G+ has a minimum age of 13 though. Oops. Looks like you outed yourself. :) Enjoy your vacation!
Dear Anyone Who Doesn't Understand These: that's okay. I don't either. Just smile and admire the pretty colors.
+Celia Lanser first, are you copy/pasting the functions one at a time? Second, do you have a browser with WebGL: will tell you if you do. Make sure you get the whole function or it might be null. It should give you a graphical representation of that function.
really great............How fast these GOOGLE processors are?????
Now +Google just needs to build a Google 3D printer and print these graphs. That'd be amazing.
this is multivariate calculus... kids nowadays have it easy.. I remember given these kind of equations and actually have to draw the graph...
very impressive! does it work for all other kinds of math headache?
+Antonio Moratiu exp((- (((x-4)^2+(y-4)^2)^2))/999)+exp((- (((x+4)^2+(y+4)^2)^2))/999)+0.1*exp(- (((x+4)^2+(y+4)^2)^2))+0.1*exp(- (((x-4)^2+(y-4)^2)^2)) (well, remove the spaces after the minuses "-")
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