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The Digital Attack Map ( is a live data visualization, built through a collaboration between Arbor Networks and +Google Ideas, that maps “distributed denial of service” (DDoS attacks) designed to take down websites around the globe. Many websites face targeted digital attacks by people who aim to silence their speech. This tool and visualization specifically surfaces anonymous traffic data related to these attacks, letting people explore historic trends and see related news reports of outages happening on a given day. 

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What's up with all this activity on non-HTTP(S), often dynamic TCP or UDP, ports?
It's probably wrong that I am wondering who to attack and when to spell something out on the screen, huh?
I'm not going to say I'm skeptical about this data set, but given right now China is shown as neither receiving nor transmitting any unknown source or destination attacks, I think mayhaps you should be more skeptical of this data.
Tried to access this but my server is down....kidding. Fascinating real-time visual.
Wow it looks like Washington DC is getting nuked by China? 
+Paulus Nuunyango They are probably more concerned about hunger and health than ciberattacks.. but those are not all the DDoS attacks ever made.. just the ones studied on that period of time.. I think..
Greg C
This proves
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