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We've acquired Quickoffice, a leader in office productivity solutions.
We're happy to announce that we have acquired Quickoffice, a leader in office productivity solutions. Today, consumers, businesses and schools use Google Apps to get stuff done from anywhere, with...
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That's awesome! Integrating what's great about both Google Docs and Quickoffice.
This is great news, can't wait to see what's going to happen in the long run.
Great addition to the Google Docs
I always preferred QuickOffice on android.  Nice move Google.
That's going to be great for Google Docs.. i am very disappointed because since the drive update it seems i can't open .odt anymore inside GDrive..
Good give quickoffice pro, absolutely free to all your android users... :-)
Awesome news once again!!!  First Meebo, now Quickoffice!
I guess I'm a dope for buying it two years ago (that is, if Google makes it a free app).
I love Quickoffice on my Android!  I look forward to seeing what Google will bring now they own it.
Microsoft becoming more and more irrelevant....
That is a Good question Well we have Google Doc's off line?
Meebo and now QuickOffice - the acquisition team is busy this week.
ohh I thought you guys will be acquiring Open Office but it turned out Quickoffice :)
A "leader in office productivity solutions" ?
I've never heard of it.
Tony M.
wow. hopefully, good things to come.
google is making the right acquisitions, but what does it mean to use as users. all I see is more coders for google and not better products. 
Great stuff! Quick Office is always my favorite on my Android devices and it's awesome that +Google see the same. Can we expect some surprises?
Cool!  I love the Google product line; looking forward to the new additions and improvements!
Hmm. Is this why my phone can't reach the quickoffice update servers?
Ah - it's because I'm not Android'ed - that figures.
Sounds like a good move then.
I hope they make the Quickoffice suite free on Android :)
Or better yet, merge it with the Google Drive app!
FINALLY!!!!  A local client for Google Docs.  I would have preferred LibreOffice, but I can understand why Google would want full control over the client.  Now if they can make it so that editing and saving can be done on the file's native format, instead of having to convert to Google Docs format.  Truly Excellent news!
great so we can now expect better Google Docs.  I LOVE IT
and thank You google for including drive in newest update on ChromeOS.
My chrombooks it's just getting better every few weeks
This is incredible news. Congratulations and good luck.
J'aurais bien voulu t'aider mais ma conection bugue
I'm sure that is good for all concerned.
I had it included with my Transformer Prime and enjoy it.  I'd be interested to know what will happen to the app once it gets integrated into Google Docs/Drive.
I am very happy about this one. I remember quick office requesting money for editing documents on symbian. Never used the android app. I hope they are all going to be free now.
A welcome asset to the Google verse, I look forward to tight integration.
Ok, now please buy Evernote and you are done ;-)
now stop being stupid about the Nexus and use motorola mobility to come up with a flagship android device.
May i recommend integrating Lyx-based processing...for producing high quality documents?
Tony M.
-wait, am i going to have to purchase the pro version again?
Oooh!... Good news from Google this week. Congrats!
Every time Google uses the word "solutions," I die a little inside.
I think quickoffice pro is more useful,but it's so expensive.
Will it be free? Will it be integrated with the desktop google docs?

Its great that you've acquired it!
Dear Google

I know it's still a long time till Xmas, but could you please allow us scientists to write and share documents with mathematical contents with people around the World? I know there are already some projects around the web, but...Google is Google, ya know? C'mon! Even a minimalist LaTeX compiler (to begin with) would suite most of the people willing to share their maths thoughts.
Hopefully this means they get to work on making it Holo-style
+Google That's great. While you are making purchases, why not go ahead and buy T-Mobile? That would make everyone very happy!
Finally, there are looking at answering enterprise requirements .. 
Congratulations! It's a good news for MS-Office user.

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I find this to be great news! I have been using QO for years and I love it!
Good purchase.  Can't wait to see the integration.
i hope +Google  would enhance it in a way that the contents appear and  sync to google drive .
more complete solution!  but kingsoft office on android is really better.
awesome!!!! just curious. how much u paid?
Get to work on making them the one product! You guys duplicate services too often.
You simply are insane !!! Thats what you are . Gathering,gathering gathering ..... CRAZY
Nice, i hope the Google Docs team add some stuff to users with this acquisition.
Great corporation predator, Google
I mean it's so good!
sweet. so we are going to see some more new functionality in Google docs soon.
Nicely done Google! Time to give your customers a full Office solution as part of GApps. And you better deliver on editing documents!
Nice, looking forward to a proper mobile apps for Google Doc. :)
Really, QuickOffice, a leader in "office productivity solutions?"
cool i mean inovative
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