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Read the 2012 Founders' letter, by +Sergey Brin: 
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Wished it was longer.... Great letter nonetheless. 
We are waiting in Poland for full range of available Google services.
Its these projects and all the wonderful things +Google is doing for the world with their products that makes me work as hard as I can in school. Just so that I can be part of that team. 
+Google  +Larry Page +Sergey Brin  its futuristic dreams like this that made me a die hard fan of this company and its product....You guys are doing great work....all the best for the future.. :)
Ideas & Thoughts.

Idea is new, fresh, creative and innovative.

Thoughts are old, repetitive, follows the same pattern, boring and then depressing.

When people say, I am thinking - that means, just going over the old stuff; nothing new about thoughts.

You don't say, I am thinking about new ideas. I am working on new ideas.

Thinking is not good. Those story writers do not say, I am thinking about new story. They do say, I am working on new story. 

So, stop thinking; start working on new ideas.
+Nicky Johnson Heck, I suspect calling any large company and expecting to reach a founder and/or president without introduction has a pretty low chance of success.
I wouldn't underestimate these guys, their engineers and their vision. They are incredible...I just pray that they are not on the dark side and are not ever tempted to go there, as others in high tech and silicon valley have.
The trolls do what they will on FB and everywhere. It makes no difference...a useless troll is as good as his help others innovate around him.
Well, +Google , there's no limit to the madness, I guess. Perhaps fifty years down the line, we will have absolutely gorgeous +Google female androids we can rent for sex or something. 
And for the ladies: 'Gegolo', a line of Google gigolos?
Is the self-driving vehicle project featured in this photo an open-source project?  If not, is there something similar to it that is open-source?  The reason I ask is that this technology would be too expensive for the average consumer to afford but if one could buy the the parts and modify vehicles, then we would really have something here.
Should also read 2013.
It's striking both here and on the actual Founder's letter page they erroneously titled it after a year that's passed nearly 4 months ago.

But for crying out loud what have we been calling the automobile for a century+?
Someday, it can be more excellent~
The only issue i have: You are still not very fast. The idea of self driving car was already possible 10 years ago
I want that future. Driving has always been a hassle to me. Self driving cars solves a lot of the legislation on driving and doing more interesting thing with my time.
I can't wait for self-driving taxis. Hopefully they won't tap the breaks every five seconds and drive into the middle of intersections at red lights.
nice car there i would to ride it one day.
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