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+Versus, from Intelligence², is a new series of global debates held via Google+ Hangout and live streamed on YouTube—and you're invited to take part.

The first debate will address the war on drugs, and will feature opinions from people ranging from +Richard Branson to +Russell Brand to former Presidents of Mexico and Brazil.

The debate will be streamed live on the Versus YouTube channel on March 13 at 7pm GMT. Until then, discuss the issues and find out how to secure a place in the live debate hangout on the +Versus page. More info on the Official Google Blog:
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I can't take part because I don't have a webcam
I'm thinking... wouldn't it be cool if Google Chrome parsed dates on a page and let me add them to my Google Calendar with one click? May be there is an extension for that or may be I should make one...
Awesome can't wait to see live debates over hangout in the future
Just one question, too bad I think the answer would be negative... But about this vote system, will it work on Android G+ App?
Branson has already made his views on drugs clear in his appearance before a Select Committee here in the UK. Let's just say he appears a lot more sensible about the subject than the politicians. Not surprising really.
Nice, but still, please stop censoring the marijuana questions which come up on Google Moderator during political question events.
hi; lets vote in +Gary Johnson; America; presidential candidate; Libertarian; Gary "I will end the war on drugs."; he's one who wants to legalize cannabis; "pardon those of non-violent marijuana charges"; The Atlantic: [two min];

#end #warondrugs #prohibition #grassroots #efforts 

We've just got to make the debates; the CPD req's 15% in polls to get a podium;
"Web quiz; tells which presidential candidate best fits your world view;": ; or directly:
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