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If you’re using Google on your Windows Phone, we’ve just updated the Google Search app with a new design and faster voice search. When you speak your question, you’ll see it transcribed immediately on the screen and get answers lightning fast. The updated app is now available in 90 countries and 35 languages. Download it from the Windows Phone Store and give it a try!
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so when's google now coming there? 
WP? Now this is priceless. 
So where is Gmail? Google drive? Maps? YouTube? Google+? Google calendar? Google keep? Currents? Translate? Chrome? Play music?
Yea but where is OK google in italian?
Exactly double of its radius
Tom Alday
Now make a Google+ app please
Rykel Lim
+Google We Chinese have a saying, "Never underestimate your opponent, especially if he is a sleeping giant!"... Microsoft may be the underdog now, but they are a billion dollar underdog and they may just uproot Google and Facebook from your market positions... so if I were Google, I would treat Microsoft customers with the same level of respect and love as my own. With this goodwill, I will be able to assimilate them even more... so please support the Windows apps eco-system like the good job Google is doing in iOS! 
Actually, I find the Google search app to be pretty useful for accessing all of googles services. Even though they are the web versions they are pretty touch friendly on a tablet or hybrid laptop. Would be nice to get official windows apps but what we got isn't so bad I suppose...
I understand Google on this. They don't want to waste the energy on those 10 people with a Windows Phone. 
Come on +Google, give Windows phone users more Google apps! They bought a windows phone. Haven't they suffered enough?
Windows Phone LMAO

MS makes more money from Android than WP lol 
+Joe Bailey they can get all the Google services, the just need to fire up internet explor..... Never mind lol 
+Fahad Kaysar I use this homepage to read my notes, but that’s not a real mobile site and the Windows Phone Internet Explorer can’t upload images :-(
Why would Google make application made by a company that should have died and who doesn't want to use their OS (Nokia)? And why would Google make applications for "WINDOWS" although all of the REAL windows users are very happy with doing everything on their Chrome?
Google is awesome and I want an Android, but can you PLEASE bring Chrome to WinPhone? That would be AWESOME!!!!
+Philip Kaludercic don't comment on things you don't understand. Your ridiculous for assuming Microsoft is the one stopping Google services on WP. Google not supporting WP is the only thing stopping me and a lot of others switching from Android to WP. Shh though, this is Google+
+Mathspy Terabithian

Google uses their competitors to their advantage. They make loads of money from them.
I was going to say something about making more Google service apps but many people here beat me to it. :)
Unfortunately not available in Serbia for download. +Google  I need you to fix this. Thanks
If Google bought windows I would be so happy, (only if they both developed)
Saw a Android GUI of Window Phone. Been using mine for a year and very happy. Interfaces nicely with Ford Sync and xBox.
And finally I give up and bought an Android Phone. What a pity ;)
+Zakariah Wind

Considering that your icon, I call bias. Windows isn't windows of it isn't open source; I used to also be a Microsoft fanboy.
Hello +google get more apps on win phone. Android is a open source choppy mess. IPhone is hardware exclusive. +google throw us win phone users a bone. 
the reason windows 8 is crap is because microsoft tried to make it work on phones and computers so it works like crap
also, does microsoft make wearable devices?no. they just make insulting shirts while google has made google glass, an awesome wearable computer
Google Now does not work in car over Bluetooth with my Samsung GS3.   The app called dragon assistant will take control of my cars system even if I am listening to a FM radio station.  Google now does not do this.   I have tested it on a GS4 and Google now takes over the system just like Dragon does on the GS3 but for some reason it doesn't on the GS3.   Please fix Google now for the GS3 while connected to a cars Bluetooth.  I have sent plenty of feedback over the past year regarding this issue and I have never received a response from Google.  Having this work is highly important as now most states are starting to pass laws about using a phone while driving.  I'm not sure how to get this info to Google but hopefully someone in this community does and can pass that information along.
I bought a Windows Phone yesterday and love it. I use Microsoft's eco-system a lot more than Google, but there are a lot of Google services I use as well. On my Android that I used to use, I had apps from Google and Microsoft installed. I was able to access my Google Drive and SkyDrive on one device. Now, I cannot. It sucks, because I love SkyDrive a lot, I also like Google Drive as well. It would be nice if Windows Phone had apps for YouTube, Drive (and docs), Apps administrator for enterprises, add APIs for Gmail for WP users, and other services of Google.
i dont like windows phones (because they dont have android) 
Please provide google talk/hangout and google + to Windows phone.
Great, now how about some other WP apps? G+ would be nice.
+Google thanks for the search app, now an official G+ app would be so appreciated, there are no valid app at the moment
Where is Google+ and Google Talk apps for WP? very disappointing to see Google do something stupid like that.   
why should google waste time for windows phone? 
Because its doubled in userbase in a year?
+Google I too am tied to Both Google and Microsoft and would love to see this blatant Google downplay of not bringing any services to Windows Phone / Windows RT / (Windows 8 except through chrome).  I get it but I don't at the same time, I know that Google has a bad taste in its mouth from history with Microsoft... but at the same time they are leaving many users to wonder if they should really be putting all their eggs (or most of them in my case) with Google Services.

Please Google drop this nonsense and make your user base happy regardless of platform!
There are some of us that use google apps for business for our small businesses (not for much longer) but also have customer business accounts (yes businesses world wide use Microsoft at a very large scale  ) and would like to use them both on the great device a windows phone 8 is (yes it is a great device too , like android is too) .
So as a customer  , i would like to have applications on my windows phone too plz.
On the other hand Microsoft is creating all apps for android like all companies that respect their user base should do .
So please Google start building apps for all the platforms out there cause office365 is a better business alternative , after all it has the real deal MS office and is a massive platform compared to the toy that google apps is at the same price ( I am obviously talking about the business aspect of things not social apps like google+ and maps or music).
With regards 
A  loyal google apps customer
when is google going to make REAL apps for windows such as maps and google earth, and google NAV, and google TALK!!!!??
cuz they hav stuff to do on android and chrome
they dont have time for some pathetic phone os
A google + and a Hangouts app for Windows Phone would be nice...
Google wants only their products in the game cause they offer maximum info about users . It is all about collecting information to sell to advertisers. It seems though , that we as consumers are willing to give them everything for a free mail client . They will only create WP8 clients if a large amount of paying google apps for business customers demand for it , like they did with office2013 support which of course is now available because businesses use MS office and not Google Docs.
There's a lot of people laughing about windows phone, but I don't see why. Wasn't android the scum of the smart phone market some time ago?

I've been a fan since the beginning, a devout android user, and all around google fan boy. That said, I really like windows phone 8, sorry to say, WAY better than any android interface and in truth I am sick and tired of being held hostage to the Google "eco system" because Google does not want to pull their heads out of their asses to support other devices and operating systems. At least, Microsoft with windows phone 8 has gone out of their way to include support for many google products and services; including gmail which integrates into their linked inbox system, and all your google contacts which sync right in automatically. When has google ever tried to play nicely with outlook/live (yes I realize it is just using POP3/IMAP behind the scenes)? When has Google ever natively supported anything but their own brand on any level? 

I realize that MS used to be the worst in that regard, but it seems to me that they are trying. The very least that Google could do is stop trying to own the entire marketplace, and stop screwing their "customers" out of a choice.

Their do no evil mantra,it seems, has evolved into more of a do nothing for anybody but ourselves.
Waiting for official Google+ app for Windows Phone...........
everybody is and i dont see what the the big deal is
I had to switch all my services from google to onedrive etc, hoping google steps up and starts building on WP, we really need them :)
The windows phone users are waiting for the google+ app and hangouts so we can hangout lmao.... Seriously we're ready for that experience
Considering they just changed their ToS to disallow third party applications from implementing that functionality (i.e. MetroTalk) I seriously doubt its ever going to happen. Their only goal right now appears to be to put everybody else out of business and monopolize the market.

There is plenty of room for more players in this market Google, please just stop being a bully!
+Billy Shank Not on WP. Google has no love for WP. This is the most support for Google on WP that we will be seeing.
More shit like Windows Phone i never see . windopws Phone this joke? Everything not working, i special damage now my phone with windows phone because i don't have heart sell this shit to another person.
@Mateusz Bogacki,
Learn grammar before you post to public.
How about bringing Hangouts to Windows Phone?
Hangouts should be here too I don't want to trade my WP for nothing
save money and get an android phone, thats my advice
Google doesn't see Microsoft as pals . I don't know the whole story but I bet it had something to do with that YouTube app that was on the WP store ..... I don't think windows phone users will get that google touch we know and love on Android phones ....... One TIME FOR WP 8.1!!!!!!!!!!
How can I download google plus in my windon phone Nokia lumia 710
And when I can get Google+ etc on my Lumia I will (perhaps) be excited.  until then, meh.  Or perhaps I will just ditch all this Google crap completely and move to more open platforms - plenty of them around.
When I search for anything, then re-size the results screen, it freezes. I've been able to reproduce this on two different phones.
I can't wait for a Google + app to upload pictures. Please, make something official.
Yes, I need a Google+ app for Windows Phone 8.1 to sync my Photos. Why don't you make any kind of software of your services for Windows Phone?
Nazar M
Google have only the search app on Windows Phone Store, but Microsoft has all of it services as app on Android store. We want YouTube, Google+, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Keep and many more, so we are waiting.
Google and Microsoft have had disagreements in the past up until now i bet
Friends you got to understand the fact that most of Android/Applications are developed and tested on a windows OS, very rarely could you see a linux /Macintosh OS :D
So.. the fact is .. it is   Google who is apprenhensive to support Microsoft but.,. Microsoft isnt!
Does anyone know how I'd be able to access my hangouts from my widows is Lumina phone. Still haven't figured it out. Please help
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