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Watch the full video of today's skydiving +Project Glass demo at #io12:
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Wonderful! (but you're eclipsing my posts, Larry. You're too popular!)
So how is this different from a wifi camera?
When will the Google Glass be available to the public?
Live vids through standard network?
That was Incredible! I was watching IO at work and I was in suspense the hole time.
A little expensive  for me
Zain A
No abla espanol...
That's an amazing video! Hey, what about making the google "hangouts" able to show my full-screen game, with me on camera in the corner! You'd get a lot of gamers on here!
So bummed I can't have this Christmas!
I will say the same as +Taylor Bartle.
What's the point? It's just the demo of a wifi camera. Where is the added value of the glasses?
Spectacular but after you go beyond the images, it misses the point.
Cool. But where's the augmented reality? This is just a demo of a head mounted camera.
thats why its not available yet, and even the ones you can pre-order are developer kits, that you wont get till next year
Nice Demo... I watched this live. I've expected something big but nothing like that. Awesome work.
Absolutely against every rule to make a good live demo. And that's why it was incredibly awesome when live. Same stunts offline would have been a documentary on Discovery channel. But cool when live ... appropriately concluded with 'Brin living' and 'Vic quoting' Larry: "have a healthy disregard for the impossible".

Come on make the dev edition available outside the US and make it sub $1000. And hope it would retail on par with Nx7 prices when it does. 

ps: the second day's re-demo could have been kept off the keynote. It went back in time and killed the awesomeness of first day's demo. 
Outstanding presentation of google glass.
Hello Larry Im Ivoirian and we received Google africa President.
Perhaps Google dont be interested by our country because today only one ivoirian work in it . i find annormally because our country have many potentials.
Tks and know that in my country we love you
This is a cool video, Google is the 'hit. Real Pioneers.
I like the Go-Pro stuff too!!  It does make a good marketing combo!
How we can have Go-pro stuff. Bcos me Im in Africa far from USA
I want some!!! C'mon Google!!! Send me a pair! :-)
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