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There's still time to compose a synth masterpiece on today's Moog doodle. Watch an overview of what you can do with the doodle from Moog's Chief engineer, Cyril Lance, or this full tutorial from the Moog Foundation: and get cracking!
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FIRST ראשונה!!!!!!!!! שיועו ישראל!! ISRAEL ROCKS
I know, Happy 78th b-day to Robert Moog, a genius inventor/musician.
+Erik Kenyate Seymore different tools to get the job done correctly. chromebook is for a web centric user - not a musician who composes and creates music.
wogh..ternyata bisa dimainkan sama seperti keyboard :)
טוב, סתמו!! חפרתם(_)*&^%$#@!~
Hands down, the best Google Doodle ever! 
Absolute Genius! TMI!!!!! Thank You Google..........Thank You Moog doodle
I'd've liked to've seen that before composing my masterpiece last night.
Very cool doodle!
ojala sea un buen partido. y por supuesto que Gane el Barca.
ojala Messi se luzca y anote un par de ocasiones.
+Max Min yeah, nice song!
I also experimented a bit with it as instrument. Have a look :)
Moogle Jaming
And thanks Google for that Doodle!
What a Doodle !!, and all from Moog +Google !! Love too Google tha Doodle Google ! Love it ! "Got it have it"
+Ant Worth check my profile, I posted a couple there. There was time lag to deal with which made things difficult, but awesome nonetheless. Happy birthday Bob Moog!
Just a great doodle here in Panama everyone played with it for hours
This is probably one of the most inventive things google has done so far
persian gulf
persian gulf
persian gulf
persian gulf
persian gulf
persian gulf
persian gulf
maybe u guys could link the mic ,and the people can also sing with the machine
Google should leave this up and available as a App in the Chrome store!
Thanks for sharing +Ant Worth . I have a piano, I don't have a synth, I'd like to buy one.
Can I download this doodle so I can play for a while longer???
ฟังเพง คลายเครียดค่ะ
Get over it, all ready ! I just can't get over this, I have no words to described how I feel went Google brakes the mold. good work !!
THAT doodle was SOOOOOOOOO interesting!!! I miss it!!!
OK Google we have to talk, what will cost to keep this Doodle in my lap-Top, I know I can learn 2 play it, and make some sounds, well it works the try?, or how can I keep it and use it for free ??
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