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If you’re investing (or thinking about doing so) in stocks in Spain, Poland, South Africa, Saudi Arabia or Argentina, you can now easily follow the performance of indices, stock price movements, trading volumes and more on Google Finance. Whether it’s Naspers on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange ( or Poland’s WIG index (, you can keep tabs on what’s going on in the stock markets with a simple search. With this addition, you can now get financial information on 35 exchanges worldwide (see the full list at 
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Hello +Google   Mobile app for Google Finance  sucks. Google finance app not updated for a longtime. How come all other google apps have new design and new features, but not Google Finance. 
+Padmanabha Hosmane amen!! That app is atrocious. Every damn time I open it it can't load my portfolio or it can't remember that I was logged in. I can't believe Google allows there name to be on it.
No way, Google make something for Poland! :D Now I wait only for Google Play Music All Acces, Google Play Movies, Google Play Newsstand, Google Play Devices, and a lot of other things :)
Every time I open the google finance app, it keeps asking me to agree to terms and conditions. Its annoying.  
the google split didn't get handled very well on google finance. Firstly I had to manually enter things to get it to show the rest of the shares. Secondly it's currently displaying an obviously wrong overall return for my class A shares. Hopefully you can fix this +Google . Thanks.

I really like the application but as mentioned above the mobile app is not very good (very buggy and doesn't show all the info) and both don't seem to have had any updates for years.

As a random comment, how cool would it be if google added some intelligent agents into the app. I wonder what potentially awesome features could come from that.
Where should I go if I want to know the history of Google
Google finance was very perfect in trading USA stock. I always search this nice website every night.
What happen to Google stock? It was like 1000+ $ per share. 
C'est fouillis comme présentation quand même.
BME stock exchange (Spain) is still not available in Google Spreadsheets.
very funny right now i have 1 with ballons going POP
why Google Finance still does not support India's NSE & BSE...Both of them are in worlds top 20
any investment who make profit it's good ! everywhere in this world ! i invest in this  country but i don't have money from that ! if you have money invest eat products ! peoples are suvaives ! respect Adrian , have a good time peoples all around the world ! bye 
+Michael Vescovo, has +Google or anybody indicated that they will fix this?  It's a bit frustrating to say the least that Google Finance cannot handle their own split (never mind splits from other companies).
+Karel Plachý i don't think its India's problem...just to refresh your brain its now world's 3rd largest economy...Even Google have one of there biggest Dev centre in Bangalore...Its Poor Google who keep fooling people for things like   #DriveforLinux  this kind of things....
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