Given the amount of information available on the web, doing research online can be a daunting task. To better narrow your search, maybe you need to reframe the question you're asking or perhaps there are tools and filters you don't know about that can help focus your search.

If you want advice on how to be a better searcher, join us for the first Google page hangout this Thursday at 10:30am PT. Our topic will be "Putting the search in research," and the discussion will be led by our own search education evangelist +Dan Russell. Dan is an "anthropologist of search" and manages a blog called SearchReSearch ( where he studies and offers observations on the way people use search to do research.

Get a taste of what we'll discuss during the hangout this Thursday by watching the video below, which features Dan and Search engineering VP Udi Manber going through some of the golden rules of how to effectively conduct research using Google search.

Got questions for Dan on Thursday? Share your questions in advance by leaving a comment on this post.
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