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Give your iGoogle homepage an even more personalized look with new immersive, full-page themes. Read about the new options on the Inside Search blog ( and then try one out for yourself by selecting one from the theme directory, which you can access by clicking on the theme icon at the top right of your iGoogle page, next to the gear icon. If you don't have an iGoogle page, set one up at and have all the information you want and need frequently -- Gmail, weather, stocks, trivia, you name it -- at your fingertips.
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I do like igoogle, but I have very little use for it.. what are some of the uses you have for it? I'd like to hear some ideas and tips.
I use IGoogle as my home page, unfortunately the mobile version has been broken for some time now
I click on New Look link, it does not work. It comes without new look, but keep asking me to switch o new look again.
Google should get rid of iGoogle and free up those resources for integrating more things into Google+ like Google Docs, Reader, and Calendar.
My iGoogle page is more personalized now than I am :(.
+Jeff Turpin This product uses a lot users and it is useful to many people.If we close iGoogle project , it will make the noise of discontent
Wow! You cannot even get this iGoogle thing to work?
1. The old Google bar is still there.
2. The tab pages cannot use the same theme as the Home page or you cannot simply turn off the themes.
After several months is that all you can do?
iGoogle is far to cluttered for my liking. And with cluttered I mean buttons/icons and text everywhere. The original Google homepage is exactly what I want, clutter-free and extremely sleek. If they managed to integrate widgets and still kept the sleekness I'd certainly get it.
Google should stop spending time on useless things. What we want is real sync with G+ and YT, Google Music player/playlist in G+. Docs and Adgenda in G+ like in Gmail
+Victor Koch Tired of the experiments :(
There is no Google+ notification, the list goes on...
iGoogle should be a one stop place for all my Google services. I want to see Google G+, docs, images, reader, news, gmail, etc!
+Karolina Owczarzak , isn't it just better to use the individual, full-screen and full-featured services? I find that it's just as fast to open additional tabs for each service I need and use it the way I'm used to, with keyboard shortcuts. It's a matter of personal preference, I know, but I can't see where igoole is better than the full apps. imo.
I like google,and i'll try it later.
I liked igoogle but it has seemed abandoned lately so I haven't used it in months. If it was worked and made complete with all products as it sounds like it is planned, I would go back to it.
I always get tired of themes no matter how good they look. I always go back to the default whether it's iGoogle, Gmail, Google Homepage. In fact my laptop's desktop background simply has a centered Google Logo against a white background and it's been like that for a few years now.
I agreed that most of the gadgets are so old and useless, which is a big waste. I personally like iGoogle, and used to believe it would have a bright future; but now I think google really need to do something if you guys really want to keep this project running. And why not make iGoogle better intergrated with G+? Just like those Google Reader and Gmail gadgets.
In all, I really want to see the Google services intergrated better with each other, and the idea of iGoogle could be a good platform.
Ah, yes, with this new design I found it impossible to move the gadgets beween the tabs! Don't tell me I have to delete the gadget first and add it every time I want to move. This is too stupid, plz fix it.
Even the google products don't integrate well in igoogle. I have yet to see my google voice gadget work.
I agree with what seems to be the majority here: I have never seen iGoogle as a necessary part of Google, kinda like Orkut. That may be a regional thing...but if you're going to redesign the Google Bar, you should most definitely put some love into iGoogle.
Bjorn B
What's the point with full page themes when it's covered by various "pages"? Your own illustration above shows that clearly.
+Stu Sheil, I use iGoogle all the time and so do many other people or else Google would have scrapped it a long time ago with their other services. It's the first thing I look at. You just need to know how to use it to your advantage.
Igoogle?? People still use that?
Wow, I swear you guys were shutting down iGoogle...
I use iGoogle, but one thing bothers me...why does all the content have to have a glaring white background?
A lot of you guys whine too much. It's the homepage for a lot of people including me. I have a CNN, bluray, stock, gaming, and calendar feeds. I read them all everyday to quickly update me to whats been happening tgat day
I feel like there should be the functionality of gadgets integrated into G+. I love having latitude, gmail, calendar, and weather up on iGoogle, but I think it'd be more streamlined to have it all in G+. Even Google Voice should find a home on G+ (and if not that, at least in the google chat extension). iGoogle is useful, but it should dock into G+, not as a standalone option.
+Brian Teed, I totally disagree with you concerning the big picture. I don't think other Google services should be inside Google+. But I do think that Google+ should be inside Google services and that's what's happening more and more. Big difference. Google+ is a social component to the Google ecosystem. The Google ecosystem is the platform, not Google+.
+Michael Comia, I should rephrase: I think there should be an option to use google services in Google+ (mirroring the flexibility of igoogle). I do agree with you on Google+ being inside other products; I just think the reverse should occur as well.
Quite like the new iGoogle home page. Love the immersive full page themes. What I would really like is an easier way of getting to Google+ such as a Shortcut icon for the Bookmark Bar or Taskbar. While I realise there probably is something like that, I am not techno-savvy enough to find it. Anyhow, very well done on the new iGoogle Home Page. Take no notice of the trolls.

+Bjorn B Good grief!! If you don't see the point of a full page theme just don't put any gadgets on it. The gadgets look really cool "floating" over the full page theme. .
I still don't know why Google refuses to allow us to truly personalize with our own background. I suppose they have a deal with which is where all these new backgrounds for iGoogle and the background photos for Gmail come from.
I don't think many use iGoogle
its nice in google than facebook
Is ther any way u can save pictures from google images onto your iPhone or iPod touch so u can put it on your profile picture
Please reply thx
I think I would like to put iGoogle widgets
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You must have your own ways of internet conections wich peoples use for internet, because the real Google plus is much used than Facebook, but Facebook has the advantage (I don't know who exactly make them advantage, probably microsoft servers, the false internet routes, etc), so, Google will reveal much traffic, real traffic, if have own global-internet-servers, own global-wifi-conection (together with mobile-telephony-providers (att, orange, vodafone, etc), etc), and own online-harddrive-services.
I had forgotten about iGoogle,, thanks for the reminder. Please hurry up with the Plus gadget :)
I also have an important observation. I need to have possibility to connect any printer/scanner/etc device to Android-PC-laptop-smartphone BY USB CABLE !!! AND TO HAVE AUTOMATED DRIVER BY GOOGLE-ANDROID-UPDATE, exactly as microsoft is doing so we can have automatically driver for any device from Microsoft Update !!!
I use iGoogle a lot, with lots of tabs and RSS feeds in them (one tab per category), but the new way of accessing tabs is making it unusable... iGoogle is my main access to the internet, having a direct view on everything that I want to know and follow. But I'm not sure I'll still use it if the tabs remain as they are, accessible only through a button...
Weird. 3 months later...flush...
Month 1...I hope Google changes course and makes a strategic decision to ...turn iGoogle into compete more with 16 months later...iGoogle remains and g+ is on the block.
Why you decide to whut down iGoogle???? WHY?
People love it. If it turned down lot of people who have peronalized pages go to different service (yahoo, netvibes, other)...
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