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Today we announced +Project Glass, an effort by Google[x] to build technology that keeps you connected when you want to be, then gets out of your way. Add it to your circles to share your feedback and keep up with the latest developments.
We think technology should work for you—to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t.

A group of us from Google[x] started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment. We’re sharing this information now because we want to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input. So we took a few design photos to show what this technology could look like and created a video to demonstrate what it might enable you to do.

Please follow along as we share some of our ideas and stories. We’d love to hear yours, too. What would you like to see from Project Glass?

+Babak Parviz +Steve Lee +Sebastian Thrun
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track is Lovers' Carvings by Bibio, from his album Ambivalence Avenue
I'm definitely in! +Google please feel free to contact me regarding this project. I'd be happy to share how in a PM.
+Rafael Ledesma To some people who dangerously use it while driving (just like people who text while driving).

I'm sure there will have to be measures in place that prevent the glasses from working while driving (easily hackable) and legislation to prevent them from being used while driving (hard to determine by policemen).

I have a feeling that it's just going to be a risk of driving in the future. Something we'll have to deal with. I vote we all support Public Transportation instead of everyone and anyone owning a car. Public Transportation is a pretty big thing here (Salem/Portland, Oregon) but I know that, sadly, isn't the case in many other areas of the US or the world.
+Google you have the most engaging feature announcements. great work, google crew!
Sign me up for the beta. Please Google. Better yet can I have a job. I'd be happy doing surveys for you guys. Or little odds and end from my little remote location. I have reliable transportation and I'm pretty talented I think.
Oh my God... so much want! I would love to be a developer for Google doing this kind of stuff!
I think lots of people will find lots of things to criticize in this vision, but it is just a vision, a possibility, and I laud you for seeking input as you continue developing for the future
+Greg Horton Uh, I don't think this is a prank. I've been hearing tidbits about Project Glass for a while, now.
+Adrian Durlester That is so true! Those people were probably against beepers, microwaves and cell phones when they came out too but now they use them.
Cool technology which I could see using every day. But the geek factor and talking to yourself might be a problem. Most people I know will not even wear a inconspicuous Bluetooth earpiece in public.
Some day I'm going to sit at a clean, beautifully tidy wooden desk, with my hands neatly folded on the polished wood, with information streaming in and out of me like I was a prism standing before the sun.
What google don't show you is the annoying pop up adds from department stores and shops as you walk past them that are recognised by google goggles in the background.

Minority Report anyone?
+Eoin Bartley At best I will be able to turn that off, at worst I will refuse to purchase them until there's a model with a valid jailbreak.
Looks fun, doubt there will be public beta testing but I'd love to get on it!
Sign me up for a beta test. You have my address ;-) So send me a pair.
at 2:05 I thought he was going to jump. This is like that guy who wears his bluetooth 24/7 but (10^100) worse.
+Koven Carlson What's wrong with people wearing their Bluetooth all the time? Seems functional and easy to me. I would if I could. How is that a negative thing?
Not sure if #Terrifying , or #Awesome .Take that #Apple oh shit Apple gona make an iGlass.
As a tech head of more than three decades and marginally disabled I can see this as quite a boon. As such, I am offering my services in the alpha, beta or RC-preview states. Contact initially G+ or Gmail and I will respond ASAP.
+Dallas Dowdy I'm sure some people (you included) might find benefit of wearing a Bluetooth (or "glass") all day, but it is safe to say 99% don't. IMO, It makes the person look like a buffoon.
I think It's actually really cool. And it will definitely catch on quickly. However, I'm worried about people being "plugged in" all the time. Where does one draw the line between wearing it walking down a street, or driving? I can see some serious safety concerns with this.
+Koven Carlson I don't actually own a working Bluetooth. Way to make an assumption.

Obviously the benefit of wearing a Bluetooth all day isn't as apparent as wearing a Glass all day. Wearing a Bluetooth all day is like talking on the phone all day (which very few people do). You are correct.

However, wearing a Glass all day would be akin to playing with a cellphone, tablet or computer all day (which I, and many many others, could ACTUALLY do very easily).

Also, I don't find that the majority of Bluetooths (Blueteeth?) are ugly or make the person look like a buffoon. Maybe 2 or 3 years ago, but have you actually seen BTs nowadays? They're very slick, very discreet and very sexy.
+Koven Carlson I am sure that the "physical impact" and "fashionability" angles would be easy to address without having to resort to a "LeForge" model...
+Daniel Pakkala The look of the Glass is pretty unique. I could see some legislation outlawing the use of this while driving.
This is truly amazing!
Can I preorder these Google "Project Glass", please!
My two cents: stretch the electronics enclosure pictured to a thinner enclosure which stretches 180 degrees across the front of the wearer's vision and includes a display of similar dimensions. put cameras out front and stream the view to the display. use a gps module and database (google maps data?) to superimpose waypoint/poi datapoints on the display. would make a great navigation tool.
I want it to show live game statistics at a sporting event. Or at least show me to my seat.
As anit avid google fan/consumer, I'd give anything to be a tester for one of these units on the streets of D.C. I'll even set fire to a box of kittens. O.O
The Terminator's glasses
Looks great. I have a few concerns such as how well the voice recognition will be able to pick up commands in wind/outside. I know my Android phone has some problems with that. This could either be the coolest thing since touch screens without a pen, or the biggest headache since Windows ME. But as with all new tech I'm sure it will get better with every iteration. Overall looks like a pretty solid starting point. :-)
The only problem is that if you ware eye glasses (real glasses) you won't be able to use it. I would expect Google to develop an add-on version to eye glasses.
to clarify, i meant that the whole thing should still be above one's field of view. imagine that it obstructs your view of the sky for the most part. i live in the high desert of western colorado and i would think it would make navigation hiking or biking a fair bit easier.
This is definitely one of my favorite Google projects that I have seen.
Muy bueno de verdad!!! Si necesitan usuarios de pruebas estoy disponible!!!! :P
I so want that tech in my life.
Does it have an unlocked boot loader? And can we put CyanogenMod on them? Ahhh...who am I kidding. Gimme two pair.
I think it would look a lot cooler if the "glasses" were actual glasses that you wear behind your ears and on your nose. The standard glasses. Some people might not want to wear the contact lenses and the band above their eyebrows, and it seems a lot more convenient for someone who wears glasses already, if the "thing" is incorporated with the glasses.
Awesome, not to sure about the design though. It should go to the right eye and stop.
Nice. Join with Tom Ford Sunglasses and I can throw away my phone.
Please make this a reality and please make it an Iron Man helmet.
This looks very interesting. I was half expecting that when he saw the poster for the live artist that perhaps the glasses would offer a sample of the music or even an offer to buy in the Play store. It looks like there is already integration as he was listening to music through the device.

Two other things that would make this a must buy for me, as if it is not already, is the option to switch this over to a 'full eye' screen and play video through it (When it is safe) and also to put that video into picture in picture mode for when you are multitasking. The second thing is it would be amazing if you could 'reject your reality and substitute my own' and, again when safe, to be able to truly augment the reality.
Someone asked "How it Works?" - You have Display that is not invasive in Your field of view. If you are not watching in the area of the display (which is like upper right or left corner of Your view) then the display is not in focus of Your eye (so it is blurry) and if You will recieve for example message, and You will focus Your eye on the new message icon on the display, the glasses will get the position of Your eyeball and open this message. Imagine. Imagine what You can do with this kind of technology. This revolution is like touch technology for displays! We can interact with devices without even getting them out of our pants. I think Google with "Majel" assistant, this technology, and android should go more on their own, and make for example revolution in learning. We saw not so long ago a lecture on TED that we don't need revitalisation of education, we need REVOLUTION to promote creativity. How I see it? Those glasses should be a platform for visual, and voice input for those devices You carry arround all the time. Saving battery of devices by not using their display. Connecting tablet, phone, TV, inteligent home system, internet, maps, navigation to serve YOU as an assistant. How long does it take to get train departure information on a PC? Probably like 5 minutes from turned off PC. Phone/tablet? Like 1-2 minutes. And with Google glasses integrated with Majel? Like 5-10 seconds (less if your internet connection is fater). And if it isn't enough for You, imagine that kind of speed, and hands free interacion to get results on a display of 50 inch (becouse when You use HUD, You can easily get that kind of sizes). I have a friend who wrote like 2/3 (30 pages of A4 format) of graduation project for University while driving to school in bus talking to his android phone. Imagine doing that totaly hands free by commanding, dictating, talking, while actualy driving Your car, or making dinner for Your girlfriend. You can pause, and ask for list of ingridients for the dish, or for the instructions from recipy, and tell the phone to ask Your Girlfriend if she will be on time by sending her sms. Then check new status updates on G+ while waiting for watter to boil. I would personaly like to ask Google for an easy platform for super easy scripting and making own interface/actions for the glasses ( something like Tasker app on android ) for every user. I would integrate glasses with inteligent home to operate TV, radio, courtains, heaters. That would be like a dream comming true making this technology world wide REVOLUTION helping doctors, firefighters, students, and everyone. Technology should save our time, help us, promote our productivity, and this glass project can be that kind of technology if made the proper way.
This was so inspiring to me that I decided to get a Google+ account so if I ever get these glasses integration would be easy. I mean come on, this is obviously the future. No other companies such as Google can actually make this come true.
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I would LOVE to see a pair to try out for myself :)
Out with my Armani glasses and in with Google glasses.
I can see some potential with heads-up navigation for cars and other vehicles too. But this is one of the things where it has to work right immediately.

I guess using the phone as a keypad for complex things is a good idea too.
amazing !!!!
The first step forward, towards augmented reality I guess.....
Applications comes consequently...
I have further to fall in Google :)
The concept is very slick. Although I'd like to see some sort of wrist watch interface in addition to the glasses. Both really could co-exist and I know we've all been dying for both concepts...
Such a great idea! I wanna beta test them! Can I? Pleaaaase!!!
Oh you gotta call em Google Goggles!
Love the idea, but I would want this to be just a plugin to my android phone. I don't want to have wifi and mobile antennas next to my brains, probably a bluetooth antenna (probably less a health hazard) would be acceptable which just connects to my phone.
+David Balzan that is a good point. I also would think a bluetooth antenna to be less a health hazard, but more research needs to be done.
seriously? why would someone like to shout out commands in the public such as: "Music Stop!" or "Call Pete!". There needs to be another mor "silent" way to do it. And this is exactly why I think that Apple's Siri is just a nice marketing stunt: in the end, nobody would like to talk to himself in the public...
Kian Pariwar - Android voice recognition is developed that way You dont have to shout. When You start "recording" Your speech, device gets ambient volume and adjust itself to get Your voice easily. Then its sent to Google servers where even more tech gets Your voice from the sound :) But You have to keep in mind that the microphone will be inside the glasses (i think) so realy close to Your mouth. Even closer than headset microphone. Try speaking normaly to Your headset on android dictating something to sms. Device gets it realy well. Those glasses can be Your brand new technology headset. When You need it, it is ready for You.
Max Min
Nice advertising space for Google. "You just looked at this lady for 3 seconds, you might also like this Victoria's Secret product."
google please make me a bate tester
i am looking forward for this
how do i become a beta tester?? i do qa and ux testing for my company (GateGuru) with no formal experience; yet we thrive in all these aspects. Perfect candidate!!!!
If you'd like someone in New Orleans to test them out. Our webmaster wants to volunteer!

The main idea of offering targeted advertising by taking advantage of GPS devices and data connection exists, but you can add the user indiscriminate advertising carrier
glasses, as regulators of consumption and consumer associations would perform for complaints, lawsuits, etc..

Thus there is an easy way franccionar advertising, would be by panels / posters / walls / zones / sensors located in a commercial / public transport / shops / streets passing
near them the glasses project the advertising to the user.

Even Google could consider to manufacture and market these devices for installation, and provide the necessary software for sale / include / projection of advertising in certain areas.

In this way it could have a controlled flow of advertising deterrent to favor pro-consumer organizations and / or the demands of competition and other media.

Jaime Mogollón Michilot - It won't have apps. Becouse there will be no android on board. Here is how I see it:
- Device contains battery (it should last a week becouse we dont use big screen like on the phone/tablet), bluetooth module (or other more efficient, and safe for human health tech to keep connection), microphone, and projector (that projects everything on special glass to become Your screen) . I would imagine also directional speaker aimed at Your ear ( You hear everything loud, and someone standing next to You doesn't hear a thing ) And without anything plugged in Yours ear. How cool is that!

- There will be NO Android on board. Better. Device will connect with all Android devices that You already have near You (phone/tablet) and collect content from those devices and serve it for You on display. This is the best way to get all the content together without loosing battery on another android system running in "glasses". Saves space for battery instead loosing it for memory, CPU, and other hardware You already carry with Yourself. It's like new generation of headset.

- Content will be served as widgets/actions rather than full screen apps that get in your whole view. Google will probably present device that clips on to any pair of glasses (even prescription ones), sunglasses, or like in the picture on steel frame. Device that doesn't serve content in the middle of Your field of view but rather in the upper corner of it(serving it in the middle will probably end You in the lantern :P ). I would like to see more sizes, even with the whole view screen size but I think other developers will create that kind of stuff. Apart of that arguments - try looking in the upper right corner of Your field of view for like few hours (like watching movie on glasses) Your eyes will get tired realy quick.

- Device is designed to be Your knowledge base, an asistant that serves You all things that You need. Totaly hands free. It tracks Your eyeball movement, and when You focus Your eye on some widget/button device selects it. Join it with Google Assistant also known as Majel that is developed also by Google X labs, and You get infinity possibilities. You can drive Your car, and check the different route in 5 seconds without taking Your hands off the steering wheel. Doing it with phone is rather not safe while driving :P You won't have to get Your phone/tablet out of pocket/bag anymore. You won't even have to get Your hands out of the pocket. Technology that serves You, easier, faster, and more natural than ever.

I definately would like to test those. :)

Dear Google patent it, and don't let others screw this up. This is revolution as big as touchscreen was.

Welcome to augumented reality.
sounds like the most innovating project ever done and it appears to be very useful with all those feautures i like it :)
Ben Ho
The show parodies our mistakes-teach our errors. Learn more if we take our mistakes with a smile.

Las parodias nos enseñan-muestran nuestros posibles errores. Aprendemos mas si tomamos con una sonrisa nuestros errores.

Well it was just the matter of time, and I am glad to see it almost done.
'm commenting becuase I would love to be given the opportunity of beta testing project glass. I would be able to give an unbiased view on the highs and lows on the product and how they work in the "real world." I am currently a student and I feel being able to test in this environment would be different to other situations thy could be tested in. I have been hooked and fascinated about how these work and what the future could hold with technology like this around. I hope you can consider me to beta test project glass. Thank you for reading.

Elliot Foard

Easy way to cheat in exams!
how amazing...!!!

hopefully, it will turn to reality...
as a high school student i do have concerns about in school use, like cheating on tests, and using them to take innapropriate pictures of random people. i do think the idea is fantastic and very futureistic. if you need a beta tester i would make a great one on behalf of teens
I really think this is how we will interact with devices in the future. Largest issue that I see is to bring this to the fullest potential it will truly need to be open source, like wifi, and be compatable with every device…even apple products. Otherwise I think these look amazing an I'm excited for the day I can pick some up in a store. 
Zach H
I'm extremely excited about the opportunity to try this out! If there is a Beta test I'd like to give my feedback if at all possible. I really believe this could be amazing!
I want in on the Beta test...small community, small would be perfect to see how it works in the "real world"
I would be very interested in participating in the beta test for the GLASS. Always a big google supporter so why not help complete such a great vision.
it's amazing I run out of words is wonderful great and fabulous and of course Google has the latest technology. I hope to see them later this year to buy! Congratulations Google
I would love to be a beta tester for this project because am a regular person who loves technology and would like to see how technology works for everyday regular individual. 
I think its about that the technological brings new technologies in the world
Come on Google, were are the ads gonna be? / Venga Google, ¿dónde estará la publicidad?
Why does this Robert Docsneau come om ny Google screen every time I turn it on, and how do I get it off?
is google looking for beta testers if so sign me up :)
I know there are many people who want to beta test but i would like to know if you would be able to use these while leaving your prescription glasses on and how to beta test.
I would LOVE to be a Beta Tester for this!!!!! Sign me up : ) I'm even willing to sign an NDA to keep information confidential! Lets do it!!
Would love to beta test for this from a fashion designer, blogger, and social networking point of view. Would be a great tool for doing things like Diane Von Furstenberg implemented in her fashion show but from more of the pov of the creation process.
can i beta test this for you Google?! Send me a pair in tropical Singapore
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