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If it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it. But if it is, you can tell Google… and it’ll correct itself. Works on the Google app for iOS ( and Android (
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Ben Smith
Oh. I didn't know you could correct Google by just saying "no I said x." Interesting.
Haowen H.
1st two viewings of the video activated my phone's Google Now.
suz q
there are no problems with apple if left alone
That's awesome, I didn't know you could do that. 
But there is one thing... why is the movie file name o_O
Sean S
Didn't realize correcting Google Now was a feature ("No, I said Baroque")
Sean S
My real life Google Now experience:
"Ok Google"..."Ok Google"..."OK Google" (in a louder voice).  
"What time is it"..."What time is it"...."What time is it".
"The time is 9:58PM."
Are people working at +Google trying to make stupid puns just for the sake of making stupid puns?
My friend said, "What if you're in a room of Android phones, and you said 'Okay, Google.'?"
Sean S
+Keaton Smith , 
Wouldn't work.  Even when I'm alone in a room and the phone is at arm's length, sometimes Google Now doesn't hear me.
This guy saying OK Google in this video triggered my phones Google Now...haha. can't play through the vid unless I mute it the first few seconds
+Jameel Jamal Same thing with the Nexus 5, you can teach it your voice. I guess it came with some Google Now update.
+Toni Niemi yes true this was a recent update from last week so it can be activated from any screen. I wish google would do it with screen off. 
Andre W
+Jameel Jamal You can do it with the screen off, it just has to be charging. If you can do it with the screen off without charging, your phone would be dead less than an hour. 
+Sean S I have to opposite issue...mine triggers anytime a coworker uses theirs lol . What phone are you using? 
This video is activating my Google Search when the narrator says, "Ok, Google" at the beginning of the clip. Had to turn it down. Thought that was fun and interesting.
+Andre W not if you have a motox. It works with the screen of it has a low power CPU core for listening to voice commands
I have a pretty strong Irish accent so dealing with Google Now can be a nightmare sometimes. +Google and +Android can you please add support for the Irish accent? C'mon! We're your EU headquarters! :)
It is broke. When you plug a handsfree device into a nexus phone and answer calls from the button of the handsfree, the touchscreen activates.

And if your phone is in your pocket (as it should be when you're running and listening to music) you will close the call in your pocket.

This happens with bluetooth headsets as well. It is the single dumbest, most retarded, behavior in the the history of smartphones. Unless you hold the phone in your hand it is unusable with a hands free. Get the stupidity of it all? You need to hold it in your hand when you use handsfree?

Why are you not fixing this? Why? I've had a nexus 4 from android 4.1 to 4.4. In all these updates you failed to fix this one simple thing. You can use a Nokia 3310 with a headset. Not a nexus device though.

I came back to IOS since then. After only eight months I had to give my nexus 4 away. I ride my bike on my way to work and I was not able to answer calls on the handsfree while the phone was in my pocket, and I did not want to risk my safety by taking the phone out of my pocket when I ride my bike through traffic.

Why? Why do you do this? Why can you not unlock the screen when answering through a headset? It's such a simple feature that ALL non Android phones have had for decades? Why?

This, of course, also makes Google Now useless on an Android device while using a headset.
+Kenton Smith
My parents have a Nexus5 and a Nexus7. If I say Ok Google, then both react, even if thr Nexus 7 is 5 metres away... 😉
make a google play stand alone program that can do for android what itunes (win/mac) does for iphones
OK Google got ever better feature with the latest update.
To use it you have to have 4.4 upwards Android OS & updated Google Search App.
Features are :- using OK Google from any where in screen also from lock screen.

Steps how set it up :-
Just say OK Google and click the link,
Go to setting than Language & Input than click on Voice Search
Click on OK Google Detection than tick from Any Screen option and you done ...

I've use it and it works seamlessly 😉
hi all is there any one has problem with ok Google on HTC one .. just tell me what is wrong and I 'll help you
M Timi
It is broke :(  I tell Google Now to make an omelette, it just sits there and does nothing.  It is the single dumbest, most retarded, behavior in the the history of smartphones.  It's not even smart enough to boil water.  I'm going to switch to IOS so my phone will at least lay an egg when I ask for an omelette while riding my bike to work :)
I have no idea why this is relevant to the post. Or maybe there's a way to correct Google Now to do what I really want it to.
I just tried and it works..thank you Google..
Ok raffi tell me what is your problem exactly to help you
Sometimes Google now become very slow but the solution is simple ..just go to Google now and press setting >phone search and clear all Mark .. 😉 it's now fast
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