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This morning, we welcomed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to our Mountain View HQ for a chat about her new book, her travels and her thoughts on how technology affects foreign affairs. Watch her full Q+A with Eric Schmidt:
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I hope Hilary runs for president. She's got my vote! 
Why run in the next election? The Republican party has failed to reach bottom and can't possibly field a candidate that will appeal to a broad voting-contingent and make it through the primary process.
Hillary is a lying filthy whore.  Vote her in for president and we can count on even more innocent deaths.
Oh? Those are...easy questions.
Father and son presidents, husband and wife? What is this, royalty?
I hope she runs for president!!
I have one word. Benghazi. What a cover up. She will not become the next U.S. President. 
If Hillary does become president. Things will be the same. Pitiful. 
+Tadej Marko . Not if the 20 % mobilize and get grass root involvement. We just need viable Republican candidates that can neutralize the Democratic Party. People are fed up with the Democrats and what they have failed to do for this nation. 
Hillary has no place in American politics. She is a lying piece of crap that needs to be flushed out of our lives for good. 
+Alan Fink Actually.....things will get much worse.

As in, if the ruling elite get another puppet in office it'll be the last public election this nation has. And anyone who speaks up will... disappear to a federal jail; probably for "tax evasion" or some other nonsense.
wow. such strong feelings against her. imagine the tears when republicans field a Ted Cruz type to go against her. 
water crisis solved in 1 election
Currently she's the front runner without it being official. It's too freaking early to be talking about the next presidential race and personal I'm not that eager to watch campaign commercials let alone hear all the vial immature trash talking.

I for one will vote for her if she remains to be the only viable choice but am open to see what the competition might rumish up. Hopefully it's someone more forward thinking. 
Slick Willy and Hillary in the Whitehouse part 2...loooordy help us all!
+Enrique Lemoine The American people voted for Barak Obama twice. 4 years wasn't enough buffoonery, stupidity, and jackassery, they went for the 4 more. What makes you think they wont make it a trifecta? 
If you think that the problem will be solved when Obama leaves office, you don't understand the problem. 
First. Watch and listen.
Next. Reflect.
Last. Decide whether or not to share or not to share.

Some of you are evidencing the absence of this process in relationship to the material. Your comments show you aren't paying attention and you're just posting contrarian sentiments.

Let's discuss the interview.
Just the interview.
One thing that we need are people in Washington that are focused on the problems and coming up with solutions. A different president is not a solution. Congress is what needs to be fixed. We have a major issue at the center of our democracy. Here we have members of Congress focusing on who the next best candidate is for the next election rather than getting bills passed and positive change for this country.

"We're the party of hell no!" Those were John McCain's words. The way America voted in the last 2 presidential elections is a clear sign, an overwhelming sign, that there is no support behind a coalition of people whose role in society is to ensure that a president's term is unsuccessful.

Truth is, this country is in a better place since Bush left office and it will continue to grow. It will grow faster if we have people in Congress that are willing to serve the people who put them there in the first place: the voters. Until that happens our growth will be minimum at best.

This is not about the next presidential candidate people. This is about what is best for our country. No one should vote for anyone who is not willing to work, cooperate, or compromise for the benefit of those who elect them.

Posting about your deep hate for Hillary Clinton as a person will not make your situation or those of others any better. If you feel so strongly, so inclined to make your point, get out there, research the facts, and make a positive difference for this country through action rather than words you fucking trolls. 
What a joke!!! Still trying to sell the book of lies huh?!!! 
+Google did you ask if her book talked about Benghazi? Six Americans died, we still wanna know what happened
+Solomon Arnett ... I think her comments on the need of the electorate to establish for their politicians that they recognize the strengthen of political compromise is a strong section of the interview. 
Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what did you pay her to come talk to you?
Seeing hilldog supporters makes me lose faith in humanity and basic intelligence
To casually dismiss someone who has been as active in the workings and undertakings of Democracy and who has as pronounced a presence as hers is foolish. "You would raise a snake and think it only bites your neighbors."
Power stays within the family. U.S.A. is becomimg a monarchy. Like the Netherlands.
Guys just chose the lesser evil because in this stage even if we have a good president, they won't be able to do anything due to congress. The people in congress need to be voted out and replaced with younger people with brighter ideas... I'm not telling you who to vote, I am just asking that you do your research first..
There is no "lesser of two evils" at this stage. Anyone that buys into that noise needs counseling. Team red and team blue are one in the same. Vote libertarian. 
Don't trust this woman, even if I can see her visibility the whole time...
Ask her why US is not doing anything against war crimes of israele in Palestina
So +Google, when are you going to invite Dr. Ben Carson to Mountain View for a chat with him about his book as a rebuttal.. I would love to see you guys talk to someone who has actually saved lives, and wants to help this country. +Eric Schmidt, +Larry Page, +Sergey Brin? 
What part of "former" don't you understand? I applaud this lady and her husband for their service to this nation and I wish her well in any endeavors she undertakes. 
people are killed every minute because of her support to israel ! where is the humanity?
Sucking up to a has been career politician, for what brownie points? Sad.
Then there is Vince Foster, Whitewater, NAACP banking issue, the FBI investigation into White House missing documents, etc, etc, etc... lol
Hey...before you all diss the Democrats, remember Bush?
+Paul Surratt at least Obama tried to do something about the recession THAT STARTED IN 2008
Yeah...turn it into a full-fledged DEPRESSION. 
Hmm this thread reeks republican and tea party supporters
no believe in whatever you want i prefer democrats
Lol! When people say we live in a democracy, I just completely stop listening. 1st & foremost, Obama is no different than George Bush from a foreign policy standpoint. He's very similar from an economic standpoint. Oh & our economy is still in the shitter. So you folks praising 1 & damning the other, you're both idiots. Claiming that you prefer democrats... Over what? Progressive Republicans? Keep in mind, being progressive has a long history of complete & total destruction of liberty & freedom. So progressive isn't a good thing. Bush& Obama have both turned this country into a police state & maintained it. We were founded as a constitutional republic. Not a fucking democracy. We're now a socialist nation. There's nothing about that to be proud of. And Hillary Clinton is a total piece of garbage. Way to go Googs.
It'd be interesting to see Google bring and promote different views, a libertarian or a republican, every now and then.
What a softball question about the NSA with no follow up.  Interesting speech though.
Wow, pretty good interview to me. She wooed me with all her talk about promoting women and solving female education stop gaps. No one else has spoken to this subject, and she provides solutions.
She has always been good with words.  Would make a bad president though.  She has had a lot of bad policies and was part of the whole Benghazi situation.  That along with her age, which was a part of why McCain was not put up, it would also be recycling a lost candidate since she lost in 2008.  I would not consider someone who resigned from office due to failures as a good candidate.  People only look at her gender not her failures.
God help us all, if Hillary Rodham runs for prez. Expect a major feminist and affirmative aktion assault against reason. Major discrimination cloaked as "equality."
Shame on you, Google.  Who's next? Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?
thanks for hosting a murderer of her own people. HILLARY CLINTON=MURDERER! 
Just vote republican. Things won't be fixed all the way . but they will be much better. 
+Alan Fink Completely agree.  Our country cant withstand another Democrat without serious troubles. 
What difference does it make at this time you dumb asses , just vote for me !!!!
iv'e never seen anything but bs from dems. or reps. is there something im missing by not voting for them? i say vote for me. i'll do no worse than them, plus i could use the money.
Good old American politics. I guess they are working their best to swing their American hard-boiled feet up the bee-hinds of British forces to defend the American freedom.

Funny you're reading this, because I only posted this to create awareness that Americans need to get off the computer and get in the army.
Follow me (+Anime Dreamleader), because I will be looking at the latest news. You will only be able to see them under Following.
It appears liberals have learned nothing of the past six years . . . imagine that!
Hillary is full of hot air. She can talk all she wants but look at her record and what has actually been accomplished. Look into it and you find that there hasn't been much. You want a real book to read? Read Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas.
+Tannie Jones : I like her too but I would like her better if she moves to Iran !!
+Mr. Greg : They cannot learn nothing cause they walk around in a fog with dark glasses smoking dope !!
+Larry Hassie Dakeng Keng Larry Sorry but marijuana does not cause people not to learn. It is only the mentality of the stupid fucks that smoke it. Thank mainstream media for having the new generation not give a shit about anything. 
She buys her vibrator in Amsterdam.
Oh so this is the tale of two traitors sitting down and chatting about how they can continue to fuck America over and surrender it to the Zionist agenda? Got it. Thanks Google. 
WE WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT THIS TRAITOR DID NOT DO:Four Americans died in the attack: Ambassador Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith,[99] and two CIA operatives,[100] Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods,both former Navy SEALs.
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