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Hey there iPhone users! When perusing the aisles of your bookstore for your next good read, use the Google Search App to quickly compare prices at other stores and read reviews from other readers. Start by opening the app and clicking the camera icon. Snap a photo of the books that interest you and then check out prices from the Shopping results and read reviews on the Google Books page before making your decision about what books to purchase.

For more info on searching by image on your phone, take a look at this video:

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book stores? what is that?

(still bitter that all barnes & nobles and borders closed down within 20 miles of where I live)
yeah i agree but he internet is kindda better
First you'll have to use Google maps to find a bookstore
So how long do you think there will still be bookstores around to use this App in, with users treating them like free libraries and then ordering books from [insert your favorite online bookstore here]?
+Jochen Schwarze sorry, nice try. Look, if a book is more expensive than I could get it at amazon, I might actually buy it if it's not double or triple the price. For instance. A book that costs $10, I'd gladly pay $15 for in a bookstore. But not $20 or $25 as is often the case. I respect local book sellers...but not to the point of stupidity.
Hey, Google! Why no more captions under photographs on Google+? You giveth…but then you taketh away. What's up with that? It gives the appearance of your being anti-art, which is ironic given the (wonderful, thank you) Google Art Project and all. Please, for the sake of those of us who post photographs by artists we love here, allow us to give them visible credit by captioning their photographs—like we used to be able to do before the (unannounced to my knowledge) changeover … which is one of the reasons we're here-and-not-elsewhere in the first place. In other words, of all the changes you could have made, to take away captions?! Bring. Them. Back. Thanks.
Take over the Android platform, typical, yet a good strategy. You're next, iPhone.
woah, that is awesome! google never ceases to amaze
Or just use Play Books.

And heading to a winery... definitly an IPhone user.
Maybe a dumb question but does the android version work with pics also? mine doesnt seem to.
Love how this is making a real impact of user behavior
Bricks&mortar stores are dead. Long live the (e)book!
superb deserves d best innovator and game changer title in tech arena
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