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Today we’re rolling out a new look for the mobile Google homepage. Now, when you tap the new menu button in the upper left you’ll see a sidebar with other popular Google products, helping you get to them quickly and easily. If you’ve upgraded to Google+, you’ll also see your Google+ notifications and the share button. Visit on your Android phone or iPhone to give it a try, and let us know what you think in the comments!
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Bring back the black bar menu dropdown your were testing for the desktop version of
I have 1 question.... Will this work on an Tracfone LG 420G?
Two Thumbs up!  Awesome!  Thank you Google Web developers!  Right on!
I would love to see the black bar drop down on desktop again. Google really took the cheap way out going half and half with their two designs. Result: terrible cluttered design.

Also, why doesn't the drop down bar feature in the new mobile Google search results page?
PhiL PhiL
Not happening for any of my Android devices
When can we see the desktop redesign come back?
Max Z.
I don't know why...I have the three lines as my tab bar on chrome...
remember how nice it was when the web version had this? then we went to the ugly black bar.
This feature is very useful. I like it a lot. Its just another quick, easy way to use Google and its many wonders!
What i would like to see in it tho is that it moves to and it also goes for my chrome book. ( The website )
+Google , how did you design this using HTML/CSS? Or is it powered by JavaScript?
Great new style....way better than the last one.
Don't see it yet. Gradual roll-out, I guess.
you might keep that new menu button after changing your "setting" button in upper right in chrome..
looks really cool but why can't i see maps and youtube?not international?
I think either way, it going to eat more memory! That a issue for some of us, but I guess that doesn't matter!
Mine doesn't show up like that. Is it only for certain smartphones?
Lol I don't see it yet either... SGS2 w/JB
+Allan Medeiros de Azevedo Odd, I have the "new Google Bar" on many of my Google-based screens - when I'm using Google+, Gmail, Google Drive, Google News, and Google reader. Oddly, it doesn't show up when I go to Youtube. I wonder, maybe it only rolled out regionally? I have no idea how that works.
I like it however wants I come out of another page such as news it takes me back to the old format. I then have to tap web again before it takes me back to the new style. Galaxy Nexus.
Scott M
Only seems to show up on It doesn't seem to show up for other countries yet like .ca
Very nice. I like it. Thanks for the heads up.
GS3 running stock rom ICS, hasn't updated for me.  Might just not have hit my region yet?
You got me excited. I went to check it out and I did not see it.
Thanks for that!
The tabs were driving me craizeee!
J King
Thats... EPIC!!!

What will Google think of next? :D
Love the new look! Works great in Chrome, but not so well in the stock browser. It didn't recognize my plus account and prompted me to sign up again. It would be nice if all of the other Google mobile sites had the same look and feel.
Comprehensive and useful. I like it a lot. 
I'm not seeing this. Might be due to the fact that I live in Idaho.
This is 1st time I've been to Google on my Android. Have to say that I was THOROUGHLY impressed!!!
nice upgrade .......thanks google
I'm still getting the old screen on the browser app.
I don't have it yet... On my gs3
I still can't see anything :(
While some may think of it as a small improvement, I always loved the mobile site's ability to have a drop-down to show all your Google Services. Unfortunately, it was always laggy, no matter what phone or browser you were using. Not only does this UI look better, it also is very fast and fluid! Looking forward to browsing more content on my future LG Optimus Nexus ;)
Abhi Ak
superb thanks google, u always make our life easier :)
Very nice,.I think that will make the menu much easier to use and the standard interface is sure awesome to see.
It's a great start, but doesn't affect tablet users (Chrome or Safari on my iPad both have the black bar) Gmail has a similar button, but has a whole grey bar above it, killing screen space.

Over time Google has to work out it's UI across a lot of products, so if this is the "new look" then keep on reworking the interfaces. A bit strange that Google adopted what to me is the Facebook icon, but that matters less than uniformity in look and use.
I just tried it. All I can say is WOW.! You guys have good design people.
Nice informative!!!  Thanks for sharing
Had to clear out browser cache.  Tried with 'Browser' and Chrome on my Galaxy Nexus.
Works great.  Good improvement!
I like it but I noticed when I switch from Web to image search. Things get pixelated and blurry so when I try going back to Web it still pixelated and blurry. When I opened a tab for ur homepage everything is back to normal.
i wish the regular site would get sweet updates like this. for example, when is #googleonebox  going to look as good in a browser as it does on mobile? 

don't get me wrong though. you googlers are awesome. freaking awesome. 
Facebook is assembling its legal team.
That's nice but I use the Crome browser not my stock one.
Nice!! I also noticed that the wrench icon in chrome has been replaced with an icon just like that one! A+ for consistency! 
celso w
want mobile igoogle back !!!
Leon M
Just removed the memory-hungry G+ app. Navigation is not as fun or responsive with the browser version, but I can see full pictures and browse posts' complete comments without clicking. Only I just might miss the instant picture upload to G+.
Good job Google. Way to make an upgrade!!! When will we be able to see Google Maps for iPhone?
It does not appear in my case. I still can see the older google page
¿Cuándo sacan esa versión para Desktop?, vi una que apareció hace como un año, dijeron que era lo nuevo... veo que ya lo van haciendo realidad.
Y would u do that google? Y would I want a unified look if I have a different app for each task! This is mobile not desktop, I use a different app rather than centralized web page. 
Not available in Germany for the moment, still have to wait ;-)
It looks gorgeous. Can we also do something about the navigation bar on the desktop Google homepage? There were some big changes that were happening a while back but then got reverted back. The lack of customization and the less-than-stellar look specifically bother me... Google could do so much better with it, just look at all the other products! If the navigation bar improved, Google would become like an online "operating system..." I still love you anyways... hope we see some changes +Google, thanks for all the hard work and congratulations to the teams responsible to this update!
Don't have it yet. What to have it but not coming up. Guess I will have to wait until tomorrow. :( 
Maria P
Great work ! My iPhone loves this look and makes it a pleasure to keep up to date with my online social networks! 
Bad work. In germany we have got two email-adresses ( and Initital adress on my phone was After using the new homepage on my phone (turns g+ in the browser to, I can not use furthermore the google+ app with the Galaxy Nexus (sync with because of a sync error.
That's really bad. The same bad reaction on my NEXUS7.
Google+ Mobile App does not work on all my Android Devices after the recent update... Connection Error. Deinstall and Reinstall does not work... Bad Work. Very disappointing ! 
I don't see any change (I have A 2.3.6). Is it available only on mobile Chrome?
It really seams to be a step forward... However I cannot easily test it because I get redirected to the greek site after i type, which hasn't been updated yet. Please +Google fix it; I want to be able to use your search in English sometimes (both on desktop and on mobile) in order to take advantae of your great features like voice search, knowledge graph, even this mobile site.
Not working on my HTC Desire S Miui :-(
I restore the last version and wait the next update :-/
Ofcourse its NOT for windows phones right? Because i haven't got it!
you mean the button of"more"?
Looks great, but on my Galaxy nexus, Chrome browser, some kind of unsharp. 
Cool User interface... Thanks G once again...
Can't see it on my Nexus 7 in the UK
Today? My phone already got this look. :-/
I use IE9 on a Windows Phone and I don't have the new interface... It's a shame... Because mobile websites should be the same on every last generation browser. Very bad, M. +Google ... Very, very bad !
+Google, I just went to it on my iphone and when I click the images at the top it loads fine, but the web link is still active. I think I broke it. :(
Is +Google becoming "evil" and blocks deliberately Windows Phone users ? I understand that they don't develop any app... but mobile site should be for everyone. Not only for iOS and Android. Standards, M. +Google , Standards !!
+Pierre Zep It will look the same on Windows Phone as well, unless the browser on it is dodgy in which case it mightn't work. I just tried it on my Android, and it hasn't changed yet, so just give it a little bit of time.
could anyone explain why some see the new look and some don,t (I mean on Android phones)
Great to see these new features, although anyone with a mobile phone and a Google+ account should have the Google+ app anyway... and therefore receive all the updates they need directly in notifications, rather than in the mobile browser. Still, good to have the desktop look and feel incorporated here. Its also far easier to access the various Google products than it was in the previous format. Good result!

However, it beats me as to why Google is using the overflow button design format seen in the Facebook app - 3 stacked horizontal lines. In fact even chrome for desktop recently received a new setting button on the top right corner of the browser which carries the 3 stacked lines and not the dots.

If they've differentiated this button in android ice cream sandwich and jelly bean by using 3 dots stacked vertically, then why not use the same format for the mobile google search interface?

It would only help create a more homogenous ecosystem for Google products (and Google users) which includes google interfaces designed for mobile browsers, Android and Chrome as well, if the design principles being used were more standardized.
Looks great, but can we get some consistency with the icons? The icons you use in that menu are gorgeous, but if you click through to actually use the menu, then you get different icons. Would be nice to use them for android as well. 
Great, but all the other google sites still use the old ui
Is there any way to disable the recent feature on the phone without disabling web history?
I'm sorry but IE9 is html 5 compliant... A lot of html5 mobile websites are fully functional on it !
IE? That is a software pre-installed in Windows to the user can download a Web Browser.
Yep. IE, that work great on Windows Phone. Unfortunately,it has a bad image with geeks. I use chrome on my personal desktop, but it's clear that Microsoft has made a lot of improvements. IE10 is one of the best HTML5 browser and stills can't display new google website. So it's clearly Google's fault.
who do i contact about adding a gmail account for my basketball team.  Add account wont work
when will Google change G+ homepage. Current design waste too much height elements for your navigation and leave too less space for real content.
That is so cool i mean like before you had to type gmail before doing anything conected to gmail but now babam!
I wish that google would get their homepage to look like this when using Safari on the iPad.
Hmmm...getting down into an app like G+ locks me into that app. No return option
When it is will be able to chrome?
excellent! had to exit and reload my home page. looks great.
I need to get a Chromebook. I'm such an Internet whore and that thing would be perfect for me.
Works only if I request the desktop version using the stock Android 4.1 browser...
Not working for me on Safari or Chrome (using iPad2 iOS6).
Also, Chrome on my iPad won't let me sign out of my old Google account for Chrome and into my new one.
кто небуть Руси или узбеки ест в чати.
It's a really good idea to implement the G+ profile. But you should think of people as well who would like to manage their G+ page/s as well...
Nice streamlined improvement. PERFECT! Having everything there in one place.  Now how can I had the services I don't use?
What a runaround it is to find a Hangout and join it. OK I can easily start a new hangout, but identifying one by, say, TheHangoutShow and joining is fraught with difficulties. My Galaxy S3 still does not work with joining hangouts, no camera working. So I just don't.
With the new desigin, it is very difficult (almost impossible) to edit search keywords in the search result page.  I cannot move the caret. Tapping on the search box will bring the iOS notification screeen.  The box needs to be placed lower.
Needs a few tweeks such as fixing the ability to edit search keyworks that +Irie Sin mentioned.  Overall, I do like this new look... very clean and consistent with other Google products.
Please keep like this I noticed this and was like wow a lot better, faster and nicer
The Google Team did a great job.. I noticed a new homepage right away.
Doesn't show up on my Galaxy Nexus running Jellybean nor my Nexus 7. Thought being in NY would help my odds of getting it relatively early yet I'm staring at my old Google homepage.
It looks a little "Facebook-ie", dont it.
oh, not that there's anything wrong with it.
Its working on my stock browser, but not on chrome. 
dorio x
google is the best
Is anyone else having a problem with this on Google Chrome for Android?  The new Google homepage doesn't show up my Galaxy Nexus running Jellybean.  It works fine when I use the stock Browser but not for Google Chrome - tried clearing data, history, cache, nothing works!  Even re-installing the app doesn't change anything.  I see you're having a similar issue +Paul Santos. 
Wow so useful. 
Thank you.
I can not access this homepage on Google chrome for android, just the native android browser. how do you it in google chrome mobile?
Yes in stock browser but not with chrome for android! On nexus s with stock JB 4.1.2 ... :-( why? how solve?
Really great feature and it looks fantastic too:)
+Google, while I like using this on my #Android  PMP, I wish that it can also available on my #WindowsPhone7 . I typically get the weak mobile page designed for feature phones, with the recent but rare page that's an improvement over the feature phone one, but still inferior compared to Android's previous version.
Are there any plans to offer this new, revised page to #WindowsPhone8  users?
+Google All of a sudden, my Page on G+ mobile (iPhone 4s) does not work. I can access my personal profile but not my Page. Could it be a coincidence that I just verified my Page today with the PIN number sent to me by Google?  I've deleted the G+ app on my iPhone 4s and reinstalled with the same result. Is there a bug?
Israel today phone number
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