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Omar Khayyam was maybe the original jack of all trades. Living in Persia at the turn of the second millennium, he was a mechanic, geographer, musician, astronomer, poet, philosopher and most notably, a mathematician who laid the foundational principles of algebra. Today’s doodle in the Middle East and North Africa celebrates Omar’s mathematical legacy.
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Jon Dye
lol nobody cares
he was a great man of sciences. that's enough to care.
You ver specific. 'twas as if you don't care JUST because he's a muslim..i don't care if who is in what religion or caste.i respect their intelligence~! BTW, not all muslims are bad
Still have yet to see a Google Doodle about Kantor.
proud to be a Muslim,,,,,,,,,,,,
+Jon Dye I for one seriously doubt that! He was the Da Vinci of his time, weaving together art of poetry and mathematics, although he is probably more famous for his poems in the west.
Khayyam solved 3rd order algebraic equations using geometrical methods. Also he was the first to discover the pattern of the binomial expansion coefficients today known as Newton-Pascal's triangle. He was a great mathematician and a noble free-thinker at his time.
At least read some of his poems to understand who you are talking about. A philosopher who never let his mind to be cast by any specific belief. He never stopped challenging the people, the culture, the belief system around him and even himself. He was after the truth and I think he found it. Now, before calling him this and that, just read some of his poems, he said everything very clearly and left no room for doubts. He was a brave soul. Respect!
Thanks! Don't bother to mention that he lived in Persia though, since you don't want to interfere in political issues even with the cost of distorting history! 
Muslim Scientists were & are the Greatest. Westerns Followed their Principles & were Successful.
Thanks to accept technology route!
+Ali Shariati Don't be so hard on Google, they are not very good in geography or history. Their strong point is the chemistry of absorbing petro-dollars.
+Ben Marvin you'll likely never see a kantor-doodle, as the famous mathematician was called cantor.

btw, i find a pity that this doodle is bound to the arabic (and persian?) countries.
I am sure they are good in geography and as well as in history; what we are watching and saying that is their desire what are running on behind screen all with help of geography and history. All our scientist and scholars were whatever but had excellent grip on both as well as meta physics which is still uncovered for them.
This doodle must be enabled for south asia as well.
Omar Khayyam was a Persian polymath: philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and poet. He also wrote treatises on mechanics, geography, mineralogy, music, climatology and Islamic theology. ;)
Sha Man
Why is everybody surprised this guy was a muslim? You can't possibly be that ignorant of history!
please read SHIKWA and JAWAB E SHIKWA by IQBAL
Omar Khayyám was a Persian polymath,But today doodle will see in all the other countries in the Middle East expect IRAN !!!
Google separate Information Technology and World Politics
Persia?! what is Persia? he was Persian or Irani and lived in IRAN.
+Ariana Greenfields : Sure, he lived in "Iran". In western languages -- which we are writing in here -- "Iran" is spelled: P, E, R, S, I, A. HTH!
there used to be an omar khayyam restuarnt in london
Naveed M
A true Renaissance man living in a period of time that Westerners call the Dark Ages. Maybe it was just dark in Europe.
It's still the "dark ages" and they will continue until we as a race can rid ourselves of the yoke of deism.
That's cool how google researched the possibility of the first jack of all trades I'm shure there wasn't much research I mean there are countries that celebrate him
But the first jack of all trades has to be jack that's why his head is so big so that he may fit all the tools for all the trades which is why he is now cald jack in the box he is constantly in the box looking for tools for the trades since he is the jack of all trades he has so many tools in the box which explains why there is a fast food Resturant named jack in the box because jack eat fast food in a box

Idnk I hope you enjoyed my imagination 
Ma Jid
All in all, He is also one of the greatest Persian Poets. He was master in Persian (Farsi) literature. I suggest to read his poems and I hope anyone can find a good translation of his poems in English or other languages. His teachings of life is great like Mevlana (Persian Poet).
I don't know what is google upto.
Lebanese author Amin Maalouf wrote one of my very favorite books about him, it's called Samarkand.
+Ali Sadreddini but i more proud to be an IRANI! because over three thousand years the name of Iran could come together many races in one boundary in peace.
I'm an IRANIAN and proud to Omar Khayyam , happy Omar's celebrates day .
I read the post and I learned more about khayyam he deserves to be celebrated I hope to one day take part in a celebration to congratulate a man who was a role model to show Peaple you can do more than one thing and have many traits 
i am irfan iqba from sahiwal.i tell me now all boys work a i google and youtube bun no work alowd on google.thanks
i cant make out the last g........
I don't know why most of westerners think Iranians (Persians) are Arabs or speak Arabic!!!! Folks, what gives you that idea?
Google thanks for showing us khayyam I look forward to reading his poems or learning about him in school maybe 
Why 'shyaa' in the end of the pict? Is it represent 'E' letter. For me it still say Googls. Am I wrong?
one of all rounder personalities
نمیدونستم اهمیت میدی گوگل! خوبه حالا زدی اهل پرشیا بوده!
For "Is" and "Is-Not" though 'with' Rule and Line,
And, "Up and Down" 'without', I could define,
I yet in all I only cared to know,
Was never deep in anything but - Wine.
Ma Jid
+Faramarz Salehpour This is what their media pushed in their mind. But probably we all know that all these things come out from England's Governments (not their people of course)...After many years from Nationalizing Iran's Oil by Mohammad Mosadegh and stop England from Sucking our Oil, we are still smelling their burnt a s s.
Why Westerns still think Persians (Iranians) are Arab and they think our language is Arabic. I don't know why westerns never asked themselves that if Iranians are Arab, why Iran is not a member in the Arab Union? As everyone know, all Arab countries are the members of this Union.

I'm not telling being an Arab or talk Arabic is bad!! Prophet Mohammad was Arab and Holy Quran was in Arabic when Gabriel says all it's words to Prophet...All Persians Love Peace and Love All Humans with any language and any religion. But I hope those who read my comment understand what I mean. As Arabs doesn't like people in other countries think they are for example Chinese or any other ethnic, we don't like others think Iranians are Arab and we are talk Arabic. Everyone in the world likes his/her ethnic and Originality.

Also changing the history of Iran. example: naming PERSIAN GULF as a...b i a n Gulf or pushing the state of emirates' to claim on Iranian's Islands (Leaser Tumb, Greater Tumb and Bu Musa)...
All these things are just because of the Old Fox's BURNT a s s.
Yes, Khayyam was a big fan of Pythagoras the Greek. I don't know if Pythagoras invented economics - not much of a tradition in Hellenicville if you note.. LC
I envy those who have a gift of intellectual :D
I'm wondering why everyone thinks Iranian people are arabs?
Please be reasonable for your thoughts, we are Persian! Not arab! These two are completely different.
Thank you google for making world remember this fact...
Today's doodle in Middle East and North Africa??? It had to be all around the world!!!!!
Some for the Glories of This World; and some Sigh for the Prophet's Paradise to come; Ah, take the Cash, and let the Credit go, Nor heed the rumble of a distant Drum!
Omar Khayyam / translated by Edward Fitzgerald
مرسی گوگل . خوشحالمون کردی :)
Lisa L
doodle :D
+Mark Cowan you're the first :)

Oh threats of Hell and Hopes of Paradise!
One thing at least is certain--This Life flies:
One thing is certain and the rest is Lies;
The Flower that once is blown for ever dies.
Usually only remembered as a poet, such multifaceted geniuses are the pioneers of thought and imagination at a time when there was no........Google....
what u meen hear............??????????
CK Lim
"Enjoy wine and women and don't be afraid, Allah has compassion"
Well he is certainly not the same kind of "Muslim" that want to kill everyone who don't agreed with them
Ah my conic sections, circle, parabola, hyperbola, ellipse
is it just me, or does the last/first letter look like a 'sin' (س‎) ? Is that just random or does it have a meaning?
ولی این هیچ تاثیری بر منفورتر شدنت نداره گوگل.
هنوز خلیج فارسه و هنوز حکیم امر خیام یک ایرانیه پس:
چرا این لوگو برای تمامی کشورها به غیر از پارس به نمایش در اومده.

سیاست های بسیار غلط گوگل راهی برای برگشتش باز نمی زاره.
حداقل آزاده باش.
türkçe olsa ii di !
ne oldugunu anlardık . . .
the word ' (س‎) is an alphabet of Persian,Arabic and Urdu (I don not know if some more Indo-European languages also have this alphabet). As you may see from the works of Al-Kharzami as he used the Arabic alphabets to describe the math functions like square root etc.
because arabian people occupied iran & because of that the language of science changed from persian to arabic
آفرین به لری رئیسمون visca google!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He also called the great southern cost of Iran Persian Golf .
Persian Golf ..
Persian Golf..
گوگل دهنت سرویسهُ الان شبکه خبر، خبر شکایت ایران از گوگل رو به دلیل عدم آزادی بیان و مسدود نمودن این حق به کاربران و همچنین تغییر یک نام اصیل و .... اعلام کرد.
Omer's reminds me another great Muslim IBNEE SINA who contribute a lot in today's medical science 
not bad to know that his ideas on theory of parallels were the first attempt at a non-euclidean geometry... he was also an astronomer... the solar calender he invented (jalali calender) was much more accurate than the gregorian calender invented 500 years later... khayyam was/is a free soul... belonging to humanity... we should just ask ourselves how much we have used his wisdom:

"With them the Seed of Wisdom did I sow,
And with my own hand labour'd it to grow:
And this was all the Harvest that I reap'd -
"I came like Water, and like Wind I go."

source: wikipedia
+Enayet Syed He also was great in philosophy, which we barely heard of!
just like Khayyam who we barely heard of his mathematics unlike his poems!
maybe he was great but he is nothing than Mathematicus Arafanicus
(The Man in Copernicus Book), from five pillar he gave four of them made his people (common people) must live and understand math in their daily life (shalat = calculate time and calculate direction, zakat = calculate tax, saum = calculate time, haj = calculate time, direction, money to spend) which in that time math only for traders and aristrocats and not for common people.
And BTW ... Persian Gulf!
Interesting... Thanks for concerning to third world.. he he
hehe hehe
BTW for those people information it DOES NOT relate to Islam or what else ever... for u dude am not very sure what u looking for but some times human need to be silent...+harlin pasili ansori.
A terrific guy, being expert at so many subjects! Yay for Omar Khayyam!
you can say that again Kammy baby.
and hay +harlin pasili ansori 1st of all,not maybe,surely he was great,2nd go to hell with your fancy Mathematicus! and by the way the Persian Gulf,and it's always persian and it's even more persian than U can imagine!
I need a khayyam fan to be my tutor! For real!
"tell me ,google.if you will start "an cleaning sesion"and you will delete all pages "anonimous"who will have any objection?for ex.if you input restriction at someone.kykymyky)adress,no one can make complain,but if you restricted my name at some adresses i will make a lot of objections,dont you think its time for cleaning?and people do not stay anymoure hiden after some stupud niknames?
İ think Omar khayyam is not parsian. He was being lived here...not parsian
Pathetic to see that recognition of a great man was jumped on by religious idiots in about 30 seconds.
+CK Lim neither all muslims drink nor all muslims are killer. there is one more kind of people(peacekeeper) who can be shamelessly involved in killing of your forefathers as well. hope next target isn't NK.
dude we are here to discuss about creativity not destruction, xenophobia etc.
hey google!
after your fake story about Persian Gulf,
this post is just a kidding....
Khyyam,Khuwarzmi are few of many Muslims scientists who laid the foundation of what later West utilized for inventions.
they have provided the bases of modern science but now they don't have any contribution... this is bad. they must need to rise again
Yes they become followers rather than trend setters
according to my information, he was from Iraq not
Vivaaa Persia...tnx Google.:*
+Ariana Greenfields Persia was just a territory at the time with borders different from today ... he lived under the caliphite Muslim empire and worked mostly in baghdad
+moham noori I think you have forget something important. I hope I'll follow him (Mathematicus Arafanicus) and surely he'll never live in hell. BTW his Arabian name
محمد بن عبد الله
Surely Ommar Khayyam is nothing if we compare to him (Mathematicus Arafanicus/محمد بن عبد الله).
Thank's to Nicolaus Coppernicus (Nicolae Coppernij) , He gave credit in his book to Mathematicus Arafanicus more than Omar Khayyam
Persians are clever and intelligent. Muslims back in ancient times have brought much to the world in mathematics. We should thank them for that.
Is a nice design. In spanish words "joder que bueno"
You know why all the muslims are jumping on the fact that he was muslim? It's because every time a muslim does something bad everyone else jumps on the fact that he's a muslim. Why shouldn't they force awareness of the good given the world by muslims? We sure as hell point out the bad.
¿Sabes Por Todos los Musulmanes QUÉ estan saltando en El Hecho De que El era musulmán? Es PORQUE Cada Vez Que las naciones unidas musulmana HACE Algo mal de Todos los Demás Salta Sobre el Hecho de Que El Es Un musulmán. ¿Por Qué no obligan a la Conciencia del Bien de dado al Mundo por bulerías los Musulmanes? ESTAMOS SEGUROS DE Que El Punto infierno Fuera Lo Malo.
Guess I'll have to go read the rubaiyat today.
Familia de las cónicas. Curvas que se generan por la intersección de un plano con un cono.
well wang prouder he is chinese +Mohsen Ansari cause chinamen numba 1 and persia cat shit prease
most of the early technology came from the middle east especially in maths and architecture and other sciences. Its just noone knows about it because they think that muslims only blow people up, and they believe that because they are stupid.
می خوردن و شاد بودن آیین منست / فارغ بودن ز کفر و دین دین منست / گفتم به عروس دهر کابین تو چیست / گفتا دل خرم تو کابین منست
It's funny how such a trivial thing as google doodle feed can turn into sectarian conflict.
Excelente :) somos un mundo, no se porque peleamos... bien por los Persas.
That's cool, he was a sevant of genius. A role,model.
That's cool, he was a sevant of genius. A role,model.
به سلامتی هرچی ایرانیه که بالا کامنت گذاشتن.
Viva Persia
should have been worldwide doudle, he was really important, something like Pythagoras for geometry
pity it appeared only on the arabic/iranian version. v. cool.
do not be brain wasted by Western Propaganda Book, there's no "mathematica" word in ancient Greek. In Modern Greece there is a word "Mathemat", in Turk near Greece "Methmet", in Arab the word "Muhammad", In Roman (Vatikan) Italy the word become "Mathematicus" / see what they called Muhammad (including Nicolas Copernicus or Nicolae Copernij wrote the name of Muhammad), and the word in english mean "The Praised Man/The Honourable Man". Before Him, Calculation was belong to Aristocrate Group and Trader and wasn't for Common People. After he teach to his people, every common men from his people which can think and can do five pillar (Healthy men) must work with calculation everyday, including degree (darojat) to calculate time and direction (it's needed to do "shalat"). Remember during that time there was no modern handy watch. If you're living in Mid Age Time, you will know a Mathematician was an Honourable Man. And Sorry for Persian, Mathematicus Arafanicus was not from Persia, He was from Arab and a Semit (not an Aryan) and His birth place is still as far as I know, in Mekah-(now Saudi Arabia). I'm sorry, I'm not Racis here and no offense, i'm just tryng to tell a factual history. Thank you for understanding it, and thanks for modern Italy to reminded me of this word "Mathematicus Arafanicus".
You should read his poems to find out he was a man of genius.
His ideas about God and creation and the world was very critical and blasphemous.However, his poems was very positive and hopeful!
I'm wondering if he believed in God. :S
he was a great genius...not because i'm an iranian....
because he really was.
What is the meaning of ﺱ  at the most right hand side of the picture? Thanks a lot. 
@Sami Alshalwi, thanks a lot. One of my friends also told me this. Now I just wonder why Google did not take some character to represent "e" (the last char. of "Google") .
It can be the letter "ى" which is close enough to "e"
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