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Fans of America's Pastime have been making the pilgrimage to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York for 75 years.  Starting today, you can visit virtually from anywhere in the world. Find favorite legends in the Plaque Gallery on Street View, and explore two galleries of high-resolution photos from the Majors and beyond.
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^that's what happens when muricans realize their sports are inmensely small when compared to football.
This is pretty cool.  I wasn't sure if I'd ever go but now I can walk the halls and read the stories like I was there.
+Fabian Pineda  Hey sin ofender, el Futbol es un gran deporte, pero el Baseball tambien es un deporte Maravilloso y apasionante. Que tiene una historia increible y muy bien documentada. 
+Fabian Pineda Except baseball isn't originally American. It's evolved over many centuries from old games in Europe. Even the name originated in the same place that the name (and sport itself) "soccer" originated from. It just happens to be pretty popular in America (and isn't even the most popular sport in America by any stretch).
Popular in the United States.

Fixed. You're welcome.
+Fabian Pineda Except it actually is pretty popular in a lot of the Americas outside of the United States. Moreso than in the United States itself in some cases, in fact.

Besides, you're contradicting your earlier trolling with this new trolling....
Virtual tourist system? Very cool!
Heading to the Baseball HoF this summer to coach my son's team at the Cooperstown Dreams Park Youth Tournament, can't wait.  This will be a great way to preview the trip!
+Xer Blade With the exception of that which existed here previous to colonization, the US was founded on European culture. Is it not then acceptable for the American pastime to also have European roots? Pretty much everything "Americana" is derived from or influenced by Europe. That doesn't make it un-American. 
The World Cup is going on and Google wants me to care about thr most boring sport on the planet? Really? How to fix Baseball in three steps: 1) cut the schedule in half, 2) make steroids legal, 3) drop a 0 from every player's salary, all concession costs, and ticket sales, everything. Anything less is just keeping a zombie on life support: utterly pointless and pitiful.
+Steve Holly have a great time. I heard it's a first class tournament. Hope to take my son in a couple years..
Oh shut the hell up +Richard Hayden I seriously hope you're trolling. I'll admit, Baseball might not be the most exciting sport to watch on T.V., but there is nothing else like going to a ballgame. It also takes top tier athleticism AND actually requires you to be intelligent, unlike most sports (football) who just have a bunch of dumb juiced jocks running around. There's a reason it's always been called the thinking mans game.

1. The scheduling is part of what makes the athletes EARN their pay, unlike these other sports that play ONCE a week. It takes real athleticism and true stamina to play day in and day out, including travel, for hours at a time, for an entire season. 
2. You're just an idiot on this one.
3. But it's perfectly acceptable for a Football or Basketball player to get paid the same, often more? Sports that take far less mental skill? You're a moron.

I suppose you think "futbol" is the greatest? What, a bunch of over paid pretty boys who act like little wimps faking injuries left and right? What a joke. Oh yeah lets watch assholes run back and forth forever with an often one or two goals scored the ENTIRE game. RIVETING... Just kidding, BOOORRRIIINNGGGG.
i went there a long time ago.  Nice place!
+Brenden N just might be the most murican in murica.

Two thumbs up, you're the perfect stereotype.

Also, it'd be really cool to get your facts right. An average English team plays the Barclay's League, the FA Cup and Champions League. That's three matches of 90 minutes running and not counting training sessions, traveling through the UK and Europe oh and National team matches all over the world. Yeah, football players are wimps and baseball's are athletes.
+Fabian Pineda lol not wasting my time with you troll. Obvious failure is obvious, and you sir, are an idiot.
Arguing about which sport is better than an other is like arguing about what OS is the best.  There's no sense to it.  Enjoy what you like and if someone else has different tastes and needs, so be it.  No big deal.  I love baseball.  Sitting in the park, watching the way they pitch and field a particular hitter.  Seeing an amazing double play unfold.  Watching a "cannon" shot from the outfield to get a runner at the plate.  Seeing a pitcher throw a no hitter.  All part of what makes it a great game.  If you don't feel that way that's fine.  I know the game.  Love to watch the pros play it.  That's what matters to me, and this virtual tour is great for a fan of the game.
Cool story +Brenden N hit me up when you can actually refute what I said. Otherwise please stop making yourself look like an idiot in front of everyone.
+Fabian Pineda


There is no other sport where players pretend to be seriously injured in order to gain favor with the referee. Its shameful.

Oh and let's not forget the "king" of your feable sport.

I'm not making myself look like an idiot in front of anyone. You're just an internet tough guy who has a chip on their shoulder against Americans. You started it. You're the one making yourself look like an idiot, you
xenophobe. You're a pathetic bigot. You are a shame to your country. I'd love to see you go on like this in America and get your bloody ass beat.
no u.

On a sidenote, I do go on about this in America, since I live in the continent called America. 
They should visit the National Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City for the full picture. ☺
+Fabian Pineda Wow, so North and South America finally became one, huh? To for a single continent? Oh, no, wait. You just don't know any Geology past preschool.
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