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If you just got a new Windows RT tablet and want to use Google Search, you’re in luck—you can now download the Google Search app optimized for Windows RT. It’s got all the good stuff: voice search, instant results and doodles. Just go to our “Get Your Google Back” site at to learn more, and here's a shot of the Google Search app homepage in Windows 8.
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Awesome! Would be great if you made some sort of Google+/hangout app for Windows 8 too.
This awkward cuz u are giving Windows and iOS the new enhanced Google Search but not us in Android running Android 4 and below. This is really awkward considering Android is under Google. 
Excellent! Bing is nice, I have to admit, but it just isn't really a replacement to Google. Now if Google could either bring out G+ in a native app for the surface or Google Chrome (Or... Both? Please?), I'd be thrilled!
+Giovanni Cheng I don't think these are new things for Android. They have had this stuff for a while. It is just new for Windows. 
Shouldn't us Android users 'get the good shit first'? 
Android users get Google Now, have had instant results and the doodles are there when you open your browser app. hey though, complain away. I'd rather have Google Now than this watered down app.
Good app.  I don't use RT, but I use this app in Windows 8.
+Giovanni Cheng for it to be as good as possible it needs to use the ICS/JB SDK. Unfortunately that means leaving out the ones who the OEMs left behind
+Chester Vega Windows RT is what the MS Surface RT runs. It is a slightly scaled down version of the full Windows 8 is all.
Chrome for Windows RT, please!!!!
I love the Google Search on Windows 8.  Now if we can just get a decent Calendar Tile, I think we'll be back to being googlefied.
+Timothy Collins Windows RT "is a slightly scaled down version of the full Windows 8" =8-O 

It does not run any app designed for Windows 7 or before! (like Chrome is). That is a big problem. I do recommend you to get any REAL Windows 8 (not RT) device, instead.
+David Delgado Win RT shares much of the same core code with Windows 8. It is true that it does not run any of the Win 7 apps. Funny thing : Neither does my phone and it's still pretty damn useful.
+Timothy Collins exactly, that is the point: do you want you computer to be as useful as your phone is for day to day job? ;-)
cool Google designers 
+Timothy Collins , ok, I am just telling you that you could have the funcionality of a tablet + laptop with a Windows 8 convertiblle (that you cannot have with Windows RT)
Tim Box
Every time I try and get the search app it just says Free but there is no install button. How do I get it?
By the way, regarding other Google Apps, such as Google+, there is a link in the lower part of the Google Search app that links to the different Google Apps, such as Google+.  The only problem that we still have is that Chrome is not designed as a Windows RT app right now and only works in Windows 8.
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Actually since the google app being discussed here included g+, Reader,blogger and gmail in it's apps section, the Surface now runs 90% of the things I use my laptop for... and since I also runs Skype, the surface now does everything my phone does.
any how not having a note box that is readable is a real bother like pain 
where can i buy nexus 4 except Google play store? 
just thank you guys, chrome for win 8 rt please
Actually... this app certainly makes the first step towards that. Downloaded it tonight and it is a lot more than just search. 
gibt mir endlich mein nexus 4 ihr betrüger!
I am not in luck. I have waiting for two weeks to buy a Nexus4... and it is impossible. I am not happy with Google.
Why the hell did you remove the background?!.........Get it BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice. I have the VIvoTab RT & it was a tough decision between the Note 10.1, waiting on the Nexus 10 or the VivoTab RT from Asus. I love my Nexus 7, Asus did a nice job on that one & they included GPS support & NFC on their RT tablet, unlike the Microsoft Surface, so I chose to stick with Asus. I also have a HTC One X, Tab 2 10.1 & the Samsung Galaxy S3, so you can't say I am a M$ fanboy. That said, I can tell that many of you have never touched an RT tablet & are merely regurgitating the blogosphere rhetoric, from those biased & tru fanboys. 

So far, ten days in, I can tell you that the RT tablet from Asus is the fastest tablet I have played with & that is just about every single one from the iPad & the HTC Flyer to the Tab & Note. It is way different than any other tablet & it does work related tasks better & faster than any iOS or ANdroid product to date period. It is not yet on par with the entertainment aspects of the iPad & the newer Android tablets, but it will be. Android was not as great as it is today in 2007 & 2008 when it released for general development & then to the population at large.

Many people say it doesn't have enough apps, but that is only partially true. Most of the things you need apps for on Android & iOS, you don't need for Windows RT. It has the most complete browser experience around & so I don't need an Amazon app, a facebook app, nor a LinkedIn app. I can watch streaming videos from the internet directly & it supports flash & java at about 100% from what I have seen. Yes, there are certain things I would like to do via a dedicated app, but that is only because it is what we have become accustomed to, what we all expect, because Apple has marketed the App solution so heavily that nearly everyone has bought into it & drank the purple Apple cool-aide. 

I am very interested in the Nexus 10, I really want to see how it compares, but I chose RT over the Note 10.1 & every other Droid on the market because it is a fast & smooth experience that does work tasks really well. 
+Nicholas Isacsson lol,then why not give the enhanced Google Search to Android 4 if u say the ones below Android 4 cannot run it. Besides,the growth of ICS is getting bigger now and Google said they would release a similar Google Now experience to the consumers running Android 4. But instead,they released it to iOS and Windows
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when the google chrome available for Windows RT?
Need Chrome and/or Gtalk plug-in support.
Give us Google+ for Windows RT (An application, Native, not HTML).
Give us native apps, Gmail, Chrome, Gtalk, Google+, Goggle Tasks, Calendar, Contacts, Drive (off line) and Reader for Windows 8. The only reason for using Windows RT is because of Office.
I think we all want Google Chrome! Please Google please?
Great, now we need google chrome and the other google apps made for windows RT. Internet explorer 10 might be better than ever but it still sucks compared to chrome.
Actually, "Google Search" actually is all those apps. The name of it is entirely misleading (I thought it would be just the search function) but it includes apps and a browser in the suite... Not as fast as Chrome on other things, but I suspect that is going to be rectified in a short while.
any plans to make windows rt apps like chrome, G+ and Talk?
A google drive app would be the top of the list please.
It would be great if Google would make metro style apps for Chrome, Google +, and drive. 
That's nice and all, but we want the Chrome web browser
well, that's why you don't get windows RT
+Michael Zhang Or, you know, you could take a look at the Google search app and realize that it IS the Chrome web browser, just named differently.

But that would mean getting all the facts before posting something about Windows RT and that, obviously, isn't allowed among some posters.
MS Windows RT is a piece of horseshit..fucking billgates asshole. It doesn't run Google call.
Why can't these companies play nice with each other... it just makes everything difficult for everyone.
+George Leon I too am a huge Android fan, but I use my Surface RT for EVERYTHING. People don't understand it's Windows 8 built for the ARM platform. Just like an Android tablet built for ARM cant run the same aps as an Android tablet built for the MIPS platform.

The Surface doesn't 'need' an app to be useful because it is a PC and I use Facebook, Google +, Slingbox, Hulu, and many others without the need for an app. Skype, Microsoft Lync and now Outlook (8.1) make it perfect. I downloaded the Windows 8.1 Preview and it adds Outlook. 
+Jeff Khan Unfortunately, I have since experienced several set backs & disappointments. Apps are currently necessary & will continue to be for many people, at least until websites are optimized for touch screen devices & tablets.

I also have experienced great disappointment with several RT devices, including the Surface & the Vivo I mentioned in my previous post. Currently, I have found that all RT devices are lacking. You either must sacrifice hardware components & sensors, build quality or software on any manufacturers RT device. The Surface for instance does not have GPS. The Vivo Tab was shoddily constructed & is prone to damage. Lack of an LED flash is also a pain for me as I frequently capture documents & detailed engineering drawings & I am not always in the brightest of rooms. I think it is silly to have a camera & not include a flash.

While I like the idea of Windows RT, in practice it was flawed. Adding outlook is a nice start, but it is too little, too late, as far as I am concerned. While I understand perfectly how early devices had app compatibility issues, that is really a thing of the past. Whether Tegra, Omap, Exynos, etc. they all run the same apk. Even Samsung's newest tabllets with Intel chips. Windows strongest asset was desktop software, business applications. Yet they chose to cripple themselves for some silly reason, even in regards to their own beloved titles such as Outlook. Without the ability to run those titles, it is not a low power laptop, it is just another tablet & there are already enough mediocre devices on the market. Maybe it will improve with time, this was a first generation device after all, but again, it may be too late for many people who now have a bad taste in their mouth from the first iteration.

While I am glad you love it & it works for you, we are all diverse & technology to me is nothing more or less than a productivity tool. If it doesn't allow me to do more work faster, then it is just another in a line of filler device, created more to keep ads in your face & revenues up than to enhance productivity. make an app for hangouts on RT
+Joshua Bailey, couldn't hurt. Even Chrome for RT with a Hangouts extension. Wait, has MS opened up for 3rd party browsers yet? 
Please get a chrome app and a Google voice for the Microsoft store!!! (a Google voice app that allows me to make phone calls through the app) please please please!!
Crome for windows rt please...
Chrome, Google Music and Hangouts  much needed on RT! Get to work!
Ok so it says if you have the new windows RT you may download Google then when I try to it says it can't be done on the RT. How do I get my Google back?
Chrome and hangouts please for RT
What really grinds my gears:  I bought an Asus Vivo RT and it is amazing as far as hardware.  I have taken it apart (very easily) and I have to replace the processor, ram, and storage because the better model with full wndws has a weaker chassis, screen, and !one speaker?!  Until rt is properly cracked and we figure out a way to eliminate all the Google vs MS BS, these things are usefull only for browsing, checking email, and using the office suite, which is in fact the only reason I got this 10 hour, badass of a tablet/ dock. 
please, please, make Google chrome for win rt!!!!that's really bad can't use chrome((((((((
You said for RT then the link says not available for RT. I call bull crap.
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