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Thank you to the more than 7 million of you in the U.S. that took the time yesterday to petition Congress to stop #SOPA and #PIPA, two bills that would censor the web and impose burdensome regulations on American businesses. Please keep +1ing, tweeting and sharing the petition with your friends at
Millions of Americans oppose SOPA and PIPA because these bills would censor the Internet and slow economic growth in the U.S.. Two bills before Congress, known as the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the Sena...
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Could you imagine Google going black for a day. That would be crazy. Advertisers would have screamed - no revenue for a lot of people. When Google is as big as they are - they don't have the choice to just cut off revenue for all of us.
My friend says, that if Google has black page, instead of white, one atomic energy factory could vanish :)
+Josh Kayani You retard, you: As long as you saw the message, Wikipedia couldn't care less. There was instructions for bypassing it on their site during the blackout.
With big-business forces for good like Wikipedia and Google, the future looks bright! One day we really will have a more representative democracy as the people's voice is more easily heard by the ones at the wheel. With the advent of the web, we are seeing just how in the dark the world was on politics, and how not in control we were.
Not possible, Google just can't be blacked out even for a single minute. Its today's backbone of Internet.
BE ADVISED! " SOPA spelled backwards = A Piece Of Shit
+Hakan ÜÇOK We're trying. If the idiots in charge of our country had passed this, it would have screwed up the internet for the whole world.
+Hakan ÜÇOK you must know that what happens here trickles out. If wikipedia cannot run here than how will you be able to see it?
+Hakan ÜÇOK The whole world should shout!!! Because if not, they will do it global, allover our tiny planet ;)
+Hakan ÜÇOK Then maybe you could explain to the rest of us, who were obviously wrong, as to why it wouldn't have an effect on the rest of the web. Please use small words as we are obviously stupid for protesting in the first place.
The sad thing is the one page explaining wikipedia's blackout had instructions on bypassing it yet so much fail.
SOPA and PIPA are ■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■ ■■■■■■
+Josh Kayani They said to disable javascript, but people found other ways to bypass it easier. Wow, comments have spell check?
Yeah then they may not have been able to go back. From what I've heard at least.
They want to "save" the sanctity of Twilight's copyright so that a couple million jobs in the web development / IT communities will be at risk... let alone the entire quality & freedom of the internet entirely pulled out from under us... i fail to see the logic
The SOPA/PIPA bill might be a US proposal, but it's going to mess up the internet for the rest of the world. The Internet is not property of United States, it's a worldwide issue - it's unbelievably arrogant of US not to involve the rest of the world in this decision - which brings me to the next issue - why are only US citizens allowed to sign this petition by Google, when it's a worldwide issue?
Now the question is will they listen to the petition, or just listen to the money the MPAA is dumping on them by the truckload, and turn a deaf ear to us. Keep fighting. Don't let up until we have a stake through its heart.
Just got an email back from Senator Diane Fienstein & it looks like she supports PIPA & from her wording she largely ignores the flagrant disregard for personal freedoms that the bill would impose upon the internet community.
pipa y sopa anonimus se encargara de los que estan encontra
And now they go by arresting owners of filesharing websites! How pathetic is this? They should go after people who originate the piracy files in the first place, not thos websites that offer file storage and sharing!
Jen Hes
The FED has access to all my data and can do whatever they want with it. Is this fair that they have every E-Mail sent and received every cell Phone conversation, and WI FI conection made and sites visited? SOPA & PIPA what a nasty idea!
I am asking you all, Google and Wikipedia and all people who fought against SOPA/PIPA where were you today? When nearly whole EU signed for ACTA? Which might be even worse than SOPA? Europeans were there for you againts SOPA, why not other way? Nearly 20kk polish were in streets against ACTA ( yet not simple mention of that.
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