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Earlier this morning, we announced ( a number of improvements to #GoogleSearch. As part of those updates, we made improvements to our Knowledge Graph, so you can ask more and more complex questions from Google. 

When you’re looking up your favorite band, you're probably looking for other information about them, such as their songs, albums or music videos. Today's changes make it easier for you to see this type of connected information when you search for music, movies, books, paintings and more. So now if you search for [the National songs], you’ll see a list of their songs. Simply click on one song, like “Sea of Love” and you’ll cue up the video for the song with results. If you want to switch to another title, you can easily click amongst them. If you’re interested in a movie—whether it’s a classic like “The Searchers” or something more contemporary—you’ll now see more information about the cast and related movies, directly in the Knowledge Graph. In this example, you can explore other movies from John Ford or click through the all-star cast to learn more about each actor. 

You might just discover more favorites and new information you didn’t know you were searching for.

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Me Be
Okay great. Interesting information to know.
Google is an outstanding achievement in a lifetime of the 1900s & 2000s.
google + is complicated and confussing
I'm not ok ! Google + ils not complicated and confussing !!! I'm an activ' member and it's not what you said !!!! I can't let you to say that !
Sana Helwa Yegamil, Google. (That's Arabic for "Ha;p;py Birthday" . ) I'll make sure my great great great grandchildren will greet you, too, by the time they learn to use the future gadgets. Cheers to 15 years and gazillions more!
Google is always striving for nothing more than excellence in providing the very best and productive experience to it's users. This is just the latest step tword the future of their search engine optimization, as they've been revolutionizing the way we use the Internet since the very beginning. 
Sorry Valerie i,m not have esperieci , im tray very hard mi name is Mirna Nunez  i hav 76 years old
Was joining ALEC part of your improvement plan??  How very depressing to see Google join forces with the dark side.
Yeah, and you joined ALEC, too. ALEC actively works against democracy here in the US and is behind the voter suppression laws, the Stand Your Ground Laws and other regressive legislation at the state level.

the new translate is a pain in the arse why mess with something that works, return to the old page
Partnerships don't dictate a corporations ethics. As far as empirical evidence, Google works 24/7 on making sure my privacy, preferences, and overall Internet use well being are taken as seriously as an epidemic. I always feel that my voice is heard, and I'm taken care of as far as use of their software and products. After all that there's not much else to focus on.
A full-chassis overhaul. Nice.

Would we be right in thinking that Caffeine was a foundation designed for Speed - rather than semantics. And that the 'Knowledge Graph' component of caffeine has now been directly engineered into the new chassis?
happy bday google just love u ..u guys make our more simpler and easier nw i am student i want to work with google after my u  just want to say be like this more advance and we keep appreciating google like this for ever..gdmrn Debalina Das from india city Kolkata...
is it no longer possible for me to go to the heading and type in a www address of my choosing?
happy birthday for Google 
Happy birthday Google.. U have given more than I expect from u..
Many Many Happy returns of the ady Happy Birthday to you May you have many many more
Happy birthday Google.

Keep deleting the dumbness of the world 
Wish you a memorable and happy Anniversary Google. :)
happy bornday goooogle...........
Happy anniversary
Google rocked rocks and will rock
Janam Din Mubarak. That's Hindi for "Happy Birthday" :-)
Great Day Google!!!!.... Google is always trying provide everything possible,
Great!!!.... Keep on moving.....
many happy return for google. always go  ahead.....////
Happy Birthday...........
Happy Birthday Google......Thanks for being there to help us in almost every need..!! ;)
Happy Birth Day Google...:)
Many Many Happy Returns of the day
+Amit Singhal   why search query "11am BST to IST" won't give me instant answer as "1 GBP to INR"? 
Happyyyy bdayyyyyyyyyyyy google...
Great! Now PLEASE improve the sports knowledge graph cards!! Include goal scorers, international and friendly football match cards.
Then i will be happy!

Inevitable! Google had become the life line of internet.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GooGLe!  Wish google long life in the service of its users. :-)
I wish more and more improvements will be there in coming days. Happy Birthday GOOGLE... :)
I wish GOOGLE, the ultimate knowledge khajana, prosperity and the happiest birthday. 
I wish more and more improvment will be there in coming days.
Wish U a verry happy Birthday ...GOOGLE........
happy birthday google...! all the best for good improvment....!!!
Happy birthday Google after 15 years still the best search engine ever.
Happy Birthday Google!!! All The Best for Best Result....
 Google and I were born on the same day! :D and I too turn 15!
Happy Birthday Google Search!!!!!!!!, Without you netigens nothing to do !!!!
happy birthday google "the cutee"
many many.......................................... happy returns of the day
many many happy returns of the day happy birthday
Drop out of ALEC!   Aside from that, happy birthday.  
Congratulations to the team for all your superb job done. Regarding all the recent fuzz about the govt. "spying" on us, I feel quite comfortable with it, because: 1- I have no crime to hide and 2- Since the beginning of the net I have only posted material that I would feel comfortable in knowing would be placed in the Washington Post headlines. And I have always advised anyone that way: do not post what you don't feel comfortable to share in public, because the net is public. Simple as that. AND, of course the govt. is not interested in my trivia, or what you are having for dinner. But, in the era of information, it woud be naive to imagine that information sent over the net would be "safe" or "encrypted" to everybody ;-)
Google is my homepage, what more can I say besides "Happy Birthday"
Happy birthday google !
life gets much easier having u with us...:)
Happy Birthday Google.  Almost old enough to drive!!!
Thank you for creating amazing, life-changing services and the many fond memories along the way! 
I Like,and I do enjoy the feeling of being one with whole world
... to continue your post with a quote from a friend today...our memory is a start...a start comes an end...and to an end there is a decision...and in a decision there is a reason...and in reason there is meaning...and so flies the cycle meaning there is memory...
Not to be picky, but I miss all of the quick links at the top. Things that were 1 click are now 2, things that were 2 are now 3. What was wrong with the bar?
Phil L
Bring the old nav bar back! the new one is unefficient and requires more clicks to get around! :(
I agree!! Bring back what we had! pleaseeeeee
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