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If your child enjoys a particular book, use the Knowledge Graph in Google Search to help them find similar books to keep them reading this summer. Say that your kid loved Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. Search for [maniac magee] and the Knowledge Graph to the right will show you information, including other books that people search for. When you click on one, you'll see a carousel at the top of the results page showing many books from similar searches. By clicking on a book, you'll learn more about the plotline and hopefully discover new reads. Similarly, you can also find more works by an authors in the same way. Try searching for [jerry spinelli] and click on Books to see a full carousel of his works. Don't forget to search for some good summer reading for yourself, too!

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I can't imagine an Internet without google. 
Maniac maniac he's so cool maniac maniac he don't go to school.
+Carlo Malonzo
There was an internet before google? Oh, that's what they call the 'dark age', right?
I've just given my boys a summer reading challenge - read 30 books or more over the summer holidays and get a big treat at the end of August. If they can get bitten by the bug, it'll bring them so much benefit. And now they can Google for other books to read!
This is why Bing will always be worse.
Kar Bar
I will try this 
This is a  great idea and search tip for everyone with children!!
For a child, isn't this a f$*@$%ing bloody stooopid idea to put a recommendation engine in charge so they all get all shoehorned into a path depending on the first few books their parents happened to pick up for them?
Shouldn't they slowly get exposed to the broad spectrum, like it or not like it, and then really eventually choose by themselves?
What is wrong with you, people???

(it is different if you assist an adult in helping you find whatever he/she wants to find, I am all for it. )
+Tom Enderes I think you missed the bit where you search for books they actually enjoyed, not every book they've read.

Don't know about you but I picked almost all the books I read when I was young anyway. This would have been a great way for me to find others I'd enjoy.
can somebody from googleplus team talk with me, please
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