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Go behind the scenes with the team that creates all of our homepage doodles—and hear from the woman who designed today's #IWD2013  doodle—in this +CBS This Morning video:
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Interesting! Thanks +Google. :-) 

I really like all the doodles you make.
They work hard. Google Doodles are very creative and fun to see and sometimes explore their functionality  
I love the Google doodles! Always something new or different to educate me about inventors and lesser known people who contributed something meaningful to our history.
wow and this was in one day - "In total, around the world, there was about 57 years of music recorded on the Moog doodle" now that is impact!
Great piece, I was always curious about that team.
I find the Google doodles very interesting!!
I like it; You? +Mariano Gori May of been the intended message, sadly though people do not watch enough Fawlty Towers to see the possible non-native English speakers fun with words, spelling and punctiation, let alone...grammer.  Fun for even us English as well, as most illogical in places, but fun.  With that we have no idea of there altitude above sea level, let alone ground level :).
How come Google employees don't use chrome computers? Or remind me of an Apple employee using Windows 8
+Mark Jetmir Well thats your loss, hope you don't end up in the funny hospital.

I was explaining how non english people typing in english as a second language will make certain mistakes and be misinterpreted.  That dumbed enough for you SIr!

PS I generaly don't take people who start any sentence with "LOL DUDE" seriously in the intellect pool, but as you like Depeche Mode I put that down too asthetic trollage, dude.
+Scott Xavier @Google they can have what they like.  If they want windows they can have and use windows.  Same with apple or a linux based box.  No nazi choices for them.
+Paul Gray I find it hilarious for you to be making judgments about who belongs in the "intellect pool," considering that your spelling, "punctiation" and "grammer" are some of the worst I've ever seen.
+Nick Chevsky Yes I'm not the best at spelling etc, has no relation toward intellect.  But I was responding to a troll so I guess I do repeat my mistakes.  My `judgments` as you put it was in respect to the use of "LOL DUDE", a phrase used by the highest of intellects. 

Now shall we debate how words are spelled as you yourself misspelt "Judgements" " punctuation" and "grammar", though my sudden desire to call the spelling police is just not there.  Don't read your own posts much do you.

But hey, you had a good laugh and with that I'll join you.

Peace dude :)
+Paul Gray Seriously? I put "punctiation" and "grammer" in quotes because that's what they were--quotes from your post. Conversely, I didn't quote the word "judgment" because I was writing it first hand, and it was not misspelled. You add the "e" when referring to a legal judgement; look up the difference.
Why do you think that we all women through the world are so ugly like your women in the doodle? Can you do something normal in other doodles without snake, frog and dragon?
Everyone should know that all doodle in google just concept arts. Unfortunately, if someone hurt by the concept art representation then I apologize on behalf of google. I really know that every woman along with my mom is very beautiful.
Very good doodles. Never realised how the women's day doodle worked!
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