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You know the feeling. You’re just miles from home when all of a sudden you see brake lights ahead—a sure sign of an incident on the road. Starting today, you’ll have a better chance of making it around the traffic. With the latest update to the #GoogleSearch app for Android, Google Now will send you a notification if you’re likely to hit a traffic incident along your drive—without you even having to ask. That way, you can get off at that earlier exit and cruise through the back roads:

Has Google Now ever saved you from getting stuck?
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Since Now learnt my pattern of when/how I travel, it's saved me from traffic all the time :-) 
I always assumed this might have already been in it.
I'm glad I never learned the truth the hard way.
TZig Adam
But you'll be driving at the time. You can't take out Google Now just to see warning with your hands on the wheel. 
So that means you'll have to have your GPS on all the time?
So that means that you encourage looking at your phone while driving?
+TZig Adam That's when having Google glass or a smart watch running android wear will be useful:)
Joe Quinn
+TZig Adam good thing I have a vehicle mount for my phone since I use it as my nav system and would be able to take advantage of this feature easier than changing the station on my car radio. 
You guys saved me in the Atlanta Snow Jam this year! Thank you! <3
I have a question. What if I am driving, and using Google maps on my phone for navigation. I can't check Google now while driving. Will it modify my route while I'm driving?
When will Google cover traffic for Cairo, Egypt?!
Dobar vam svima dan u Google konpaniji!!! Mnogo puta sam imao problema sa Android aplikacijom i serverom i vi ste mnogo puta pomogli ali veceras je najbolje sto se tice i slanja i prijema kometara i sve je u redu!!! Neka bude ovako da se ne mucim vise! Hvala vam i Pozzzzzzz good bay!
When is this going to be available for latin america, i mean, the forgotten countries where is really necessary! Not just brazil and Mexico
Google now is more like Google wow!!! So helpful
great app! very helpful  thumb up for Google!
If anyone has this update already, has voice recognition for third party apps been fixed?
Nice. The first obvious (and logical) integration between Google Navigate and the last year by Google acquired navigation app called Waze. I personally like and use Waze more often. I really like the social and gamification aspects. Anyone else?
A couple weeks ago, while on Google Maps Navigation, a message popped up my screen for a shorter route, when traffic came to a stand still.  Is this part of the same?
I didn't listen to Google Now once and got stuck in traffic. I swear I could hear it laughing at me......... I shall never again NOT listen. 
+João Dias I just used it with Tasker's get voice & Autovoice tasks. Works so far
I just use +Waze navigation and get rerouted on the fly
So Google Now can predict an oncoming traffic accident using advanced context awareness, but it can't toggle WiFi. 👌
Google please contact #MTQ (ministers of Quebec Transportation)... They are studying Bluetooth gadgets to do something you already do =]
Google now is always telling me the best way to get to work, love it.
Now used to do this anyway until it magically disappeared. Now it doesn't tell me anything. Hopefully this will become a favourite of mine again!
Wow. .. Some of this comments. . Just don't know why some of you are here. .. 
US36 in the screenshot... Looks about right.
Yes, Google HAS saved me from getting stuck. 
Motorola is being sold by Google. That is why the Nexus gets the best. It's like having an iPhone but much better. You get updates right from Google like iPhone does from Apple. Can't wait for #Android Lollipop! 
Nice. But work only in the US. As usual. 
Aunque se necesita agregar más información, no está tan mal ese trabajo hecho por Google. Que sigan mejorándolo.
+GoogleHopefully next Nexus will have truly ALWAYS on "OK Google" command.
I knew they were using Waze data when Google Now was telling me how much time it will take me to reach a place.
this sounds like a great update. hopefully it can be set to send you a notification before you even leave. so let's say you're out somewhere and there's no traffic home, suddenly there's an accident and traffic starts piling up. Google now gives you a heads up and you can decide if you wanna wait it out, or head home now before it gets worse
When will this update go live? Play store still shows update from March 14th as newest.
+Benjamin Williams Fair enough. So if I understood correctly, Your launcher does have transparency but the Google Now app does not. This is somewhat expected... I have a Nexus 4 (on stock with "GEL") and Google Now is the only app with transparent bars. People, Phone and so on have solid black bars. Thus, if Google Now is opened as a separate app (as is in your case), it's logical that it also sports the solid bars.
Great, but where is the car docks for Nexus 4 and 5 that charges, puts the phone in car mode and keeps the screen active while docked?
This notification helped me avoid 3 accidents on the 101 last week. 280 was a smooth drive home. Thanks Now!
It did, just the other week ;)
I like this but I wish it would work in navigation mode like it does in Waze. 
Will you fully integrate Waze in Google Maps? I'd really like to use Google Maps instead of loading another navigation software, but IMHO, the Waze shows changes on the road faster and you can inform other drivers in Waze. The Google Map now is just like a repeater of compass on ship.
+Jevgeni Fenko Waze's method of letting you inform other drivers is kind of clunky though.  The voice recognition doesn't work very well and trying to click the buttons while driving is kinda dangerous. 

I'm hoping Google makes this feature much better on Google Maps by having an always-on (if plugged in and drawing enough power) voice recognition that can handle, "OK Google Maps, report traffic accident" conversationally, or something similar.  
+Tristan Curtis nope, it just shows up. 😄 I went on a trip this past week and I would get these exact updates. 😁
Very nice, but as usual with these things its for the US and limited countries. WAZE is a great alternative, works anywhere and is real time reporting .
I just wish I could tell it not to use the interstate. It used to show me the route that I normally drive but now it always shows the interstate path. I have tried to change the route but it really goes haywire then and looks like a bowl of worms.
Is there ever not construction on the Boulder/Denver Turnpike?  I'm suspicious that the image is actually static and never changes.  
After the ultimate update 4.4.2 the location service in my country is desable not allout, for this reason google now doesnt work... Shame on you... I hope that you will solving this problem. 
This became helpful today on the way to my job interview. Thanks +Google!
ya but who is going to look to see if there is trafic if they are already dirving 
Yes, now they know everything about us, even where we are every minute.  HUMM....??? 
This is going to confuse people even more whether to follow it or not 
Tlng doanya untk video TUHAN BICARA LEWAT ALAM. KETIK Efli tje. Tlng comentarnya trimakasih.
Just saved me yesterday. Thanks Google.
Why??? Oh why doesn't Google have a stand alone GPS? WHY???
I love this feature!  use it often, but hate that it uses my battery equally as often.  :)
It has prevented me from getting stuck behind an accident in route to work at least twicey.
When the command Ok google will be available forma spanish users? 
Google Maps are useful,helps me to map the world.
Da zaglavim pa nece a ja se nerviram!! Posaljite koju aplikaciju treba da istaliram i da bude kako treba jer se Namuci!!!! Hvala unapred i veliki pozzzzz za vas sve koji radite na ovoj divnoj komunikaciji sa G+ za sve nas sirom sveta!!! Ziveli!!!
Glad I needed this feature many of times. ..
I use all the time and it is awesome!
I have a Samsung 4S.  Searched app store but 'Google Now' is not there?  What am i looking for?
+Craig Woodburn Google now is not an app so you can't download on Play Store. It's default Google search :x
+Milan Svitek this has happened to me multiple times! I thought I was smarter than Google maps, it ended up costing me 20 extra minutes due to construction Google tried to tell me to avoid.
Google now has successfully helped me aviod a checkpoint in the middle of the night. An otherwise clear road with red all over it tipped me off that something was wrong ahead, so I took an alternate route. I was even compelled to tell a fellow 11pm commuter about the strange indication at a stop light, she ignored me and went straight anyway. Several minutes later my boyfriend arrives and says that there was a huge checkpoint. (He uses windows phone, ew) Always use Google Nav while traveling! Even when you "know" where you're going.
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