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While you’re sipping on margaritas at your favorite taqueria tonight, take a moment for a quick history refresher to learn about the holiday you’re commemorating. Just open the #GoogleSearch app and ask, “What is Cinco de Mayo?” and Google will give you the scoop. 
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Vann G.
Why no doodle? 
I don't need a husband... Google knows everything... Ha ! Ha ! Ha !
Is it already Margarita Monday? Taco johns del Notre I'm comming home
Brian B
Hell yeah. I'm at porterhouse bar and grill waiting on my steak burger. I got pulled pork, mushrooms, bacon, everything else on it. Life is good :)
Actually cinco de mayo is not celebrated in mexico at all! 
Cinco de Mayo celebrations began with the ending of the Newport Beach to Ensenada yacht race back in the fifties. It was brought back to SoCal by people who attended the early ones in Ensenada. It was only after the beer companies started to advertise it in the 70's and 80's that it started to go national. Margaritas only made it more main stream in later years.
I dont eather, Clara.
Just a nice boyfriend that treats me well, full of xoxoxo's
Just an excuse for white people to drink margaritas, lol
What, im a tequila lover, I dont weit till may 5th to have one....and my name isnt Jose
Well, now that I've seen this I don't need to look it up anymore
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The correct maybe is "que es Cinco de Mayo?". Not spanglish.
That flipped me when i saw it on my phone :-)
I wish I cloud of seen that.Ive lost my Andriod Razar M! and I miss it and I have a habit of loseing phones and I don't like that habit.

Thank you for making Andriod's I love Andriod's.
+Felicia t I see your new phone doesn't have autocorrect or spellcheck either. Or are you one of the new breed who just ignore what it suggests?

Oh, you're probably typing this on your desktop. There's a plugin for that too, for your browser. You might want to download it.

Watching you deliberately misspell Android 3 times in a row, makes me cringe, makes me gag so hard I almost pulled my tonsils out with my finger. 
+Saurabh Shrivastava Every action deserves an equal and opposite overreaction. Let's begin:

Misspelled "could" as "cloud."

Misused "of" instead of "have."

Failed to insert a space after a period.

Failure to use an apostrophe in a contraction, i.e. "Ive" instead of "I've ."

Misspelled "Android" as "Andriod" first time.

Misspelled "Razor" as "Razar".

Run on sentence (my choice of which (comma or capitalization) is incorrect, but involving at least two missed commas no matter what.)

Misspelled "losing" as "loseing."

Misspelled "Android" as "Andriod" second time.

Converted said misspelled noun into a possessive instead of a plural, i.e. "Andriod's" instead of "Andriods" [sic]

Failed to punctuate with a semicolon or a period after the prior misspelling.

Misspelled "Android" as "Andriod" a third time.

That makes a count of 14 errors in 39 words.

Now, this comment might have been seen as an overreaction IMO.
Poran sex
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Wow, seems like you american ppl are more into May 5th party than us, weird... You better celebrate our independence day, is waaaaaaaaaaay better!. Here at México almost no body cares about May 5th except the guys from Puebla state. :D. Come and get some mezcal!!!
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