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Time for round 2: Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama convene for the Town Hall Presidential Debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY. Tune in to +YouTube at 6pm PT / 9pm ET to watch:
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They should do a cage fight. It would be more honest and also it would be more fun to watch. 
Ought to be a good debate. Obama's going to come out swinging, that's for sure. Romney's going to have a tough time matching his performance from Round 1.
Why are they gonna tell the truth this time?
I don't know what's happening in the US. But President Obama is a really funny and good person! :-) 
i know right i agree with this persion above me
It's going to be good. Obama is going to win tonight, and he will win presidency.
Not going to watch, I already knew who I was voting against 4 years ago. Going to do something productive and play XCOM ;-) 
I wish the choice was not between the president that did somewhat OK (not 'good', just OK) and Romney, a flip-flopper who couldn't even get his own party to get behind him. The whole system is messed up.
Side note: to those who cry that it's republican's fault for not letting Him to do more because he really tried but those pesky republicans... Grow the f. up. Somehow 'we the people' could block SOPA that had very significant backing and if Obama could not use the good will he had after the election it's his fault. Everything else is whining.
Obama is going to lose again because you can't win a debate when you have a record like his. The only reason he was elected was because he didn't HAVE a record.
From that picture, looks like Clint Eastwood will be the moderator.
+Michael Veprinsky You have a point in both your arguments. That aside, if you guys elect a republican after the last 8 republican years, there is something seriously wrong in your country.....Give at least the Democrats the same amount of years to fix some of the damage made by the Bush administration.
Four more years of Mr.Obama's America who's going to bail this country out?
Well, give Mr Romney a couple of years and your country will have started a couple of more wars and only people who make a really good salary will be welcome...
Maybe we need 4 more years of Obama to get the Republicans to return to fiscal conservatism.
If the republicans would just work for the people, instead of against President Obama something good might occur.
Who's paying for all the entitlements?
That's my problem.
Sure get the military out of everyone's business.
Had a choice I would pick Ron Paul.
omg theres dumbasses still blaming bush!? lets see gas was 1.89 when bush left office it hasn't been below 3.60 since obozo took it, he single handedly almost matched the debt rung up by EVERY previous prez not just bush you imbreds...oh yea handing out citizenships jobs etc to the worthless instead of the needy lol yea obamas awesome.. u ppl make me sick and your stupidity should be an executable offense!
+Sean Procell Spoken like a true american....So the question is who keeps the gas at the lowest cost? Did you even know that USA alone stands for 25% of all the oil consumption in the world? I´m surprised that the price is still as low as it is. And just for the fun of it, who are the people you refer to as "worthless"...? The same 47% that Romney spoke about....?
+Anthony Fawcett Well, I could not have said it better myself... :)
+Sean Procell I really didn't want to jump in here, but your argument on gas makes zero sense. How was gas 1.89 when one president left and not below 3.60 for the next president? Did we not have a president for a time in between? Nevertheless, presidents have very little power on gas prices. I'm guessing you'll argue the Keystone Pipeline could create more oil and therefore bring prices down, but you should know that oil is a globally traded comodity and the amount added by the Keystone pipeline would be insignificant. At best you may be able to say it would create some jobs (still an insignificant number all things considered) and make some money for the oil company that ran it and therefore tax revenue for the gov't (when it actually became fully operational which would not be yet...). Argument fail. Emotional debating, sadly, FTW, but what's new. Lets tune in tonight for more illogical arguments (on both sides).
+Nathan Hall  speaks the truth. Furthermore, Democrats are under self-imposed pressure to disavow the idea that any liberals believe that higher gas prices would be good for us. In fact, the quiet movement among urban and suburban policymakers as well as the large development/consulting firms that will win contracts no matter the price for which gasoline retails. I can say this: expect gas prices to rise inexorably. We should've slapped an enormous federal TAX to protect us from gouging by the private firms and obviously, the state-owned oil companies that set the price. Europeans pay through the nose for gas and they never get such harsh oil shocks as we. I disagree with these secret high-gas-price liberals only as far as saying that gas at $7 WOULD harm our economy and hamper the livelihood of the poor. $5.37 with hefty tax component: if we don't levy now then we'll see $5.37 before 2016 I assure you--except that the area under the curve between price points, all of that will be pure profit for Hugo Chavez, Conoco Phillips, Shell, and the rest.
Obama will have four years to make up for his absolutely abysmal performance over the last four years.
+Tommie Hanson It's not about republican vs. democrats anymore. Republican party (note: not republicans, the party) degraded into caricature of itself. I have no problem with a sane republican with fiscally conservative agenda and small government and all that jazz. Unfortunately, the amount of government intrusion that Romney & Co want to push toward would make Orwell puke in horror. I hope country does not go there.
Obama doesn't deserve another four years of failure. I for one have had enough of his duplicity and lies. Time for a change.

+Robert Evans And I might agree with you, except to me "enough or duplicity and lies" is nowhere near equal "Romney" :-\. BTW, I'm not sure what you refer to as lies. He didn't do everything he promised (some he couldn't, some he deprioritized, which sucks) but I don't remember much lies.
Hao Liu
Both are puppets, so it is just a show to enjoy
My candidate is better than your candidate... RAWR!
Stream is broken. Stuck in perpetual buffer...
vote obama to stop zionist attacks
What Zionist attacks? the one in Benghazi?
Yes Vote Obama!!!
The fact that extremists support a candidate, like the hezbollah community in Detroit supports the President is very concerning to say the least, especially when their extremist ideology supports terrorism. 
My candidate can lie better than your candidate!
How can I watch youtube live eventa on my android device (nexus 7)?
apple are cheap ass bastards manufacturing in china In sweat shops
+Michael Veprinsky  I just think Romney has a better plan than Obama. If I wanted social reform i would go with Obama. I just want a job.
lmao +Nathan Hall   +Anthony Fawcett your job creation argument is a jk really? a steady increase of unemployment is "job creation" your an assclown and yea gas was a 1.89 when bush left and when the idiot took over it almost immediately shot back up with in a couple months y? cuz bush threatened a price cap what'd obozo do, get on tv and say "i dont see anything wrong with gas prices". facts are he wont stand up for nothing but islam and illegal immigrants and further more most jobs obozo created are sent overseas,but media is to far up obozos ass to admit his fail. im friends with one guy who chased his job to afgahn but after awhile and a base nearby getting hit said fuck it so go ahead vote for someone who'd leave you on your american ass for some stinkin illegal shitbag who dont speak english
+Anthony Fawcett If you look at when he took office there are fewer jobs now than then. Un-adjusted unemployment puts it around 10.8% . If you are going to say being republican or non obama is uneducated your just a silly little person.
your a fuckin idiot dude my profiles none of your fuckin business 2. under bush unemployment was what 3% and we're at 9% now your attemp at offending me was a joke and you sir should lob your nuts off you dont need to breed! quit watching cnn cuz they dont tell the truth ever! oh im gonna leave my pro empty so you can keep talkin about it stupid ass
+Anthony Fawcett  No, I don't . But putting in place regulation that failed to bring the economy back around is not really succeeding in my book. Barack Obama himself said that in 2011 we could not raise taxes right now because it would be a hindrance to the growth of the nation. This was used for the reason to keep the Bush/Obama tax cuts in. The economy is now weaker now than it was then. Fewer people are employed, and the average income of the american family has dropped. Now Obama wants to increase taxes? I think that is bs. May I ask you; how should we encourage private sector growth in America? How does Obama plan to get private sector growth? 
+Matthew Wilkinson (sorry didn't reply sooner and this is likely to be last reply of the day). You mentioned Romney's plan and how it's better than Obama's. The only Romney plan I've seen is described here- (very clear and concise). He did not show any realistic numbers (and the numbers he did show were bull...t, and 6 'studies' is an lie and for that alone he cannot be trusted). Again, Obama did not do stellar in the first term (no clue whether he could've done better) but a) he did prove to be competent made some bold moves that did seem to get the economy on the right track and b) if republicans could come up with someone... well, sane and coherent, with actual convictions and a platform, maybe it would be worth discussing. As it stands now- hell no.
+Michael Veprinsky If you think the Obama policies have been working; then you keep your head looking at the computer and look at reddit and other delightful media. I am still looking for Obama's  pro growth policies  but i keep on get a 404. :D but from one coder to another I wish you the best, and try to class up your language. Cause you never know when kids are reading. 
I am not exactly the most educated in politics, at least as far as Matthew Wilkinson and Anthony Fawcett seem to be. They actually seem to be the most intelligent commenters on this whole post! As far as I can tell..Romney has yet to clearly & concisely state any kind of "plan" real or otherwise..he has yet to tell the truth regarding ANYTHING..he considers 47% of the population to be worthless poverty..he lies about every single figure he throws out (as shown by fact checking after debate on KING5)..he claims to be the only person who single-handedly saved HIS state, HIS world olympics, HIS company that he grew himself. Does anyone else see a pattern here?  Tonight I had our 15yr old daughter watching the debate with us, she commented at the end that Romney sounded like he thought he was God, and when his wife came out she said that "she looks like she's plastic."  Hmmm...from the mouths of babes
irish d
so you have record high profits for corporation and they are still not producing jobs (5 candies to any republican who can figure out why). what other support can you give to the private sector? more deregulation so they can destroy our environment even more, increase our health insurance cost, privatize the food industry audits, speculate and monopolize the oil industry and have the consumers compete for their mercy? they have record high profits. we should be drowning in jobs right now. you know what that means.... we're giving the wrong group a tax break. they don't need it. invest on people not on corporations is all obama's saying.
I am curious about something here-why is it that Sean Procell and Noah Wilson can only comment by calling President Obama names, criticizing everything he does or says, and even goes so far as to only use profanity and vulgar language to then call everybody else names? Do neither of you know how to use the English language in a clean, clear, concise manner? Or is that asking too much of someone of your obvious intelligence level?  I thought that these posts were here to debate issues. Not to call people names who disagree with you.  Oh! Wait! I see now! You have yet to make a point to debate. Maybe you should go read up on the issues, then come back with an intelligent and adult comment. Try it, you might like it.
+irish d "high profits for corporation"s  Which corporations are you talking about? Also the overall trend of most corporations, or business  are that they are losing money or barely breaking even. Now if you talking about Big Oil, I would agree. But oil companies are not laying off. Just curious have you took a macro economics class? Have you heard of Keynesian economics? If not take up some light reading; then what Romney says might make sense. But since you think the success of one area of commerce reflects all of it so I do not expect you to do so; however, to hold a proper argument against you i would spend far to much time just making you embrace the idea of how the economy works, and that is far to daunting of task. 
+Mike Jackie Bowers  I thank you for the compliment. But you bring very interesting section of a conversation. I do believe when Mitt Romney say "His" he is referring to the group of people whom he surrounded his administration or team. However, to the whole Mitt does not have a plan, is an argument that I find to be silly. To list off deductions and exemptions to the american public would not even be a good thing. Most people would not understand what they are eliminating and then they would go to their blend of news media to hear them talk about how horrible it is. To me Mitt seems like the most honest person in politics right now. He is bad at lying; he cuts to chase and is straight forward and honest.   
irish d
+Matthew Wilkinson oh matthew. have you been living under a rock and now deny corporation have been having a field day for some time now?

knock yourself out. google it some more and give me one that contradicts my statement. your trickle down economics never worked and neither did your insults. if you want to talk about all areas of commerce, why is it then that your party is the one that keeps saying that all we need to do is give the 1% the tax break and everything else can just revolve around it. so what other factors did they present? what i'm curious about is what prejudice is overriding your brain that you can't think straight? tell me that at least.
+Anthony Fawcett  The un-empolyment take people off the registry if they are no longer trying to find a job or ran out of benefits  If you look at the people who are currently in the job market today, and compare them with the people who were employed in 2007 ( taking into the fact that they are more people that are entering the job market than leaving so that number could not even help). I believe we are about 60,000 fewer jobs now than then. If properly adjusted for growth of job available population, the number is at least 10.8% but could be much higher due to people not wanting to leave work yet. Un-employment numbers are laughably adjusted to look good thus not to spook commerce. 
i always called mitt aplastic ken doll .he has that frozen smile a looks pretty but unless he screwing someone else out of there own money,i dont think he cares about anything else. the huge corporations that caused our economic meltdown wants back in the hen house.mitt the ken doll is their vehicle to kill the chickens again.
+Zhu "Taiwan some Americans to stand for election, the U.S. looks the same with the Taiwan version it! Turtle Mo laugh turtle, a Break! Hole!" What does this mean ??
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