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Make sure you know how to locate your phone and erase your data remotely if it’s lost or stolen. Services like Android Device Manager can quickly locate your phone on a map, or ring it at maximum volume so you can find it (even if it’s been silenced). If your phone has been stolen or can’t be recovered, you can quickly and securely erase all of the data on your device so it stays out of the wrong hands. #staysafe
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Erasing data seems to be the only way since getting back Android phones is impossible.
I hope there's a way to brick the phone after it has been stolen so the crook can't use it. 
+Steve Smith I have been a Cerberus user for 2 years. It's a wonderful app. So powerful... Kudos for posting a link that refers to it.
Google should buy +Cerberus. It has much more functionality compared to Device manager. 
There need to be more options, ofcourse all smartphone theifs have learned to power off or remove the battery! Need some sort of an inbuilt power which works outside the phone battery power to help locating the device even when turned off.
I just had to use this last night to find my Nexus4. GPS lock could've been a little tighter but everything worked out and I have my phone.
Great advice. I use Lookout Security. It really works like it says.
Thanks I need that. I value my privacy so much. Anyways pls help is there a way for me to shorten my name in gplus? Its very lengthy or should I create a new account? Pls help its very lenghty
Does not work of you are a free Google apps user
Usually the free apps are limited "you get what you pay for" and if it's free, well "taste it".
my little brother thinks there should be a remote detonate so the jokes on them
Sean G
If we could also... Put on GPS & Lock phone. With message Put Down the phone. I see you Bitch.
Also... You could remotely control camera's
Please also add a feature to force GPS to be enabled. That way after the phone is stolen the owner can lock in a location finder for the police. 
I was playing candy crush and left it in the kitchen and couldn't find my phone. I activated Device Manager, but it wouldn't ring with candy crush open.
that was not so easy to use! you can learn something from apple…在天朝一点都不好用,地图上偏差太多了
+wang le getting an iPhone back even when tracking is enabled is hit or miss. 4 ranch styles houses on the left....4 on the right and the signal says it's here. Ok. Now what? Knock on everybody's door? Wipe warranted
Location services on phone needs to be enabled for this to work ?
I remote wipe my phone with a rag on a stick.
Candy crushed your abilities to utilize the options.. 
Isn't there a song "Brick House" that would go well as a background tune to this thread?
I wish I could remote wipe my ass.
i cant get this to work it comes up location unavailable i have followed all the google help steps 
galaxy nexus 4.3 unrooted 
i need an app that would take a picture if somebody would put in a wrong pin number (pattern) and then upload it to dropbox/google drive. So the police would easily  identify the thief + using the gps coordinates of the photo.
+dominik baselj there is an app called gotcha that does that
There is a theory that if you have an email address then android device manager won't work. +Google needs to look into this and sort it.
What about the ability to track a phone/tablet after it is factory reset, and then reconnected to the Google Play Services (i.e. identification by IMEI, MAC and serial number).

If this is an invasion of privacy, then generate a unique code number which can be supplied to police in order for them to interrogate Google about the new owners identify.

Problem is that police just don't care.  This is why Google needs to step in and make it terms of the Google Play Services that you can't use a stolen phone.
Cam someone help me i have lost everything on my acount

+alex serrano This is a serious matter!! Also, I can't reply on Google+ Android, had to wait home to reply.
So stop playing candy crush or close it.. if you forget to close it and this happens again, candy will crush you...
Alex Serrano x favore nn capisco cosa stia succedendo??? Io ad esempio nn riesco ad accedere piu' al mio profilo Facebook , xke' tramite Ios7.2 cellulare, dimenticando la password adesso nn me la fa piu' reimpostare... Cosa faccio???
+Tiziana Pancaldi yo no comprende lo que estas hablando..quales cosas en Facebook? ? Y que transmite en 7.2 cellulares? Si puedes, explicame en ingles y vemos si es un cosa facio.. Can someone translate what this girl said to me????
Does this work on Gingerbread  (LG G2X) since LG stopped updating
How can i get the android device manager? 
+PROSPER UDO I don't know what device you are using but on my apps menu, there is a green google + app... when I open that app, it shows android device manager at the very bottom. Try that.
I have found my iPhone  with an app "Find My iPhone" it works.via satellite image,
excellent in the Kimberley, Broome West , Australia
New problem noted on Android Device manager: On PC the Device manager does not know where the device is even though the device is hardly 2 feet away! GPS is On so is Wi-fi and Mobile data. I am able to ring the device from the phone but not PC? Why is this?
Thanks +Google.. ever since the translation option became an option I can now get a better understanding of what some people are saying. . Still got some kinks but now my question above, is finally answered! 
I have a suggestion I have been tracking my lost phone and I know it has changed hands atleast 3 times from Android Device manager activity. (last one was on April 9th). I have tried locking and bricking the phone but Android Device Manager says information will be sent when the phone is ON and notification will be sent. I had set up lock and erase even earlier than April 9th but does it mean the earlier Lock and erase command did not work? Ideally the phone should have been bricked by now but it does not seem so, Why?
Likes the idea of the mysterious working with the hay
Hey someone hacked my Google plus account and they keep commenting on posts and stuff how do I find out who it is?
I using Android 5 on my Intex Aqua Power HD phone but i am not able to locate another of my phone through Google+.  Does anybody know what could be the solution.
Cannot sign in to Device Manager on my 2013 Nexus 7. I get "something went wrong" error
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