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Finding the directory in a five-story mall is hard enough, let alone the actual store you’re looking for. Now in some malls, Google Now will show you a searchable directory so you can quickly find a specific store or type of store, like clothing or sporting goods. With one tap, you’ll be taken to the indoor map in Google Maps with a pin showing you exactly where the store is. Try it out now in the U.S. and Japan by updating your #GoogleSearch app for Android:—we’ll add more malls so stay tuned if you don’t see your favorite just yet. Unfortunately, we can’t help you decide what color sweater to buy for your mother. :) 
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Google is not only used by Americans, do something for everyone!!
Searchable kind of sucks! I was looking forward to this until I got to the mall and it only showed me the places to eat and I had to search for the rest. How do you search for something you are not sure exist and if you know the shop is in the mall what's the point of searching for it? 
Why do people keep complaining about services not being available in their countries? I bet your countries offer better health care systems, and many other things that we don't have.
+Tony Hoffman try searching for product you want to buy. Like jeans or sweater or computer Games. 
I'm very grateful and blessed sir,mame and thankfully I definatly will shot straight.
I'm again very and respectfully honured sir.
Mult bersk moolt.
Alan S
Bring this to Ireland or at least outside America!
+Google you would have a better response and probably increase your market share if you spend more energy expanding the existing services to more countries instead
Google needs to expand fully into the global market. Like Ford did. It will make them more stable and less impacted by the US economy. 
+Google you should crowd source this job and you could get every mall much faster. 
Just so long as it showed me the fastest way out of there. 
+Google Please Spanish! You are forgetting the spanish users! That's not fair!
Well, at least they chose sensible categories like "clothing" instead of "apparel". Seriously, who actually says that word in colloquial speech?
damn, google now keeps getting better and better, i love it!
This has been shown to work in UK already
nous avions besoin de tout ca
It's a shame we can't have this here in Hungary. I'm sure it would be very useful - I tend not to find where specific stores are located exactly in a mall, even when I know that they are somewhere in the mall. How come so few malls have indoor maps? Does anyone know how it works? Is there an app for malls to create and share indoor maps, for example?
Thanks a lot +Jungcook Park xD I'm actually studying English Applied Linguistics, but I don't think they'd make me secretary of education, even though we've learnt a lot about foreign language learning :).
I GRE up in the back yard of the Mall of America. My favorite place is the Aquarium!
Stop your crying... Don't use Google then...  Go play with Live and Bing... 
+Tony Hoffman with a tap, you access the indoor mapping. It's useful if you don't know where the store is. I can't wait till it hits other countries, I can really use this. 
+Facundo Topa This will actually work in Europe too. There's some malls at least in Germany that support it.
+Tony Hoffman "if you know the shop is in the mall what's the point of searching for it? " I was answering this question, the point of searching for it is to get directions for the store through indoor mapping. Although, I do agree, you should get a directory for all the stores in the mall not just be able to search for them. 
Very useful feature. This constant improvement got me on Android. 
And mexico? Why google didn't think in us? 😦
Rat huu ich thanks
. .ini adalah layanan yg di sediakan oleh Google,yg cukup membantu, namun kadang di Mal sy kesulitan untuk menanyakan dimana sy bs membeli kondom untuk ukuran penis Asia. .
the mall they showed in the example is this would actually be pretty useful to get directions
شتب يور🐭أوباما..ابسوليتلي
5-story mall??? First-world problem.
Google Now is turning into a gigantic information monster. Is it not going to let us search anymore? What irony from Google....
*Google adds a new feature/service that no one else offers
*gets nothing but complaints about them not offering things in their country.

Grow up people.
Google now isn’t support in china!!!!!😭😭
+Google are these directory listings based off of google maps listings? Or are they different in some way?
Google now not supported in Macedonia?! 
Hey Google, there is a very interesting thing called "rest the world". You guys should check it out when you get the time"
+Tony Hoffman Hi Tony, Thanks for the feedback. You can search for things like "Restaurants" or "Clothing" as well, not just store names.
+Suresh Ganapathy I've noticed now Google added a feature for the Food Nearby search. It gives you the 3 items but you can continue to scroll to the left and see more.  I would think this feature should be implemented into the mall feature so a user would not have to make that search but get to browse.  Maybe i'm just lazy though haha.
+Facundo Topa Well... I am not American and I still think it's their company. Move to the States - most things are better there anyway! :)

It is a little like saying to the mum of a friend that you should get the nice lunches she packs for you as well, despite the fact that she isn't your mum...
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