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We spend a lot of time at Google trying to answer "What ifs?" What if you could find any info you need, the instant you need it? Google Search. What if you could view some of the world’s most renowned art online? The Art Project. And what if you built a self-driving car capable of navigating a track at speeds upwards of 200mph while surrounded by other cars? Our answer to that last one is Google Racing, a partnership with NASCAR to design and build autonomous stock cars. Find out more at
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After all the other Google-related press releases today, combined with this in all its glory, all I gotta say is... you guys outdid yourselves, this year.
Not that driving in circles is that difficult... Srsly, nascar? Does that thing still exist?
Boring! The drivers make the car! April Fools joke!
Google likes to advertise so much why don't you just put some money up and sponsor Google+ on a race car in the sprint cup series.
Yes, a race car wihtout a pilot ? what would be the point ? ^^
Very inspired this year at google XD
basically, i try not to believe anything posted by google today. got the chrome multitask and gmail tap joke already. LOL
I heard they made the API for the shifting and transmission available.
Guys its april fool's day. Dun you get it
Love the paint scheme! I wonder if I'm the only Googler who's actually a NASCAR fan in real life?
Btw, NASCAR does do road courses, not just left turns.
It's all fake. I think the pigeons are really driving them. ;)
Should be no problem building autonomous stock cars for Nascar, they only turn to the left. Bad thing is, rednecks won't get it.
today is a very bad day for official announcement for google.
I like the "Going Mobile" paint scheme the best! I'd definitely buy it. ;)

+Filipe Gatti Can I join the crowds? It is a joke. I'm no Google hater. They even do partnerships to spread jokes. This is with the Google page.
If this was an April fools joke, it's very detailed. They collaborated with NASCAR, got a photo-shoot with Sergey, got some popular drivers involved. This makes me think that it's real. It might be worth noting that Google released GMail on April 1st too.
+Filipe Gatti That's exactly why it's so funny! The goal is to be as convincing as possible, and, judging by the comments here...they're doing a fantastic job!
That Youtube Collection link isn't working for me, is there some kind of mirror I can see it?
ROFL! Awesome! :D So elaborate!! And for the first time featuring - Sergey Brin!!!!
sergey rocking crocs in a racecar lol
I think it's cool. Could change the way we are driving.
'Future Use - Museum piece'...Priceless!
I usually hate April Fool internet jokes but bravo, this was actually a good one.
I'm sure this is real just like GMail was.
It's hard to know if +Google is pulling and April Fool's Joke. Gmail was released on April Fools and people thought it was an April Fools Joke. It's best to wait until Monday to see if the NASCAR thing is real.
Is this serious? I mean, I would love to see that, but a race with only self driving cars may be dull as dull can be
I think it would be cool to have a single race with one of Google's cars similar to the Jeopardy episode with IBM's Watson robot. I would say that humans add a lot of the fun in NASCAR, and many fans will probably stop watching if the race is computer simulated.
Su Xin
I believe it's true!
They did it again!!! What are they planning for next year? Google Space???
Awesome I already counted 16 pranks :D :D jejeje
I don't know what's real or fake anymore...
I love this day! That so funny and it became even funnier bcz of all the comments here ;)
If you noticed that Google Sensor ( I mean a camera that always spin on the roof of google car ) doesn't spin like it should be then confirm that IT IS A JOKE but I wish it be true someday.
April fools is the best day ever! You can suck almost anybody in!
no drivers inside? 1st April joke? ;)
Is this the official google race car? good enought to compete at Infenion raceway..lets see a winner..
Mark Al
you guys are the top among the best
I think there's a really good chance that this will turn out just like Gmail. Consider: car manufacturers race cars for the engineering information they can gain, at least the big ones do. If you want to create a superchauffeur with reflexes like The Flash, and prove it out, can you think of a more challenging yet possible step to take? It's its own class. It won't be competing with bare-reflexed humans.
No guys! This is for real. The Announcement is being made on a Sunday which is traditionally Race Day in Nascar. And as further proof there is a blog post on the official Google Blogger Page. This is also being cross annouced on the Nascar page, and everyone knows how serious Nascar is.
This is exactly why Google is such an amazing company and why we are all so much better for who you are . . . you know no bounds and are not afraid to explore.
The video interviews with the drivers are hysterical.
Life is very difficult and very dangerous, mister Google. You have to do very global, colossal, strong, based, deep, taff, STRATEGIES. The next big step, with or without glasses, with our without eyes-lentils, is NANO-IT, wich I mean NANO-HARDWARE and NANO-SOFTWARE. For having both inside body, in neurons, in digest, in tissues, in bones, in blood, on street, inside pipelines, inside residual-water-pipelines under walk-streets, and especially FOR CONTINUOUSLY INTERCONNECTION AND AUTOMATIC OBSERVING EVERYTHING AROUND/INSIDE US.
And most of all, very REALISTIC strategies !!!!!!!!!!!
save life and protect the pilots... this is amazing!
Hallo K
sounds great but today is 1 april APRIL FOOLS DAY LOL
+Georgi Kaua April Fools jokes or not, I never leave anything out of the question when it comes to Google no matter how outrageous they are. Sometimes I wonder with some of the April Fools jokes if maybe Google is dropping keys to the future. The ultimate IMO would be for Google to manipulate time and space.
Go GOOGLE+ . I am on your side 100%. For those who think you have some diabolical purpose I say look in the mirror! Google is not the problem. Right wing extremists are the problem. I have 250 million friends all over the world. In Iran, Israel, Palestine, Canada, etc. They are all part of my Clan. Clan Boyd. If they learn what it means to be a Boyd they can be a Boyd. We are all over the World for a reason. Listen to us and you too can learn to gain wealth without cheating. When you are good you do not need to cheat. Ask the Football (soccer in America) fans of the UK.
Are they publishing an API to run your car like this ?
don't know if this is a joke or if it's legit..GOOGLE got me....
Grr april fools joke! And here I thought I might actually have a reason to root for a NASCAR!

Not that I would actually watch NASCAR...
+Google any chance that you guys will fix a bug in G+ that causes the app to crash when sharing more than 3 or 4 pictures at once? I found that sharing in threes is a viable workaround. But it's still annoying.
Also, I would have actually watched Automated Nascar. At Lear until I noticed that the crashes that I find interesting were not happening anymore.
Muito bm saver Onde nois andemos nabegando brigado google
Several racers could have used this in today's NASCAR race...especially on the restarts at the end. You guys gonna farm this tech out?
feel like i should type something on the car for searching.. looks awsm! esp the helmet..
Good things,wherever, we used to go, we will use Google map from our I phones to reach their places without any difficulties.,
Fool or not but I'll love to watch NASCAR with no driver!!!
FWIW, I actually think an autonomous NASCAR race would be kind of neat to see. Teams would compete based on their software.
I played your part in a different universe - I'm jealous of me and you now!
dorio x
boring car color. it should be multi colored
Mister Google, you have big huge global problem with gmail on smartphones. ANYTIME when I try to send a mail with a file attached of 10-23 Mb attached, it take days to transmit, IF transmit, but almost without exception, that mail with file staged remain forever in stand-by, probably waiting for aliens to transmit it to destination... I told you, once a problem, twice a problem... and by the way, yahoo don't have such problems :)
I think a NASCAR was a GREAT idea, I would be glad to take Google to the golf course.
Think about 4 hours of advertising every weekend? Think about the top players in the world wearing Google Hats.

I have owned a golf course, I have hosted golf tournaments and I would love to work with Google a makes sense place to reach millions of people every day.

Phil Quinn
Did anyone else see the South Park episode in which they laugh about NASCAR??
Mustang badges would make it absolutely PERFECT!!!!
Man. Serge Brin is like a one-man Red Bull. He knows how to roll out the cash in style!
i love cats,racing,i have a need for speed(g force-) not the other..i loive her..,fast bikes and watermelon ,berry's stray dogs, and cold as shit weather that will make you pray...there is more...i'll follow you... bye...
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