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If you're in Austin this week, join us tomorrow, March 12 from 4-6pm at Bat Bar for Solve for X, our forum to push forward tech-based moonshots to solve global problems. More information and registration:
Solve for X @ SXSW
March 12 4:00-6:00pm CT - JOIN US!
Bat Bar: 218 E 6th St., Austin, TX 78701

On Tuesday, March 12 from 12:30-1:30pm, +Astro Teller will give a glimpse of the ethos, style and people behind Google[x] in "Google[x]: Building a Moonshot Factory":

Then from 4-6pm at Bat Bar on 6th St., come to our special SXSW edition of Solve for X. is a forum to encourage and amplify moonshots—radical technology-based proposals for solving global problems. 

SESSION DETAILS: +Esther Dyson, +Peter Stone, and +Natalie Jeremijenko will share their moonshot proposals and then the Solve for X team with co-creators, +Astro Teller and +Megan Smith, will lead a session with the audience to help these innovators propel their ideas forward. The format will be: 
(1) three quick moonshot proposal talks, followed by 
(2) everyone splitting into small break-out groups to brainstorm on the proposals, and then 
(3) the small groups will report on their recommendations for moving the ideas forward.

Walk-ins are always welcome but since space may get tight, if you're interested in attending, please register at 
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If they figure something like this out they may just change their name to Wayland.
You guys need 2 visit Lafayette, LA
I like how they set their goals high. I'd love to see these kind of things come off in my lifetime. 
Sir Arthur C Clarke
The Fountains of Paradise
+Google will it be recorded and posted to youtube? As I have had to fly home this morning?
To Build This Lift as Showed They Have to Ad Supporting Pillars to The Lift Which Will be Attached in The Middle. How They are Going To Build Them First ?
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