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Sometimes it's hard to do math quickly in your head, like when you have to figure what 57.55 plus 68.43 divided by two is. You've been able to type equations in Google search and quickly get the answer for a while now, and even do things like plot 3D graphs ( Now we've redesigned the calculator feature so when you type in an equation, you see an actual scientific calculator, complete with functions like square root and log. 

This works on desktop and mobile, so you can also use search to calculate when you're splitting the bill at dinner or figure out the discounted price on that pair of shoes. Bonus: if you're using Chrome on desktop, you can also speak your equations out loud. Quick—what's six times pi divided by four?

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Very nice but
seems to be Anglosphere-only :/
Oh don't tell me the math geeks at Google weren't clamoring for an RPN version. What's the secret setting to enable it?
i've been using wolfram alpha for a while, nice to know google's stepping up 
it's a calculator, whats special about it?
So when do we all get it.. not US only
This is great, can't wait to try it with my iPad!
it is just a calculator nothing to get excited about!
Mental: 5
Google: 4.71239
Phone: 4.71238898038469
Windows: 4.7123889803846898576939650749193
sometimes it easier and i get the way to explain
bye guys i am watching Olympic football which is way more important than a calculator!
I run Win7, so I have a built-in calculator.
This is fantastic! Thank you Google!!
I seem to be unable to copy and paste the result in Firefox 14.0.1. Works in Chrome though.
I can never find the Win7 calculator fast enough.  I always end up searching for it on the start menu
Very cool. I'm also grateful you removed the commas when displaying numbers. Now I can just go ahead and forget what little math I know!
No voice responses from Google Now now which is sad. 
Nice, but unfortunately not available in Germany! Care about us, Google!
Very useful! +Google it works only in the English version of Google.....please! :)
6pi/4? (1)

then (1)=1.5pi


that is what I learned in 2nd grade of Soviet secondary school in age of 8
+Eryl Talbot our teachers were really clever and talented specialists. They taught us how to think, to be creative, not how to consume only.

Also, similar method of calculations was described in famous "Surely you joking, mr. Feinmann?"

Basic idea: do not try to multiply long numbers, split them on manageable powers of 10, do calculus, combine results produced.
Using bash...
[ben@BlackBox~]$ pi=$(echo "scale=10; 4*a(1)" | bc -l)
[ben@BlackBox~]$ echo 6*$pi/4 | bc -l

Meanwhile, gcalculator gives me 4.71238898039, while Wolfram Alpha puts the competition to shame: its default display gives me 4.712388980384689576939650749192543262957540990626587... and you can incrementally expand it as much as you like.
It doesn't have a modulo button! Nothing ever has a modulo button :(
+Eryl Talbot Just be grateful it's night-time over here and I'm tired, or I may have been tempted to do a Java version, or see what LibreOffice Calc suggested... :D
+Harper Hendee click start then type calc. It literally takes seconds on windows 7?! Or press the windows key + r and type calc then enter. I have no idea how people find these things difficult. Nice to see Google constantly improving calculator. It's an incredibly useful tool for all aspects of math. I regularly use it for measurements and conversions.
+Michael Lee It appears this calculator SERP disables moz-user-select, so you're correct -- no alt-C (or even context-menu_ copy option for Firefox users.
+Andreas Kremer +Rune Pedersen +Marcos Torres Not true. I've heard from people in Germany (and elsewhere, outside the USA) who do see the calculator, so either (a) the roll-out is not yet complete, or (b) you're doing something different.

n.b.: I've tested only in English and on the most recent versions of Chrome, IE and Firefox, so I can't vouch for your results with anything outside that range. Make sure your browser is set to English (as default language) and try again.
+Jamie Key it is not difficult, but time consuming.

I know nothing about win7 calculator, but in win2003 and earlier its scientific version have NO square root button, unlike "usual" version.

NB. I know that sqrt(x)=x^(1/2)
+Sushubh Mittal I suspect +Google Now is a big part of why they've integrated this calculator -- as well as the new Units of Measure Conversion utility ( -- with search, instead of building it into the next Android ROM. With this set-up (ie: server-side, rather than device-resident), it's easier to tie them all together plus it guarantees faster response.
+Allen Cross Well, I am missing the vocal responses. I do not really need a calculator every time I am running a query related to math :) I had rather have the answer spoken to me. I hope they fix it in the future. Also, I am pretty sure all of these calculations were already available through Google Search. Google has just made them more accessible. Same applies to the Unit Conversion OneBox that was launched earlier this month!
+Ben Norwood bash sucks! (C)

$ bc -l <<< "6*(4*a(1))/4"

(a() stands for arctangent in bc)
It gets questions wrong... Order of operations adhering to distributive law please.
+Sergei Agarkoff Technically that could be simplified even further as bc -l <<< "6*a(1)"... ;)

And my example earlier used bc from a bash prompt, I just defined π first.
+Ben Norwood I know about simplification of equations. And left excessive 4's in order to exactly conform task's definition. As you may see above, I prefer to solve such tasks in my mind with very simple techniques.

+andrey nosatov man 1 bc please.
Very much enjoying all the technology/math elitists who act like their complaints mean anything to the average consumer. Thanks for the chuckles.
Glad it doesn't work like siri, if you asked it that she would probably say "Well that depends on how much pie costs" .....dumb hoe....Lol
+Sushubh Mittal " Well, I am missing the vocal responses. [...] Also, I am pretty sure all of these calculations were already available through Google Search. Google has just made them more accessible."

Sure, but enhanced accessibility is precisely what they are providing -- and for which you are so impatient to see more, in the form of machine vocalization -- with the new +Google Now feature. It's just a matter of time before that's tied into all distributed services. :-)

BTW: hover over that plus call-out and you'll see the 'Now' logo. That image explains a lot.
Now if you could just make it work as an RPN calculator....
When will Google set it up so I can download this to my brain?

I have a Gmail address... is that all I need?
are those two questions together or separate?
Can we have an RPN version too please?!
homework just got 10000000000000000000 times easier!!!!
This is awesome.. More ways for JB voice search to beat siri..
If you copy and paste whatever is within the result box, it actually gives you the result in the first line and then shows bunch of craps, example:
(2*7182) + 1
Copy and Pasted:


Why is that?
This is great, What should we do if just wanted to access standard calculator not the scientific one.
Jiri H
Very nice, but works only for U.S. area
Jiri H
+Karuppasamy M Im from Czech Republic (Europe). I see only small graphic calculator as icon below the search filed, with result in bold font.
Another day, another cool Google feature!
Doesn't work with variables, but it is pretty clear why you would have to...
What is (Google + Google)! ^ Google
hmmm let me see... 6 x Pi / 4=4.712399890
this would be useful for math homework!
How about a function graphic tool, and an equation builder and solver? Not necessarily on Google Search, but it could be an utility like what Handycalc does on Android. Google would surely rule the engineering, students and business worlds.
Much impressed with this new 34-button virtual scientific calculator, however i have few suggestions below

1 >>> From user point of view, it's easier and comfortable to use number pad on keyboard rather than mouse for basic operations.
 So, another button "NumLk" should be added to it, which enables NumLock feature on keyboard so one can key (numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 & operations +, -, * , / and = & decimal point .)
from keyboard itself. I am not sure on whether it can be implemented from Google but if it happens, this new calculator feature is no more "virtual"

2 >>> 5 divided by 0 is resulting "infinity", as per my knowledge anything divided by zero is "undetermined" or "undefined" or "error"
Infinity is not such a quantity which can be made equal to another thing, so we generally use "tends to infinity" rather than "equals to infinity". If you agree with that , the same result "undefined" or "unknown" or "error" should be applied to all the results resulting infinity.

3 >>> Tan(90) in degrees is throwing "1.633177873e+16", means a defined value (of course a huge one) ;which is absolutely wrong.
As I mentioned in previous point, its  value is either "not defined" or "unknown"

I hope this comment will reach "google developers" which developed this Calculator.

To all who read this comment:
Thanks a ton for your patience and you can correct me if i specify anything wrong above

Hatts-off to Google <3 <3 
Google, am o idee si vreau sa v-o spun !
Great update. Adding m+, m-, mc, and mr would be really helpful for more involved arithmetic. 
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