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Yesterday, we posted this doodle in Japan for the annular eclipse. Did you watch the eclipse? What were your impressions?
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just found it similar to ANY OTHER ECLIPSE! I mean what's so special about this one?huh..
I am lucky enough to live in Southern Utah, so I had an amazing view. It is something that I will not forget.
+Kapil Dutta I think what is so special about them may be the fact that to many of our ancestors it was an act of a wolf god eating the sun. Now we understand them and are able to analyze them so we can now simply look at the incredible beauty of the event.
Saw it on television a few hours later. Not as good as the real thing of course ...
+Keith James -yes I know that..and they say that :this is how the THEME of the existence of god came in...! but what I'm saying is there are eclipse now and what is so special about this specific eclipse!
I watched a live broadcast from . It was cool and I was sad it wasn't being broadcast from Google +
+Kapil Dutta I think what made it special was that in was annular. The moon was contained entirely within the bounds of the sun. My understanding is that these are pretty rare.
+Bradley Uffner -interesting though it still doesn't show why people are getting so excited about this thing ..yet you made a good point!
i had to watch it via the internet cause i am on the east coast.
Saw it from St. George, UT. It was great!
The existing of eclipse is explainedby the last messenger and the prophet of God,Muhammad(peace be upon on him)that if there is an eclipse we need to remember our Almighty GOD because only GOD knows what happened on the HEAVENS .and The EARTH ....but mostly people didn't know and understand about what's happening in this WORLD...they are not interested to their spiritual lives rather they are busy to there material life in this chaos WORLD.....except to those who are guided by GOD....
I saw it from Sonora, Mexico but I missed the better part (the ring of fire).
I just saw the last part, like a bitten apple...
I did saw it!!!! but in Tijuana we could only see the travel through the sun, It didn't get dark completely... :D
Maki MA
I live in Tokyo, a rare annular solar eclipse appeared. "A ring of fire" was so beautiful!
great doodle!! I didn't watch the eclipse, but see the pictures! (i'm from Brazil)
I saw it with thesse special glasses! it was so cool!
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