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Today we introduced Google Drive—a place where you can create, share, collaborate and keep all of your stuff, and access your content from anywhere, across your devices. We’re getting you started with 5 GB free storage. Read more from +Sundar Pichai and on the Official Google Blog:
There’s been a lot of I’m excited to officially introduce Google Drive. We have really focused here on letting users create & share with others and this is a natural evolution of Google Docs. It’s not just storage, it’s about helping you live and work in the cloud and making sure your data is seamlessly available everywhere. You can use it across platforms -- Mac, PC, Android, iOS (coming soon) -- and you can use it with many third party applications - we’re working with many developers to expand the Drive ecosystem.

So, between the Loch Ness Monster and Google Drive, looks like you’ll have to keep looking for Nessie.
Just like the Loch Ness Monster, you may have heard the rumors about Google Drive. It turns out, one of the two actually does exist. Today, we're introducing Google Drive—a place where you can cre...
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Downloaded and testing in Indonesia :)
I'm curious how this will interact with Google Music, since that already allows (for free) much more storage given its 20,000 song limit. Hopefully those don't get pulled into this and used against the overall "cloud" storage limit imposed by Google Drive.
No #Linux #Ubuntu Support :(
I would have loved to see more Free storage though.So that all my movies etc can be there on the cloud too.But a great start :)
Oh come on guys, give Linux some support! Without Linux you would be almost nothing!
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....Google Drive is finally here.
I think you should bump it to 15gb free everybody doing the 5gb be different google stand out against the competition
Already all over it. Bye bye Google Docs...Hello Google Drive!
Google are big technology! When it will?
Congrats guys! Miss the blue of the Docs widget, but that's just nitpicking.

Related question, where do I see how much space I have left in my Drive?
already installed pc app and updated android app. I realized this JUST released, but any ETA on Google Apps launch?
I don't like it. How am I synchronize my Android and Ubuntu? Ubuntu One is better.
I must to ask - what is the different between google drive and google docs?? I think it's almost the same just locale on my computer. I drag and drop even before with google docs.
Anyway good luck Google - I LIKE ALL WHAT YOU DO!
how can i interact with other google storages like dopcs music etc..
no linux support no Gdrive
Nice that it automatically attached to my purchased storage without going through any extra effort!
I have 20g on Picasa and Google music. How does this play in? Will it all be in one place?
IPad and IPhone (coming soon)... What about #linux ?
Linux users dont worry i am prty sure they wud relese it for linux too..sooner rather than later
The thing is how is it going to compete against Microsoft's SkyDrive latest App release on iOS, Android and MAC along with the PC
guy yak
im gonna keep dropbox until my annual contract runs out | but im also moving ahead with gdrive | still want support for linux | ipad | iphone | and gdrive has to improve its speed and functionality to replace dropbox as the standard |
Very cool!
Just got the first error:
Google Drive needs to quit
Error 1784 ReadDirectoryChangesW
+Google come on... Give us a #linux client.
Wow... the integration with all the other services is amazing. Being able to share photo's through circles from the drive is great! Documents too!
Installed and Working, But how will this work with multiple user sign in on one PC and With Google Apps?
Needs to have a display of data usage on main page, should have to dig into the settings to find it.
well Google might soon expand the size but still 5 GB is more than enough,
i'm happy that we don't have to upload our content for sharing on mediafire(only 250 mb storage limit)......
Congratulations GooG.......
Onve again Google proved to be the best.....
Linux support please!!! I've been waiting for this for a long time and now that it's there, I can't even use it :-(
You forgot one thing! The ability to edit documents offline. The ability to open and especially edit documents offline is one of the most important things in syncing. I now you can read documents offline, but it would be way better if we could see this with Quicklook on a Mac.
cool. but just 5GB... skydrive gives 25... =/
I waitet so long and now there is no Linux Support.
Google Drive without Linux Client is unless for me :(
YAH !!!!!!
no linux support? is your calendar set 23 days back?
Does the Windows application have support for proxys? The app reminds me of the music manager app for Play Music which has got no proxy support... Help please.
like the filename extension integration to launch google docs when double clicking a synced file ;-)
i guess it'll be supporetd soon, as we have many linux users......
and also as android is supported hence then i think in no time google will also support linux......
fingers crossed.....
the (not really everywhere) google drive. sorry linux people, I guess we aren't important enough.
I planned on using this to share the same folder as I do with Dropbox so that I have two copies so that apps dependent on Dropbox can still work although I would be using Google Drive. The problem as most have mentioned is there is no #GDrive4Linux . However, there was a tool that I was using to sync my Google Docs but it had some issues and quit working awhile back and I haven't revisited it. Maybe that will work in the meantime with Google Drive.
I drink the Google Kool Aid but here it's a quick question... I used to and still pay for 200gb what happened now with gdrive and my picasa? Will this mess my account up. I don't see an addition to my purchased space of 200gb.. Primary use to backup all my pictures
I was so excited and ready to switch to Drive from Dropbox. But I'm on Linux. I'll continue to use Dropbox.
Why are people saying no Linux support? The article clearly says it has "PC" support, and my Linux system is a PC. Oh I see, it's another one of those inane announcements that say "PC" when they really mean "Windows". Google of all companies should know better. -1 for no Linux support and -10 for innacurate marketing-spew.
This is incredible stuff... Drive is finally here.... wait a minute... its kind of like they changed to yeah, that's what they did
How will this integrate with pictures already on Picasa, and how will it affect those who already pay for extra storage space on Picasa/Google Docs?
Very slow in the moment in Brazil. A lot of connection timeout (I am under a 100 Mbps fiber connection).
I'll still wait for the Linux client :/ ... fail Google ._.
It doesn't seem to have an application to make it look like a native folder on my local hard drive like Dropbox or Ubuntu One both have. Until it does, Google Drive is of no use to me.
+Cory Albrecht It has a native folder though not for wlinux as of now.

Btw love the way it can use my apps to view those fles like sldie rocket for ppt etc.. A google chrome os app..with a native grid view etc can make chrome amazing
5GB for my high res pics of Mt Everest? You think I would only take 200 pictures?
should says Windows instead PC ... Grrr ... They forget the third most used OS (desktop) Ubuntu ... u_u
Zabi D.
Aaah this is perfect for a student like myself!

Can I already create an account?
CMON GOOGLE! WHy'd you change the price plan that was out when released!!!!!
Zabi D.
Why are people asking support for iphone and and apple can't stand each other, so why support it!!?
+Sundar Pichai +Google Is PC=Microsoft? Will there be support for other #Linux based systems or only for Android? At least via third party applications? Is the software interface documented? Is it #freesoftware / #FOSS ? What should this mean "You can use it across platforms -- Mac, PC, Android, iOS (coming soon) -- and you can use it with many third party applications - we’re working with many developers to expand the Drive ecosystem. "?
+Google What if i want 20GB only for picassa? Before it was 5$ a year! Now I have to pay 2,5$ per month, 27$/year
it's OK. but missing the easy single link and folder sharing that DropBox has.
Anyone know if your standard Google Docs documents count towards your 5G storage or just non-Google content uploaded such as pictures, videos, and other documents?
Pathetic there is no linux support at launch! Pitiful!!!
Thanks - that was easy and painless. Now to play with it. Google I am loving you!
The iOS app is always delayed because of the review process to get into the app store. It'll be up shortly.
I should have boght 80GB of additional storage (currently have 20GB). Old data plan is gone, new one is much more expensive than before and more expensive than Microsoft's SkyDrive!!!
How soon before their is a Google Apps version. Just tried to install and it says it does not yet support my domain.
For people complaining about size, remember that Dropbox and SkyDrive are for docs as well as photos, music, videos, etc. Google already has Picasa, Google Music, YouTube, etc.
Yeah I wonder how that's going to work... It says it adds to your picasa size... but doesn't G+ give you unlimited picasa storage?
+Google, a great launch, but without Linux client I will stay using the DropBox, even he don't have much space like the Drive, but I can maintain my files of the office and home synchronized
Yes, in the past Google launched a free email service called Gmail offering 1Gb when all the others were offering 10mb. It was a breakthrough and shown us how a company can be creative and grow against all odds.
Now, I see a product which is exactly the same as the others, offers nothing but 5gb and what's more, it is around 2 years behind the others (same as for Google+). I mean it can be a good product but my conclusion is... Google became very very conservative.
Not to mention the missing client for linux... unfortunately I will keep with Dropbox
A very nice product have to say that.. A great start now keep on improving..
Very excited to see Google Drive!
Extremely disappointed to see that I now must pay 300% more money for 25% more diskspace...
Not only that, but I can no longer boast to friends and family that Google is extremely cheap when it comes to online storage.
Add the fact that there's no easy (or at all) way to publicly share files from my Google Drive, and I come out more dissappointed than happy about this release.
And that actually says alot, comming from a fan wearing a Google t-shirt as he says it.
lmao, I went to sign up and it says "it's not ready yet and they will notify you"
+Harald Geving Just select the files, and click "File" then "Share" and you will find the visibility options private/public/anyone with the link
Finally! I've been waiting for you to make something like dropbox, just a bit cheaper! :)
Is this another instance where its available to everyone (except those outside USA)? Apparently its not yet available in the UK for me, despite the app installing itself over my Google Docs android app.
And when is Linux support and Blackberry OS support coming? Since you just killed Picasa on Linux (which I use every day btw) I'd like to see Linux support for GDrive w/ KDE & Gnome integration.
No linux client, sorry but #FAIL Still on Dropbox!
Disappointed in the lack of Linux support.
I'm happy to see Google add folder sync for Docs. This is a key feature and yet another improvement that increases its competitiveness as an Office alternative. Additionally, I like the integration of third-party apps like Gantter and Lucidchart.

That said, the drastic increase in pricing is a slap in the face. Google users who have already purchased space to accommodate our use of existing services should be offered a grace period to upgrade our plans prior to the new pricing system taking effect. Not a good way to treat loyal customers.
A Linux client would be nice. Being able to mount Google Drive with Fuse would be perfect.
Will it be possible to select which folders to sync instead of having to move existing folders into the Google Drive folder? (alas SugarSync)
I'm surprised and disappointed by the poor +Google+ integration.

I expected that one would be able to easily share files with circles and single contacts, but instead it looks as if one has to use email addresses. Whatever happened to G+ being the glue that binds all the +Google offerings together?
+Julien Amelot That's only an option if one uses the web interface. For my day-to-day file handling, I don't use the web interface.
If I zip some files before sharing them, I do this from Windows Explorer, selecting and right-clicking the files.
I was expecting to be able to share from there as well...

And within the web interface, I need 9 clicks to get the URL on my clipboard.
With Dropbox from Windows Explorer, I need only two.

I'm still saying that there is not easy way to share a file...
No Linux support? No chance I'm going to use it. And what actually sets it aside from SkyDrive, Ubuntu One, Dropbox, Minus, RapidShare, 4Shared, MediaFire, or any other only storage service?
So, what incantation must I recite in order for the Google Gods (beta) to let me past this particular velvet rope?
I believe many Google fans are Linux users, please support #Linux
+Robin Jacobs I echo the desire for linux support, but what I think seperates it from the others is, well- it's Google, and most likely going to be integrated with the rest of the google properties. So if you're a heavy Google user, it's great.
I'm hearing fairly reliable word that for Google Apps users, even individual, family, none organisation based, private persons such as myself who use Google Apps Free Edition for five family members only, that Google Drive is still around TWO WEEKS away, even on the Rapid Deployment path. But that's nothing, I'm also hearing that the pricing structure for Apps users will be very different (and higher), than none Apps users. If so, the second point is absolutely disgusting.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not trying to re-open the old Free Lunch debate around GApps itself. But I AM saying this... Google, now having elected to offer us sole individuals, not profit, not company based, just me and four family sorts, the functionality of GApps for free, is done and dusted. And that being the case, it's deplorable, and arguably entirely wrong, to accept that we are a mere sole individual, not a company etc, when offering us free GApps, but now seek to charge us in an entirely different way to other users of Google Drive for that instead though.

I fully expect that this highly controversial decision will lead to lots of debate, likely heated, in the Tech World, in the coming days, if it proves true!
And again, no Linux support, that's bad.
please let us in too.
Not available on Linux? You must be kidding.
I'd give up Dropbox for gDrive if there was a Linux client.
Google's #Linux support is beginning to frighten me. Have they abandoned us? First #picasa now they release services w/o #linux support?
I don't feel like this is a natural evolution to GDocs at all. The app was renamed and now there's more non-Google format uploading space... that's about it.
+Patrick Rice Hey Patrick, drive works both from my company (paid) Google Apps and from my personal (free) Google Apps accounts. The only difference I see in pricing is for storage above the free 5GB. The business model let's an Admin buy licenses up to16TB and disperse it as needed to users.

+Google Now that you have Drive you're 1 step closer to being a true cloud file server replacement. I would like to see Admin tools for setting up a way to share all our files to all users and that is easy for users to traverse. And easy security features to allow Admins to lock down certain folders. GOOD JOB!!! on drive I'll use it both personally and professionally
This is awesome! I already install it on my computer. And now I downloaded it on my phone and tablet from play store. :-)
So many Linux comments in here, it means something! When will we have it?
I'm not trying to be negative Google, but you guys really don't know how to launch a product. It's annoying to have to wait to use something. I put all of my stock in Google & buy a Galaxy Nexus, but it's still not "ready for me?" Are you launching the damn product or not?
Google Drive great but..... Linux?
+Google , I've been an avid supported of your products for as long as I can remember. I own three +Android devices, and on my laptop I run +Ubuntu . It honestly comes as a surprise to me that you didn't support an Operating System that you use in your own offices and one that's kindred to your vastly expanding and dominating Android Operating System. I hope to see a client for Linux released soon, I hope this is the same circumstance as what we've seen with the Google Music client. I was even planning on getting the 100 GB deal and everything, but apparently this won't be happening on account of it not supporting my laptop... that again, runs +Ubuntu . I use the laptop for work and everything else, so please, make the smart choice and support the Operating System that is your base. I'm really disappointed... I planned on switching over from Dropbox.

As for those who have decided to be rude towards the Linux users' dismay at this, understand that you'd be angry too if your system wasn't supported. Linux is just as good as, if not a better Operating System than any other.
Right now it's just a storage space with the ability to upload files one by one? :)
I tried to upload an entire folder (using the Android Send to...) and I got an error. Don't know what error, it just stated "Upload failed". I assume it can't handle folders...
It would be nice if the Android app could offer us the ability to automatically synchronize some folders, with scheduling and additional rules (e.g. synchronize this folder, every daty at 3 AM, only if connected on WiFi). Right now it's just a rename name for the Google Docs app...
Google always embrace Linux and it's weird to not have any mention like "iPhone/iPad (coming soon)" for desktop Linux distributions.
I got some clarification just now on the relationship between Google Drive, Google Apps, and Google Docs, which wasn't clear to me.When you activate Google Drive, it essentially takes the place of Google Docs in the Google Apps menu structure.

They're describing it as much as an evolution of Google Docs as a separate app.

Users in Google Apps accounts (free and paid) get the same 5GB free as other users, but the pricing tiers for upgrading those accounts is organized in different tiers than for consumer accounts that add Google Drive. I haven't studied the pricing in detail, but on a per-GB basis, the cost might actually be a little more for Google Apps accounts. On the other hand, in the Google Apps world, that storage can be purchased by the admin for the whole company and then allocated out to users as needed, so it's a different animal.
Is there any news on when a Linux/Ubuntu version will come out?
#gdrive fully active on my domains #gapps and I'm loving it!
Love what I tested so far but.... NO #LINUX support !! c'mon ! #DriveForLinux
No Linux support? You'd think Google don't make use of it at all. Seems like handing someone your coat to hold then poking them in the eye to say thank you as you walk off.
GDrive seems way more capable of one-sided sharing than Dropbox. This is incredibly useful in scenarios where I might want to share 20GB of the files in my Drive with someone who only has a 5GB free account but they only need to make few, if any, changes I need synced back to me. This is a completely unacceptable scenario with Dropbox because all users need large (paid) accounts and the files shared will count towards every single user's quota and the Dropbox staff have absolutely no intention of changing that. For that I applaud you, +Google. Keep up the good work!

With that said, I have a feature request. Is there some way to alter the handling of publicly shared links so it gives me an option of whether to place the content they link to in either my drive or just leave them in the "Shared with me" section where they don't sync to my devices? Currently I can click on a link to a public Docs folder but Drive automatically places that folder in both my Drive and the "Shared with me" section. I haven't tried to see what happens when other Drive users share folders with me via email, but I would assume that still works how it did under Docs and doesn't place the shared content in my Drive until I manually drag the folder there.
Google Docs...Google Drive....they all have one thing they seriously need to address (also a fault with Wave). INTEGRATION! Please, please add the ability for GMail to talk to GDocs/GDrive. Why can't I just attach a Google Doc to an email without having to download it to my desktop and re-upload it to my message? It would be grand if I could just click the attachment section, or better yet, have 2 links, one for "Attachments" and one for "Attach a Google Drive Document" or something that effect. I'm rather surprised this doesn't already exist at this point. Having Docs/Drive completely separate from GMail hurts it's usefulness.
Although I really like this news, I'm a little disappointed they're changing the pricing structure so instead of $5 for a year of 20GB, it'll be $2.50 a month for 25gb! At least if you don't change off your old plan you can keep it. Just hope I don't run out of space anytime soon!
I just realized something really really ridicules. Drive do not work on chromebook.. ermm. No the only thing I could do was put myself up on activation list. Why not try to get things work for their own systems.. first.
really? it used to be 20G for $5 / year and now it is 25G for $2.49 / month? that is so expensive !!
my gripes with google drive: 1. no way to as dropbox calls it, "copy public link" also known as sharing with people who don't have dropbox or google accounts. Many people don't have have google drive and I want to share files with people who don't have an account. dropbox is just easier in this regard.

2. I like the little simplified icons, but I would rather icons that illustrated what the file is, .ai, .psd, ect. This would make it easier to find files for sorting and organization.

3. I'm sure there is another, but I'm still thinking about it. sticking with dropbox unfortunately for now.
Is there any way to have #GDrive sync files and folders outside of the "Google Drive" folder. I've tried symbolic links on windows and that doesn't work, and hard links don't seem ideal.
nice, but wont use it untill there is support for linux #DriveForLinux
Let's get it on linux #DriveForLinux
My ecosystem is Linux. Neither the Loch Ness Monster nor #DriveForLinux are real creatures there.
Generally I like it - but +Google, couldn't you have made the drive app convert Google Docs to/from another format when syncing the files to a folder on my desktop computer?
Your Android is #Linux
Your ChromeOS is #Linux
Your servers are based on #Linux
You are here because of #Linux
So where is the #gdrive for #Linux ??

NO Bloody Linux...SHAME Shame Shame!
How will this work with Google music and picasa? I hope those aren't included in the space limit. It would be nice if they were better integrated.
Google, you should be ashamed for not releasing a Linux client from the start. Instead of supporting the choice of a free OS, you with your endless ressources rather ignore that and only focus on the masses. Just read how many people are asking for a Linux client here! And while we're at it, I am also not happy about the discontinued Picasa Linux client.
Pleasy make Symbolic Links workable! WIthout Google Drive is a no go :(
"Your Google Drive is not ready yet"
ARGH THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please google... just kill me now. It's the humane thing to do...
We NEED ... I repeat ... we NEED a Linux client!!!
A solid product though not really unique but is very charming and attractive. An amzing start. In the long run 5 years from now i hope it would be massive.:)
Absolutely wonderful support for Linux being shown in here #DriveForLinux.
That's the thing I think, Google, as one of the "big" companies (besides Apple and Microsoft) many of us Linux users look to you to support us and help even the odds to get away from the Apple/Microsoft monopolys.
Many many Linux users are also big Google fans; I hope you guys realise you have a very good growing customer base here - as long as you don't abandon Linux.
I think people who still are ignorant enough to convince themselves that nobody uses #Linux , need to read through these comments for a moment :p
I have access to Google Drive only on one gmail account on my smartphone. For the other gmail accounts linked to my smartphone, it saying to use Google Docs untill I will receive mail confirmation of available Google Drive. What can I understand ? Google Drive is available only for ONE gmail account per device ?
I just got the "wait for mail confirmation" thing
not yet ready?
but i'm excited for this one...
When surfing to the Google Drive site for the first time, I accidently hit the ESC button when the pop up appeared that gave me the option to test/activate Google Drive. Now, how can I bring that pop up back and start using Google Drive?
Should add a way to transfer files from an external website to Google drive without uploading from device
Hi there Sundar, and G/Day , Still learning here and stuck on mute,
Did it because thought it was to talk with sound, and this is just an
IPONE :3G S..I have looked everywhere and can't find the off press
So please forgive me, and would love for you to be my friend... :) x
I'm waiting for help to turn the MUTE OFF ,and would like to Know where it is, ? Thankyou!!!
Upgraded to 100GB and dropped my 55GB iPhoto library into my Google Drive folder. The desktop client is now using a gig of RAM and the menu bar icon just beachballs, each time I restart it.

Not very happy. Anything I can do to fix?

Why is it not possible to sync folders outside of the designated 'drive' folder? This is a serious omission
Oh my god no linux support?! Please remember that Chrome-OS is a linux based distribution!! What happened to you, google
Whoa, everyone, chill out on the Linux support... Implementations are rolled out by popularity.. Linux folks are certainly noisy, but let's face it, they are outnumbered vastly by Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android users. If you want to use a system like Linux, you are unfortunately going to have to be patient when it comes to technology which is designed for the masses. You just hang tight, Google will catch up with you, and probably within two weeks. Do not stress!

Or, quit your whining and figure out how to implement it yourself (isn't that the point of Linux, so you can do things like that?)

--a BSD user
A linux-client is highly appreciated...
Dropbox got one :-)
An unknown issue occurred and Google Drive needs to quit - a ReadDirectoryChangesW issue - not good enough Google.
Please add the functionality to download files from Google Drive for Android and save them in the device.
Google provides NO METHOD to indicate how much storage is being use for which G applications. I.e. I have NO IDEA how much of my paid storage use is from Gmail vs how much from Picasaweb vs GDrive--or any way to identify those files counted toward Paid Storage Plans. BUMMER.
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