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Tomorrow is the last day to help choose which student artist should win the 2012 U.S. #Doodle4Google competition. Browse all the finalist doodles and vote for your favorite now:
Chosen from a total of over 114,000 entries, the State Winners represent the top doodles from this year's contest. Be sure to take a moment and vote for your favorites and help decide who goes on to b...
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The link is pointing to Doodle 4 Google from last year...
Had to make a few tough choices there. Voted none the less. Good luck to all entries.
i entered that but of course i didn't win. those elementary kids are so much better drawers than me.
I already know who will win. It's gonna be some Kindergartner who doesn't even know how to draw, because Google would rather choose something that quiet frankly sucks over something that's AMAZING to avoid a lawsuit. And who can blame them? Knowing parents, they'll sue over anything if their child's upset. Bonus! If there's a kid in the contest that is a race other than white they have to select him NO MATTER WHAT to avoid getting sued over racism. Its the Google rule. Don't get sued- I mean.. Don't be evil.

God. I feel like all my stress was released in this post. Should've saved it for something more arguable..
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