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You're heading out of the Justin Timberlake show with friends when it hits you—you totally forgot where you parked your car. It's happened to the best of us, but with the latest Google Search app for Android (—the update is rolling out now), Google Now will remember the location of your car for you and show you a card to point you on your way. So now, you can focus on trying to imitate JT's moves instead of on retracing your steps. 

Has this ever happened to you? Tell us your funniest story of losing your car!
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This feature may save a few marriages.
Heard rumors about this, it's probably one of the best features out there
This is a nice idea, but it is still very lacking. It isn't very accurate. It doesn't always work or show. And there is no voice command to manually tell it to remember where you parked. It really needs to not just do a coarse GPS ping, rather a more accurate ping. It needs both a manual command and a notes section for added details like section number, etc for large lots. 
I've got the update and I have yet to see the card.  Does GPS have to be enabled at all times for this to work?  What exactly is the trigger to have Now display this card?  Disconnect from bluetooth?  Any insight would be appreciated.
I usually park in the same 5 or 6 streets and one day I did it in another street... So I spent 40 minutes walking all those streets, it was very frustrating... So this functionality it's awesome!!

A little feedback: it would great if I can set it manually in case that Google Now doesn't recognize it automatically or change the exact location, or tell Google Now: "OK Google, remember me this location in an hour" to any place where I am
Does Google have to pay the writers of Silicon Valley for use of this feature?
I'd put a low frequency system in my car. On the press of the key fob, the car would either blink a light on top of the antenna, shake it or emit a single claxon beep
OK Google Now in Spanish man! It's time.
Does it work in multilevel parking garages? GPS signal usually poor and how does it know what level the car is on?
Thats cool that it makes that card, but I should also be able to ask Google Now and get it to display that card again if nots not already showing.
What's the matter with just remembering stuff people? :-)
+Mike Smart if you're too jacked up to remember the level, maybe you should stay home? Lol.. Really 
+Gary Gotham when you park all days in the same streets and you want to find your car in the morning, it's very usual remember the place where you park 2 days ago instead of the day before
I guess that so long as it gets you to a general area of the parking lot, close enough so you can trigger the horn with your key fob, it is worth it.

So how to you trigger it?  Do you say something like "OK Google, save location of my car"?
If only it could tell me what floor of the parking garage I parked on...
Brian B
One thing wrong with this...I never will be going in or coming out of a Justin Timberlake concert..
The Play store has had a bunch of apps that do this for a long time.  personally, I've used Car Matey ( for years - Mainly because to the pirate theme.  It is the same principle, except that you mark your spot by "dropping anchor" and then use GPS to navigate back to your treasure.  As I said above, location is not perfect but it does get you close enough to your car to either identify it by sight or trigger it's horn or alarm with your key fob.
I lost my car... Except it was right in front of me. This is why I need a bigger car!!
+Gabriel Walsh Of course there have been apps to do this, but they don't come pre-installed on the phone. 
So the fact that I installed this yesterday only made me cooler than everyone else for one day. 
+Phil Nolan And your point is?  Since you obviously missed mine, I was using an example of an existing app to illustrate how they work, and by extension inquiring as to how exactly this new Maps functionality works.
Great app for New Orleans! Yes we have parking lots, but at times people park on the streets and walk all over New Orleans. Perfect way to remember where you parked after a few hurricanes.  
Wouldn't it be better if the most likely location were presented? Now you have to show more likely locations by pressing a link. ;) 
Once you go Google Now, you don't go back.
Hwy Google Guys. I wish you would make much more promotion for the Hangouts Messenger, I think it is terrific, but sadly it is mostly unknown.
The card just appears on my phone in France. No more waiting for a long time !
+tony gross eventually Google Wallet will be letting Now know that you purchased said hurricanes and Now will refuse to locate your car and will instead call for a taxi to pick you up...
Saw that last night, but it was my friend's house I always stop by. 
+Google I'm already in love with this feature, but why does the card seem to appear and disappear randomly? Is there a way to trigger it, like a voice command? Otherwise, if I need to find my car and I don't know whether or not the card will be there, it's not very reliable. Is it?
Great for people who doesn't pay attention to where they park.
Let us say "Remember where I parked" so that Google Now can acquire fine GPS location. Let us know with a checkmark when the parking location has been remembered (in other words when the device has gotten a lock on location) +Google
Does it only work outside a Justin Timberlake concert?
V h r. Jf .. hcef cfnx. .
+Lukas Leinfelder What I am saying is something different. It want to just be able to say "remember where I parked" and that's it.
great for car users, good job! 
useless for poor people without car
Knows that you drive to this location which makes it easier to identify surrounding locations. It will probably also remove some load based on the qaunts Google Now uses to determine work and home locations based on location change duration interval and pattern of activity based on requests at location (weight) rank. There may also be some opportunities to create new quants based on the fact that people usually only set a parking reminder less familiar locations so in these cases you may be able to correlate back to search history for intents and visit based on intent.
I always parked on the west lot top lot when flying out of Denver; one day there were no spots available so I parked on the east side top lot. When I arrived back from my trip a few days later I walked all over the west top lot looking for my car. Finally I saw a security guard and told him that I thought my car had been stolen. He said "have you looked on the other side". I must not have been the only one! 
Okay but when Palmeiras will be available on Google Now?
I tried this twice today and both times it was way off. 
+Tom Bradley You seriously turned a post about new technology into a chance to insult people who have a different political view than you? You're a real winner!
Teddy A
I can't wait to try it out.
Always happens to me when I park at the airport!  Love this will download and use it on my tablet.  
This is brilliant, I wonder how it works? By calculating your speed?
The Disneyland parking structure (the second largest parking structure on earth) is a great place to loose your car. I live near Disneyland and visit often. I've finally figured out a method to prevent loosing my car in the lot, but before I did, I manged to loose my car on 3 separate occasions. Each time resulted in spending a good 30 minutes wandering around the 1/2 mile square, 6 story tall parking structure, clicking my emergency key fob frantically while my friends got more and more annoyed lol And each time, the alarm went off 2 stories away, and would not turn back off!

The method I learned to never loose my car again? I just snap a quick pic of the nearest parking structure aisle/row indicator every time I park - and text the pic to a friend - just in case my battery runs out!

Maybe I won't have to resort to that anymore with my Nexus 5 leading the way to my parking spot :D
Wow can it teach how to type or show how to download translator for people to be able to understand coherent posts, but your typing (folks who have trouble remembering where you park your it does help explain your signs of dementia) is proof enough of the need for these apps. Man what are you guys gonna do when you actually have to try and do things manually or remeber things without writing them down. No wonder we in this position in the world status.
I live in qatar doha.. i go often to a place called Katara.. and in every each time i go.. i spend at least 20 min looking for my car... not my mistake... the parking areas are so weird and confueing o.O
I wish I had this 20 years ago!
I was visiting Europe for the first time, and I had a rental car, but quickly discovered that having a car in a city like Paris was more of a burden than it was worth. So I paid for long-term parking in a multi-storey car park and left it for 5 days, and used the Metro to get around instead.
When the day came to depart, I couldn't even remember which multi-storey car park building I had left it in, let alone which floor or bay number! It took me several hours of walking through car-park buildings floor-by-floor before I tracked it down!
When I use to drive my moms van I parked and came back, got in and the key wouldn't start it. After a while I looked behind me and there were car seats in the back. So I was in someone else's van that looked identical. When I got out I realized I had parked 2 cars behind. 
not yet released....??? got no update yet
Creepy.. But nice.. Google is now tracking every movement.
Side load the apk from xda I have had it for a couple days now but needs improvement 
+Priyansh Bendre - If you have an Android phone with location reporting enabled, Google has already been tracking all your movements.
Good lord we are spoiled.

Google: hey world here is a great free feature for your very expensive smart phone, weve noticed that alot of people are using apps like this one so we decided to make our own and integrate it into something you already use. Enjoy!

Public: Oh thanks +Google I think I'll take a sh!# right on top of it.

Psh... #1stworldproblems
I'm constantly forgetting where my car is but likely only lost my car once. We wen't overseas to Europe. In Catalonia, near Barcelona we parked our car and took a ferry. When the ferry came back it stopped off and we got off and had no idea where our car was parked. Only later did we realise that the ferry stopped at a place to let some people before it wen't on to stop and the place where we got on. We had to walk a few km's to get to our car when we realised where our car actually was. It was fun. 
"OK Google, Dude where's my car?"
I thought of this idea years ago! 
Hey update is for India too,right!
Cause I still haven't got the update.
Really not funny but... a couple years ago at Maker Faire KC I parked in the mall and after spending all day at Maker Faire I totally forgot where I parked. I spent hours walking up and down every level of what I thought was my section. Turned out the mall had two parking garages. Sweaty, exhausted, and about to pass out, I finally found a parking attendant who helped my find my car... in the right parking garage. This will be extremely helpful.
Honestly speaking, sometimes I forget where exactly I parked my car, after I GO HOME ;)
I can't see how this would be helpful in parking garages. I doubt that it triangulates location in 3 dimensions, which means that it can't tell you which garage level you are on. On very large parking lots, however, it should be very helpful.
anyway this kind of system muat work for undeveloped countries like India this won't work even with WI FI
I have lost my car in an underground parking lot, how google can help with that?? :D
Niki V
thats amazing
+Alin S I like that idea better. According to the article, Google guess where you park your car by the change of speed your traveling. The reminder is more reliable. 
One day, 7 years ago, coming out of my first day working at Banana Republic in FL, I couldn't find my car!!!! I walked and walked the lot, nothing... I called my dad and got even scary because he mention one of his friends got a car stolen from the mall parking lot, so I was about to call the cops when boom, there it was, far from where I thought I parked. This invention could have come in handy that day. It also happened to my family the first time we visited Disney 15 years ago
+Mike Smart Google Now can't tell which level you parked in. For location accuracy, Now tries to get the most accurate location it can and will show a blue circle around to spot to indicate uncertainty of the location.
+Suresh Ganapathy Thanks! I didn't think it would be able to, and I'd be amazed if it could get strong accuracy in urban multi-level garages, but for those wide-open lots I could see how this would be helpful. 

I usually just walk around like an idiot pressing my unlock button and hoping to hear the double-beep.
How to reactivate this parking card? I think I answered NO once to remembering the parking slot and I can't see this card any longer.
"If you're hating on other people's taste in music like you are, then you have bigger issues than people who simply want to go enjoy a good concert. I suggest you go listen to singers like Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus since they are suited for childish people like you :)"

And you're doing what, Ali? Sounds sorta like putting down people who like Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber. Putting a cute smiley face at the end doesn't make you a nice person. 
Cuanto me gasto de la autopista de tuxpan 
Do we need another App, to find our way back, when we've argued ourselves way-off-topic? Bill😄✔️ 
Plz tell me how i find my car? I m so much tence
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