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Next time you’re on the subway and want to check on your day’s appointments with Google Now, you won’t have to worry about lack of cell service. Starting today (make sure you update your #GoogleSearch App for Android your Google Now cards stay loaded, even when you lose service in the subway… or your favorite underground bar! 
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OK GOOGLE NOW en Español! Please!
But the wifi is on!
Ok google in Italian , pleass
Wi-fi icon and cell service but no Internet connection... Good job google 👏👍
Yay! Now I can use it while in airplane mode and save more of the Nexus 4’s awful battery.
+Teo Jacques Imagine this scenario: Connected to a wireless network (which is serving you a valid IP address) that has lost its uplink connection. Wireless connectivity trumps mobile data, so you're left with a screenshot as pictured: full bars, but no connectivity.
You broke XGELS compatibility. 😟
Brilliant feature to add! No longer will I be met with an unhappy cloud whenever I lose signal!
And for iOS?
Oh yeah, in France, we are stilling waiting for the "Ok, Google" for iOS ...
what is wrong with google? why is it the old design? google mostly doesn't work at all!
323 east 45 street to 265 wortman ave 11268
That is a nice improvement -
... does that mean that if there is no network, but there is a GPS signal Google Now will be able to keep changing cards and even show location-based alerts (like reminders from Google Keep)?

Also, wondering if Google Now has an API that would allow other apps to add cards or add data to existing cards (if allowed by the user)? I would like to see a more event-sensitive setup like what one gets with +Tasker or +IFTTT 
These apps open a new world (a different post) by enabling custom and fine-grained reaction to conditions.
Good job! We like offline funcionality. What about let users download Google Documents selected dictionarys to let offline spellcheck?
I've been waiting for a long time for this feature
"make sure you update your #GoogleSearch App for Android" -> this is ironic since the staged rollouts can take a long time, and there's nothing that the user can do about it
+Google please please remove news from Google Now, it gave me a Game of Thrones spoiler last week :( 
Oooooh I wish you'd do this for G+ events too!
Does this mean subway arrival times will be available underground too?
Dont change the Android home button please.
No internet connection and the Wi-Fi connected. Hmmm 
In Singapore...we still get Signal at our so called Subway hheheh
When can Google now support Chinese ?
+Teo Jacques it's possible to be connected to a router, but this router might not be connected to the internet ;-) 
Exactly what I was hoping for!
Yu zl
Don't use in China.
Finally! It really didn't make sense that all the cards disappeared when there was no connection.
Hey, could you please add some features for offline voice recognition, for apps , texts, and notes to self, reminders etc
WTF? No internet connection and WiFi is on
So +Google Now has decided to stop showing me my flight information that it's had for months, a day before my flight. It doesn't show up under a "my flights" search anymore (says no results but i have 2 flights). I haven't done anything to the emails containing the info or changed any settings. Can any one help?
facebock en el móvil que tontería
Just open your calendar app maybe? Not really a fan of Google Now, but great concept.
if your going to advertise why cant i get it
+Google how do I move up the list for when I get the update? I feel like my updates are always over a week after you announce the update. I even try to help out by sending anonymous statistics
Is that just in the US or is this going world wide?
How can I communicate wif ma google fwenz
I really could use somones advice about my redundancy of apps that I have installed on my Samsung Galaxy S3....
I don't know which apps would be the best ones to keep and which should I install onto my smartphone.... If anybody has any suggestion I would be so, so very grateful to them!!!!!! 😊
Or on my favorite lake or river. Thanks for a great update.
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