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Hulu Plus now works with #Chromecast on Android and iPad (iPhone coming soon). Another reason to pick up your Chromecast—now at +Best Buy, and +Google Play—and start casting!

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For some reason, I doubt Amazon Prime streaming will be on the list of approved apps.  Seems Amazon has locked it down to only their devices for streaming(Kindle Fire).
Chomecast to me is confusing...what is it?
+LeRoy H. It's an inexpensive dongle that you can plug right into the TV's HDMI port, and lets you stream videos - Netflix, Hulu, Youtube etc from your phone or PC directly to your TV. 
You can stream Amazon Prime videos to the Chromecast from Chrome browser.
That's because Amazon Prime streaming uses flash. And Android doesn't use flash anymore. That's why it's never gonna be on android anytime soon. 
Yes.. Keep it coming.. Open cast all from chrome and cast all my loaded music. I use three at home in hopes of improvements like this 
+Artyom Sivtsov I know it's not an ideal setup, but couldn't you just use go to twitch in Chrome browser, then use the chromecast plugin to send it to the tv?
+Donald Troup Optimized playback is much better than streaming a Chrome tab in all aspects - performance, image quality and power consumption. But, yes, as a temporary workaround i stream a Chrome tab.
+Artyom Sivtsov Ok yea, I didn't know your situation. Sounds like your already doing that. I hear ya....more chromecast integration!
Awaiting +Skype to come onboard. And how about #Chromecast launch in #India !? Not sure why but worlds largest democratic country (India) is getting all the delay. Nexus7[2012] & Nexus4 were launched very late. Still awaiting Nexus7[2013] & Chromecast releases...! Despite all these facts, we still love you +Google Thanks for transforming our lives with tones of innovations. __cc to +Google India and +Sundar Pichai 
That is great, but why still no "Google TV" support?

I finally got a couple Chromecasts the other day, and it's great. I am just looking forward to when Google allows other 3rd party developers to make apps because i'm looking forward to watching podcasts with Pocket Casts on TV without clunky HDMI cables. (The app supports it already, but it's waiting for Google to allow it)
I have my cast- now i cant wait until iam able to watch downloaded files from my laptop on my tv or my tablet!
can it be used in China?
Thank you :-) and now for spotify support 
go some where don't come back thankyou
why is it okay to let Hulu Plus add their app but keep locking out other developers. Seems like discrimination to me
Chromecast is worthless, can't play custom video files.
plex media server let's you play any media file via a browser. then you can stream that to your chromecast. its very easy to setup, hardware requirements aren't too high. I've set it up and casted from a laptop successfully. give it a try
Project Ara is made my Google it is their design and product it always has been. Before there was the concept and design of Phonebloks Google was working on a modular device of their own. They already built a great portion of the device. However Phonebloks gained a cult following anytime Project Ara was mentioned in news articles. Phonebloks began appear in those as well due to small similarities. Thing is Phonebloks now gets all the credit for the Google ATAP team's work. Project Ara is not Phonebloks. Phonebloks has never made it past concept idea's. Google is making their own product a reality after years of work. Read up on Project Ara before assuming they are the same thing. Phonebloks is purposely accepting credit for Project Ara on it's social media. Many people think Project Ara is Phonebloks.
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