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Google Now is now available on iPhone and iPad as part of the updated Google Search app. Google Now is about giving you just the right information at just the right time—the day’s weather as you get dressed in the morning, news updates on a story you’ve been following, a reminder to leave your house to make it to a date on time and more—no digging required. Get the app here:
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Another reason to put Google App in a place on my iPhone I can find it.
And so the normalization of the Jobs Cult begins. I applaud you Google.
+Google you really need to make some apps exclusive for android. Especially when you had I/O 2012 and you guys hyped it up. Now its on ios. When only like 2% of people have jellybean
No. Fucking. Way. I got an Apple-lover in my next period class who will FLIP HIS SHIZ when he sees this. 
I think you should optimization in korea first...
Dale Kimball
So I love Google Now and it's great that iPhones can use it now, my only question is, if we can make it available to the iPhone 4/4S why can't this app be released on the Play Store for devices running GB or ICS? I mean there's plenty of devices with specs similar to the iPhone 4 that will never get JB thanks to lazy manufacturers.
I'm still a great looser on my HTC ics rom kinda like google now but no update or support bad news +Google
I'm droid I hate that its now on iphone
Yet you still can't get Google Now on Gingerbread
It's so great , thanks a lot google !!!!
There's no competition, +ROB TURN. At least for Google (not so much for Apple). They're all about data and putting Google Now on iOS allows for more data to flow. Making apps exclusive for Android will not help them as Android is technically free.
+Martin E as long as you're allowing them to collect data by using Google Now and Google Maps they're not too worried about it.
I guess I can't use Google Now on iSheep anymore. (no offense to regular iOS users. I just hate those iOS users that would just troll on people who don't worship Apple)
+ROB TURN Simple explanation.

If there are 50% of the handsets out there that don't have your software running on them (number of iOS vs Android is probably way off) and thus you are not generating ad revenue from them then why wouldn't you put your software on those other devices?

Google are playing it smart here. They make money off the back of more users and they improve the software for iOS and Android alike. I'd sooner they put their software on iOS if it means my Android device keeps getting better and it chokes iOS users into seeing how great Google software has become.
Just updated my iPod Touch. So far, it looks like it has potential! :-)
How to enable for Apps for Business domains? We have it enabled for Android users ...
As I said in another post about this, congratulations iOS users and I hope you guys use it well!
Is the voice recognition done on the phone before being sent out like it is on android?
If so I'll try to get my brother to install it.
if ONLY apple would open iOS a bit to make it a true Google Now experience.. still, a good start and no doubt the best Google could get away with!
Yes, data is important to Google but if they have Super Killer Apps just for Nexus ..they can sell 100 million phones and earn much more then 8 billion $ that they made using data on ads on Android...Apple gains more with Now and Maps...I don't know, I'm kind of MILITANT AndroidMan. Militant Android Fraction? Actually Militant Nexus Wing.
I can't really understand Google.

One of the most important Android differentiators with any other platform was precisely Google Now. With the Androidfication of iOS what difference makes to buy an iPhone over any other Android.
+Luis Fernando Franco it's not about people using Android, it's about Google getting data. The more people using Google Now, the more data they collect.

While I agree that Google Now is a killer feature of Android, I don't believe that the average Joe/Jane would actually buy an Android phone over an iPhone for it. Or if they did, it's a very small percentage.
And for android <4.1 or for only 4.0? C'mon google you can't develop everything for iPhone and Android 4.1 and up...
okay now I'm definitely going to buy an iPhone. How can Google take a core Android part and throw it to the competition. That's almost insulting to their hardware associates. I'm shocked!
+Luis Fernando Franco here, here couldn't say it better myself! Google is selling iPhone for Apple/ making it the best phone just because of presents of GOOGLE NOW/Maps. ok give them bozos maps but not 'NOW'. 
I just got an iPhone 5, this makes me SO HAPPY
I'm not jealous for iPhone owners, but +Google  you should FIRST take care of your direct customers!!!
in Italy it doesn't work 100%... 
Its not like google now for android. It just cards that appears when you open the app. It's not voice recognition like Siri or the android version
+Ryan Young maybe it doesnt work well because you hacked it on there... On the nexus 7 i had it worked good but it nativly supported it
and still no google now on Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich and no jelly bean update for S2' s? :'(
To all the people saying " I can´t understand google"

Simple google doesn´t sell hadware like apple, the only exception are nexus devices but even those are manufactured by other companies (assus, samsung, lg, etc...). 

Google wins money with advertisement and if they can reach more audience putting his service in other plataforms they will do it.
+Google you have to bring this functionality for AT LEAST 4.0+ devices! not just 4.1+ !

You are leaving out a big part of the pie without giving them google now! :(
(and btw my both devices phone& tab are on 4.2, so this doesnt affect me.. i am talking about the others! :/ )
+ROB TURN your right in a way , but look at the big pic san !! All those apple user don't realize it but, they really like android they just don't see it yet , but they will . what happens to sirri hahaha Lol right !!! 
Can I have it on my Android phone running version 4.01 please?!
Android users like openness but not too open?? 
And by this, Android loses another edge.
We all owe you Google, you are giving this amazing software to a company that is competing with you. It would be nice if Apple returned the favor (i hope they do) but for now and as always please stay true to your slogan "Do no evil"

I hope to see you fueling the future! :-)
Chefi S
lol Énorme ça c'est du troll !
Glad to see this come to iOS (I prefer Apple hardware and Google software but that is another discussion). I wish that Google would release new products to Google Apps at the same time as the Gmail. I know that it takes a little more work to get applications to work under multiple domains, but then again Apps users pay for their accounts :) 
example: Apps users were not able to use Google + for more than 6 months. Most of us created temporary gmail accounts that we have now abandoned and cannot merge
Why when I try to activate google now it says that it's not available in my country???
Love it!! Just curious why on the sorts cards it always shows the favorite baseball team in the home position, even though they are the visiting team???

Thanks for porting to iOS!!
As an Android fan, I feel mad that my favorite feature on Android is now available on iOS. But as an ultimate Google fan, and after seeing all the positive feedback, I have to say it's a great move: Google's job is to see more people using it's services, including those who are not even using it's platform. 
+Soumyajit Chakraborty Because my personal preference is that I like the Android OS much more than the AppleOS.  Apple looks and feels very dated... to me....  And, maybe others feel like I do.  
Sembra che google tenga più ad i suoi utenti Apple che a quelli veri android. 
Maybe they will.  Why does that matter?  People will want what they want...and... for me, paying Apple a 30 percent tithe because its the Church of Apple is not worth it... And, given the fact that I simply think Apple OS is horrible.  That's my personal preference.
Then why are they not making it available for Android versions below 4.1 +Billy Zhu ?probably Windows Phone & Blackberry too
+Michael Gaskin I also have the same opinion Apple's ios feels so dated but I wonder why the people are so crazy about apple?Even if I have lived in USA then also I would give priority to android than ios
This is insulting. Now there are less reasons for users to consider Android over IOS. Google, you're  dooming your own platform.
+Daniele Castrovilli why would they want to support an outdated operating system? Once a new os version comes out, you can pretty much expect everyone to stop developing for the old one.
Apple users: Welcome to the future 
Thanks for the great work again, Google! I find it very useful!
As a user of both iOS and Android, I love it when I can bounce between devices and operating systems and have the same info on all my stuff. Google Now looks beautiful on the iPad!
Google is competing in a very fair way. First Apple ditches Google Maps and launches their own Apple Maps. Lets face it, that was a bad decision. Google launched Google Maps for iPhone and made sure that an amount of users would stick to iPhone.

Next, Google develops Google Now and releases it for Android. That was just a year ago. Not contempt with having a killer app, Google gives it to the iOS-users.

+Google - you have my respect.
Great!!!! You do a wonderful job! Thank you!!
+Soumyajit Chakraborty Why else would someone buy an Android device over iOS?

More choice in screen size.
Cost flexibility.
More customization.
Better multitasking.
No need to ever use iTunes
Selecting default applications to open files.
Keyboard choices.
Being able to use any microusb cable to charge (non-proprietary connectors).
Google Now (which is still LOTS better on Android)
Summaries of notification messages

tl;dr - CHOICE! Android has it, iOS doesn't.
i know it wont make any difference to post this, but i am going INSANE with fact that Gogole Calendar for mobile shows up in DUTCH on my phone. Now, yes, i am in Brussels, but why cant it at LEAST be in French?! Everything else - Gmail included - shows up just fine in English  (as per my language preferences), but for Calendar .. aghgh! I dont know how most french speaking people in Brussels manage either..  Anyway, Google Now now opens up the mobile app within the Google app when you click for Details on a calendar event and it does the same.. so aghghgh!
Leon Q
Google doesn't make Nexus devices to make money, +Soumyajit Chakraborty They make the Nexus to show the full potential of the latest Android software. The device is also mainly marketed to developers, so they'll still have sales regardless even without consumers scrambling for it. I'd also like to point out that sales for any Nexus device have been dismal to say the least, with the Nexus 4 being the only one that I know of to actually sell out.
+James Gunaca I didn't have to enable Google Now in my Apps account, but you can enable and disable services in the Google Apps panel under users then services. 
As of now, Google Now is only available for devices running Android 4.1 and above. Along with releasing it for iOS, they should also have launched a version for devices running lower Android versions. After all, only 2% devices run Jellybean2! 
I'm pretty sure it's higher than 2% but yes I wish I could run it as well.  Apple before the rest of android?  WTF
I just bought my first Andriod, the s4.  I have had Iphones since the beginning.  I seriously feel like I have been missing out all these years. !
very good but just for English
+Google i know you are about data collection and services but please keep some things exclusive to android. we have all these good apps and features and we are giving it away to Apple
+Andy Nicolaides yes i understand that :) im just saying they have ios users running around now looking at google now. Which is NOW available to all ios users. When its only available for JB users at the moment. They havent ported it to any other software version YET :( i luckily have google now though. On my droid razr maxx
+Steven Mazovetskiy Why? Google cares more about money. Look at how much more data the average iOS user uses compared to that of the average Android user. Your protestations about brand exclusivity are rendered invalid by the fact that Google makes a LOT of cash from iOS users. The Google apps on iOS are also far and away better designed, I might add.
A day that Apple do 5 inche display (not long up only) I change for ios.
It's not available in my country (Colombia) in the iPhone. But it's available on my Android phone. That's unfair. 
Love the update, but the constant use of location services, even when I'm not using the app, puts a huge strain on my iPhone's battery. It should only use location services when I'm using the app.
+Steven Gu Then Google Now would be totally useless, since that's not the purpose of the system.
I am disappointed by this, but I understand Google gets a lot of money from IOS users. I'm hoping Android 5 will bring another exclusive killer feature to replace Google Now. Anyway, the availability of Google services shouldn't be the reason for people to choose Android. 
I just want android on my iPhone now. When will that become as easy? AndroidNow
Superb app, design is lovely and refreshing but seriously worried about my iPhone battery with the always on GPS!!!
Your gmail app was superb but ended up deleting due to the serious hit my battery took, unfortunately it looks like a similar situation here!
Maybe it's time to get an android phone where these superb apps are running at there optimal.(and my phones battery will last the day)
+David Gibson I wouldn't hold your breath. The Google Now battery drain problem exists for all devices, simply by virtue of the always on location detection and data connection.
The Google Search app on Windows 8 received an update today, too. For a minute, I thought +Google decided to silently release Google Now for Windows 8. Sadly, however, they did not.
Going to give this a serious try out on my iPhone. Was curious/impressed after last year's Google I/O demonstration and didn't really get to try it out on the couple of weeks I owned a Nexus 7. I've been blown away by Google's Maps and YouTube applications though, so time to see if Google Now is as worthy. 
The reason for this is simple SIRI uses wolfram alpha as its search engine taking data and revenue away from Google in the process. With Google now on iOS more people will use it and in turn be switching from wolfram alpha back to Google its a good move on their part. I would say that if SIRI was built to use Google as standard iOS would have never gotten this.
No need for the useless SIRI you guys got now what we Android users have been enjoying already Google Now.
Google is applying itself to a whole new market. The wide spread availability of its software (inc. Android) is what makes people like the company in the first place. 

Stop embracing the X vs. Y mentality. If anything this will get people on iOS more interested in Google and thus Android (which gets this software first).
Step closer to having the ultimate app on your iphone.
Still think the future is:
Apple Product
Google Software
Microsoft bug fixers
Apple/Microsoft/Google Joint venture to make the ultimate phone for the ultimate user experience.
My iPad mini says it's not yet available in my country but I use it everyday on my Android smartphone. Did I miss something here?
Greetings from Venezuela, update the app and tells me not available for my country, when solved this +google ?
how can it be better than nature? bullshit.
Amazing. I didn't think this would happen! A tad disappointed I can't create events or post to G+ through this though. I'm guess it's coming at a later update. I don't have Siri on my iPhone4, so this would be fraking amazing
I am really angry when I see a large portion of Android users not capable of running Google Now, but iOS users can. It makes absolutely zero sense.
Stop complaining that you cant use Gnow on your android and UPDATE YOUR OLD POS. If you buy a device from samsung, HTC, anyone but Nexus, guess what, you traded up to date Google stuff for a crappy proprietary add-on. Its not Google's fault, its Samsung/HTC and YOURS. Stop putting up with years-delayed updates and go AOSP
Glad all my iOS owning friends can finally enjoy Google Now after having to put up with me going on about it for so long. To those saying they'll now switch to iOS, was this app really the only thing keeping you on android or are you just getting your knickers in a twist? 
do the folks in iphone land connect the dots that their stuff is SO bad their main competitor is stepping in to fix it for them? It really looks like Google is taking pitty on all the iphone users and saying 'hey, I know were competitors with apple, but I just cant stand seeing anyone condemned to using such a POS. Plus, using apple maps is probably downright dangerous, so were gonna just fix it up a bit for you." The plan seems two fold, embarrass the crap out of Apple, then convert iphone to android phones one feature at a time anyway.
Huh, what about ics users?
Actually more IOS User ar able to use GNow than Android user.. 
Are you kidding us? Oo 
And There is no really Use of Gnow in other Countries than the USA..
Shame on you google! :(
+Terrell Taylor what are you in about? I live in the UK and Google Now works wonderfully. I spend a lot of time in Thailand too and it's just as useful there. 
Google should spend a lot more time getting stuff on android machines and less on apple.
Yeah, focusing on bringing this to ICS and other versions of JB would have been better. 
Come on google.... If you guys can make google now compatible with I gadgets,, why can't you guys make it compatible for gingerbread devices???? 
Please add Google Now feature to Google+... It would be nice to while i'm on Google+ a Now Card displays on the right side  with notifications of change in weather, sports scores, Dinning suggestions, Calendar reminders etc.
+Chris Caldwell I have every right to complain that it isn't on my Android.  Go out and buy a new one? I'd love to if my contract wasn't going until this upcoming February.  Are you going to pay my $200 ETF so I can upgrade?  Please say yes.  Are you going to buy me a new phone out of contract for a rediculous amount of money ($600+)?  Please say yes.  Trust me I'm itching to get a new phone but I can't.  Just sucks that google isn't supporting a few versions back. 

Support Gingerbread!  lol
Never should've been on iOS! Ever! Yes there are a TON of features that put android way ahead of all others, but this was a flagship feature. Too sad. 
Same country issue here in the PH, when activating Google Now it says it is not available yet in my country! My dads Android tablet works fine with Gnow despite the country.
+Rob Fetterhoff
I think you have misunderstood a few things here. First, the reason you dont have Gnow is that you dont have JB. The reason you dont have JB is because you have a phone being 'held hostage' by it's manufacturer. What I mean by that is that most manufacturers try to compete not just on hardware, but 'added goodies' by shoving addons into your phone, most of which are complete garbage and end up slowing up your phone or making it unstable. Even the good ones arent worth it imo, because if you accept a phone with addons you are then going to wait for your manufacturer to update it before you can get the new android version (if they ever do at all). Its important to note, though, that this is a delay (at best) in OS upgrade being forced on you by the phone MANUFACTURER, NOT GOOGLE. So, the reason you are Gnow-less is the fault of samsun, htc, or whomever made your phone. If you got a phone with AOSP (or "raw" android) you would have gotten JB at release, straight from Google.

That's why I say you 'chose to not have Gnow', because, knowingly or not, you bought a phone which has delayed upgrades, and an early retirement (because manufacturers are shafting people and deciding early not to bother updating phones anymore after about a year or so). If you didnt know before, now you do, and I suggest you get a 'raw google' device next time.

Heres the good news. There are AOSP (plain old android) devices out there, they are the Nexus line, they are better than any of the other devices of their generation, and they are half, to a third the price of the other ones. I say 'better than the other devices' because the software runs worlds better, and they have better hardware. Sure, an HTC One has better hardware now than the N4 from last year, but last year's HTC did not, and the next N4 model will likely blow away the One. You can pick up an N4, unlocked even (another money saver on plan) for about $300. Its a great phone and will probably last you for 4-5 years without any issue at all. (and get new android versions right away as well)

Now you know, as for my family, well never touch a non-Nexus device again, we got shafted the same way you did, and they are the smoothest, best devices weve ever owned to boot.
Why? If they want Google now, letar they buy an Android Phone :-) 
I think google now should have remained an exclusive to Android, and expanding the number of devices on Android which are capable of running it, if Apple had created it, what are the chances we would have ever seen it on Android?
Google loves everybody, don't be evil
Ok first things first, why no love on ICS and GB devices?? And you prioritized iOS? Are guys dumb and idiots?? I call this update stupid! These said OS versions are leading in the market, if you ported it first on ICS and GB many people will be happy and simply not annoyed. What? Is ICS and GB not a Google Android anymore on you?? 
so, Google should develop for every previous Android version so that you dont ever have to get the (free) upgrade? Only two reasons not to be current with Android. 1. your device is ancient, in which case you should get a new one 2. you bought a phone from a manufacturer who forces addons like touchwiz, because you decided you would prefer addons to current versions of android. in which case you chose to have an old version of android.
+Chris Caldwell
Ancient? Is that how you treat old past versions of Android? I mean do I have to buy a new device that has a new Android version just to get some ANDROID GOOGLE APPS? And come on, do you really need to have a Jelly Bean version just to run this simple app? What so special on Google Now that you need to be on JB? Is it hard to port a Google app from an ANCIENT ICS version? And the thing that annoys me the most is that Google Now on iOS??? Wow! Great way to make friends isn't? 
+Brian Nicholas Okubo
Your clearly missing the point here. You bought a phone from a manufacturer who puts addons (touchwiz etc) INTO android. THEY are either spending 6mo-year to update their addons with each new android version, or cutting you off from the updates completely. Google released it, your free to update your phone all you want, but your MANUFACTURER is preventing you from it.

 YOU made the choice to be beholden to your manufacturer in order to get the 'bells and whistles' they provide with the addon rather than a phone with 'raw' (aosp) android which would provide you with updates right away. Google is not to blame here, Your phone manufacturer dangled shiny addons in your face at the phone store, neglected to tell you the price of it would be that you are stuck with THEIR update schedule, and you made your choice. Either intentionally, in which case you have no room to complain, or because you didnt do any research whatsoever, in which case you have no room to complain. YOU got YOURSELF in this mess because YOU chose to put a third party between your phone and Google. There are two ways out of this mess (that again, YOU got YOURSELF in),

1. google search for roms, find one for your phone with JB, and install it. You will lose the manufacturers' bloatware, but you will have current-version AOSP android, which runs all the current android stuff.

2. Buy a new phone, choose wiser this time, get a Nexus or wait for the GS4 to come out with AOSP in a couple months. Personally, I suggest Nexus, its a third of the price with 95% of the hardware of a GS4, and hassle free, but the choice is yours.

Of course, you are free to keep the phone you have, with an out of date OS, but dont go expecting Google to bail you out for your poor decisions, or your manufacturer's unwillingness to support their own software. Google did their part, they continue to release new fixes and upgrades for your phone, but you let a bully in the middle and hes keeping them from you hoping that you will buy his newer, shinier phone (its forced mortality, aka greed)

This is a very large, very well documented issue. The manufacturers arent forthcoming with the imposed limitations on updates that come with their addons, and most Android users, particularly first timers, arent tech savvy enough to feel comfortable with rom'ing, nor are they used to actually doing research (since they likely came from Apple, and Apple-boys just do what their told) so inevitably the first android phone or two everyone gets goes terribly out of date after only  a year or so. The problem is most of those people then blame Google instead of just learning about the issue and pressuring the manufacturers to be more upfront and honest about their products and practices.
+Chris Caldwell 

No I don't complain my phone because I have only an ICS, The issue here is to take Google a new step by having a Google Now on other OS'es. I strongly believe that ICS  and even HC can cope up with the requirements on installing Google Now. In fact there was a hack on it that ported over on ICS in XDA Forums, I'm not a noob on Android as well, I've ported my device on CM10.1 to CM10 and CM9 as well, I'm a themer also decompiling system apk's and building it again. But I like my stock ICS, and FYI I'm not a TOUCHWIZ user, I hate Touchwiz and I hate Samsung. I use LG. Anyway this is pointless and nowhere to be solve. It's just that why Google why? on iOS? Not ICS? The mere fact that ICS was just released last 2011-2012, and almost all Android Users use GB and ICS?  Sorry for the english bro, just woked up banged with hangover. Will sleep again. :)
Well, I think theres a few other factors here, and not all tech. As I see it:

1. marketing: IOS came out with 'apple maps', which was one of their more publicized complete failures. Google came out with gmaps for IOS, and it was the fasted downloaded ios app. Complete egg-in-face moment for apple. Do you think google got a few converts for that? hell yes. Again, gnow comes out for IOS and is massively popular. They out suri-ed suri. Egg-in-face again. Now, if your looking for a new phone, you can go get an apple, and then download some of the google stuff you want on it, or you can just go get an android. It cuts the bullshit out of ios vs AOSP arguments, because why would you get a phone google had to fix for you when you could just get one straight from google?

2. fragmentation. You're right, there are tons of android users stuck in ICS or even older. Its one of the top, if not #1, issue pointed out about android. Everyone runs a different version, updates have to be "approved" by each manufacturer for each model, etc etc. Its a huge disaster, and its one Google is attacking from two ends. First, updates to google apps without needing OS updates, see IO 2013. This takes the power out of the hands of the manufacturers to build in mortality on your device with update blocking, but only partially. A new app may still not work on an old OS, and Id be surprised if update-less updates works too far back. You have fundamental changes happening VERY quickly in the first few years of a new OS, and if you choose not to keep up to date, theres not a lot anyone can do for you. The second way they are attacking this issue is by awareness. The Nexus line has made a HUGE impact regarding this, and I dont know if the current no-new-nexus is significant, but certainly the GS4 coming out AOSP is. It looks like they are pressuring manufacturers to at least offer stock AOSP.

3. bang-for-the-buck: I have no idea what it would take to push out gnow for ICS, but I expect it would be a lot considering the fragmentation. Surely its comparatively easy to put it out for IOS considering the homogenous nature of their products. Im guessing on this point, but seems likely to me.

4. Personal choice. You latest post "But I like my stock ICS," implies that you CAN put GB on you phone, but dont want to (I understand, I can rom as well, but I dont want everything I own to be a project), but you have to understand this is a choice you made to have an outdated OS on your phone. I dont think its unreasonable nor unusual to have features come out on a new OS version that arent available on the old.

All in all, I do feel your pain. I fell into the same hole with my HTC Amaze 4g. As soon as I bought it they dropped ICS on it, and I was happy until a couple weeks later when JB came out and HTC bascally said 'that phone you JUST agreed to pay for the next two years? yeah, the one we sold you as our 'new flagship', its ancient and we wont release any more update for it. BUT well enjoy getting checks from you for the next two years".

Its a crap deal, and I fell for it because I didnt read up on it enough. Also, there wasn't really a great alternative like the N4 or GS4AOSP at the time, but I guess the difference is I place 100% of the blame for this situation on the manufacturers who refuse to support phones even a couple months after they sell them as 'newest and greatest'

Sorry for the rambling, got hurt and Im all jacked up on pain killers for a couple days ) Have fun, I am :P
+Chris Caldwell Hahaha nevermind Chris, I got my self back to CM10.1, Also I enjoy AOSP rather than manufacturer's UI like Touchwiz and Sense, I think this slows down and a bit laggy on the phone. Anyway we have a nice discussion here. Hahahaha Oh and by the way your explanation is too damned detailed man! Liked it! Good job! 
i am trying to add someone to my add ipad i need help it not working when i look her up!!
This isn't working at had !r uminstsll it and put it imahzin
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