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Introducing Project Wing from Google[x], a new approach to delivery using self-flying vehicles. 
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This is awesome. 
Version 2.0 could just drop the beef jerky in a large plastic trash bag.   Just like model rocketeers have discovered, you can slow things down quite well by just having a large piece of flapping plastic streamer (or in this case a large flapping plastic bag).
Greedy corporate vultures be like: Those pesky delivery men, they're just to expensive to employ.  Let's create a cheap delivery uav.
Astro Teller makes me think maybe I can get a job saying meaningless phrases about underwhelming products that'll most likely never be released to market and make a whole ton of money. That guy is an absolute genius.
For those that will understand , (pony express)might stabilize your much needed service and restore its glory.
Its a business opportunity.
Hoping to see this out in the open in 5 years time!?

As per my comments on another post regarding this project, I wonder if in the future we will be able to access a personalized delivery service where we can request a pickup and drop-off of a small package?

Also, what if Google was to build a decentralized drone delivery network and made it so that the drones can be requested via an API, what if that API was made available to other applications and businesses!?

There is a lot of potential in this project! will be keeping an eye on it.
+Kris Kitchen  , I hope you're right, while I am aware that technology is advancing at a rapid rate (some would argue exponentially and that we might be on the part of the curve just before it shoots up!) , part of me knows that while the Tech could very well mature very quickly there will still be a number of obstacles along the way (regulations and policy makers getting in the way -_- ).
"We're in Australia...." where we're less likely to be knocking jetliners out of the sky by accident while we work out the bugs.
I will have a Lindy's Burger and Fries...
This is great news for people outback.
What if I had my own drone that stole from other drones? Pirate drones!
I'd like my Latte delivered to Bondi please. There's just not enough cafe's here (sarcasm) ;-)
google 首爾校園 good~
"Our factories are in the clouds, so we couldn't use trucks."
Could they develop a more carbon intensive approach than this - I mean, is it even possible?
And whatever happened to patience?
+Gary Gotham "whatever happened to patience?"
Progress ^^
"Could they develop a more carbon intensive approach than this"
Solar electricity ?
"We're in Australia" Why? +Google is there a reason you selected Australia, was the product an Australian idea or is there another reason? like say flight laws elsewhere giving you issues.
+Geoffery Gordon several reasons. Our laws are less strict, plus Warwick has the national UAV Challenge each year, and our major Airbase is also right on our doorstep 
I hope that it doesn't cost $50 bucks to ship a letter overseas anymore.
Google is for new generation. Can't wait to see it. 
Looks like a new way to re-supply on a long #Hike.  Hot Pizza around the campfire.
Fabulous.  Sad the FAA will not let that kind of  testing on home soil.  That noted, happy that Google has the means to continue research elsewhere.  Nice job, guys.
I want something like this as public transport for people
Cj L
Haven't you stolen the idea of Amazon Prime Air...
+Cj L You mean the same way that Henry Ford stole the idea for the automobile from France's Amédée Bollée but with innovation created it less expensively and more quickly?  You mean like how the U.S.A. stole rocket propulsion theory from the Nazis and applied it to space exploration?
I want to give suggestion to google how i can do it?
like a millitary drone, but this is civilian...;-)
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When you design your own airships to serve as mobile hubs for drone delivery I'll believe you are serious.  
Just like the mailbox invention, it would make sense to have a drone heliport in every home and register/send the coords for your home heliport instead of billing of your address.
You gotta love the people behind Google's projects :-)
Go Google!
totally civilian. nowhere near the payload weight, so very safe. Great for letters, and small urgent medicine delivery. 
Peng Xu
+im1greatman You are not saying you would like to do mail deliveries as your life time career? Are you? People are freed to do more meaningful stuff if this is a reality!
+Firas Hermez I'm plainly curious what you've read that states that we are at the beginning of an exponential curve, care to help?
+Ethan Gaines, it's a number of things really, I would suggest reading the science Sunday posts by +Mark Bruce , as well as following curators like +Wayne Radinsky and +David Fuchs , you get the impression that more and more is happening over an ever shorter time span,
+Aamir Rashid That would suck. Not only are our snail mail boxes full and email full. Will it pave the way from spam ad's dropped from the sky? Just want I've always wanted to jump up on my roof after work to get my package.
Thanks, +Firas Hermez. I didn't see this official Google post. And yes, it does seem like tech innovation is accelerating. A lot of "AI" problems that people thought wouldn't get solved until the distant future, like self-driving cars, are showing up now. Apparently the time for delivery UAVs isn't far off.
+Peng Xu Their are only 131.1 million people employed in the United States.  The population of the United States is 313.9 million.  Do these numbers tell you that we need to replace more human jobs with robots?

This is nothing more than corporate greed looking for a way to make more money!  
Uali B.
You know it always amazes me how Americans can talk about something with such enthusiasm and passion, like it's something
Anyone else feel bad for  and Microsoft, they are so far behind.
+Luis Najera hm.. Apple and MS are software and hardware companies. Google[x] is we-have-mountains-of-money-so-we-make-cool-stuff company. They are not competing in this area.
+Firas Hermez
 I don't know about having general public access to request a drone unless you put in a lot of personal info. To many opportunities to abuse that. IE. Send and explosive or something else to someone else.
So it's basically the same as the Amazon Drone or the Domino's Drone...
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" Introducing Project Wing from Google[x], a new approach to delivery using self-flying vehicles."
This is not "a new approach to delivery..." It has already been done before.
Next time use InstaPhamous! They actually work.
Very interesting project and could be really helpful for medicine deliveries, packages that need to be delivered in places that will take a lot of time by car and many other!
Also, since it is most of its time flying, it could have on it solar panels to restore part of the energy that is lost during the flight to the destination and back! 
I really liked it! Keep it up Google team! 
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Something like this could have real world applications for things like emergencies. Imagine dropping off an anti venom, or epinephrine, or AEDs, the possibilities are endless. Tip of the iceberg I hope.
Alaskan villages could really use such technology to lower the cost of their necessities of life. Everything they buy is incredibly expensive due to shipping costs. 
Until UAS are able to comply with See-And-Avoid regulations as required of all manned aircraft, they will be a hazard to all aviation operations including airline travel.
The thing is not all delivery jobs but many many jobs such as postmen, van delivery drivers, and many armature truck drivers will loose there jobs to a piece of machinery that does there job for them.
  Found a UAV MQ1 Predator in flight over Afghanistan Kunar/ Korengal province (  N2KL RC East ) . Its 3 miles NNE of the AO 2005 Operation Red Wings  (exactly 1.5 miles from where Navy SEAL team 10 member was given sanctuary by Mohammad Gulab after the loss of 19 SF that day   in the village of Salar Ban) & 5 miles SW of COP Korengal / OP Restrepo.  I thought it was fake , however GE confirmed its authenticity-   . I posted a video , but here are the Co's  34°55'31.69"N 70°59'49.19"E . GE Updated , but its still there ( If not I did post a video  ). Anyone familiar with ' Lone Survivor' might find it interesting . 
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