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Our series of Big Tent events continued this week with a gathering in Moscow. Arkady Dvorokovich, aide to the Russian President, kicked off the day by describing how the Internet is playing an important role in building a new level of democracy in Russia. Read a full recap below and visit for video from this and past events.
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" the Internet is playing an important role in building a new level of democracy in Russia."

Yes, now anyone can become a hacker.
Thx Russian hackers for all the torrents and cracked games during the years :) appreciated!
Anton K
Russians are embracing the Internet and the government is encouraging the move online
Yes, it's rather symptomatic that the Russian online community is relegated to a digital ghetto of sorts, where the public opinion matters very little and the Russian officials (including Russian lame-duck President Medvedev and Russian de facto ruler/monarch Putin) choose to publicly denigrate, belittle and even insult its leaders and personalities. There's little trust or respect in Russia for what either Medvedev or his aides say, since most of the time they are simply putting up a show for the naive.
Dvorokovich is talking about democracy? R u kidding me?
The hypocrysi is flabergasting. How can they say that with a straight face? Does anyone really believe that there is democracy in Russia?
...or anywhere in the world?...
Does everyone need democracy? Internet gives us it? U can live without democracy (as u know capitalism) but internet!
There are people in Russia who care about civil liberties, human rights, and democracy? Where does Putin hide them?
+Serguei Popovski I have never been in the country, but I spent most of my life in a neighboring country and I am fluent in Russian.
I really don't think teaching Russian over Google+ is a viable idea.
Google is fantastic. They come up with great innovations that change the world.
+Lukas Lozovski You've never been to the country, but you feel confident that you know everything about the state of democracy there? A neighboring country, eh? Wouldn't it be like making judgments about Mexico from Texas?
+Serguei Popovski So you are saying that Russia currently has a nicely working democracy there? I am as confident in my statement as confident are the news websites where I read or heard about what is going on there.
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+Lukas Lozovski It's as nice and working as anywhere with a very few exceptions. You can be as confident as you desire.
Transparency is the need of the hour..!! One world..
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