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Yesterday, we asked you how you're feeling and by far, the most popular answer was "hungry"! What does this have to do with Google Search, you ask? We recently added some other emotions to our I'm Feeling Lucky button, like artistic, wonderful, and of course, hungry. When you hover over the I'm Feeling Lucky button, it spins to an emotion and clicking on it connects you to a page that reflects that emotion. For instance, I'm Feeling Hungry leads you to a Google results page for restaurants in your area. Bon appetit!  

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Fun, but who goes to the main page to search anymore?
why random :S It would be more useful if we could see a drop down list or something and even have some predefined "i'm feeling" like "i'm feeling apocalyptic" to search a prededefined "apocalypsis" :P... or "I'm feeling out of gas" to search "gas station near me"
That is awesome! I just played Pacman after years.... And I also realized that I can't play Pacman anymore! :(
Tried to type something and search via the "I'm feeling lucky"-button and failed due to instant search :D
+Stephan Bogner if you roll mouse over 'hungry' entry in the suggestions dropdown it will list "I'm feeling lucky" there. I'm not sure I'm getting what was intended there... requests just go to random sites (as intended but nothing emotional)...
Can you explain the point of this?
I go straight to the doodles page
If it gets to the point that I can rightly say: "I'm feeling hungry", the last thing I wanna do is visit a website. 
oh it works on google chrome
it searches, then on the search box you can go over a choice and there will be a "I'm feeling lucky" button.
But sometimes it links you to a very weird website
+Stephan Bogner nm... I can't read. Neither can you :-\. Roll over "I'm feeling lucky" button and it will scroll to random emotion. No entering required.
+Graham Pinky Same note, don't enter anything, just roll over the button.
+Samuel Henry I think it's mostly a gimmick. Just another way to kill some time. Definitely not for everybody, definitely not a major feature. Still, pretty nifty.
So it scrolls to a random emotion, but you can't actually use it because as soon as you start typing an actual search query you're taken to the instant page? 

but it doesn't do that because as soon as I start typing it goes to the search results page.... 
+Samuel Henry err... well... once this button scrolls to a random emotion one might be inclined to click on it and not type anything. But that's just me :p
might wanna do something about the border-bottom on it after it spins

border-right also flashes off while it's spinning but does come back once it stops
and the changing width is kinda jarring
It is an 'easter egg' that works without input. You leave the search field empty and hover over the I'm feeling lucky box and see what pops up. It would be useless to work with input, because it randomly lands on a button. Imagine wanting to search for restaurants, so you type in some food names and hope the "I'm feeling hungry" button shows up, but it doesn't. So it was never intended to work like that. It is just a random search button. A nice touch to an otherwise near useless button that is mainly there for nostalgia reasons and because of it's soothing effect (imagine if the entire button was gone....That would feel weird. (suggestion: "I'm feeling weird" button taking you to a Google page without the I'm feeling-button :P))
+Chang Liao "Just eat" Will do that for you! But I DON'T NOW HOW Far they will deliver to?.   LoL
I love my Google tshirt that says "I'm feeling lucky"on the back. Now I need a Googe+ tshirt that "I'm feeling wonderful" on the back.
It's good to see +Google trying their best to keep us interested, adding a new spin on things. If only other companies and industries would follow your lead...
Interesting, yes. Useful, No. Am not sure anyone will wait to spin the button before searching. For example: If am searching for t-shirts i won't hover over the button 4-5 times before "I'm feeling trendy" appears. Better is type 't-shirt' and hit enter. 
I love the quirky stuff Google does. 
Haha classic google. Keep on being unique and eventually no one will want to use other searches cuz they're just boring and normal
When is google finally going to support movies,books etc. In google play in other countries? We still don't have support for a lot of google services in the netherlands :( hurry up please. I like google products but it seems i have to move to the USA to get the full experience...
I find it very hard to believe that Google asked a question and listened to the answers. They certainly don't listen to (or respond to) anything in the comments of their Google+ posts.
has nothing to do
Nice and witty evolution of an iconic part of the landing page! I'm secretly hoping there's some Google Now secret sauce brewing to be added, which could align the button's text with what you actually feel!
An creative idea
I feel like some body supporting me in my academic pursuit financially. PLS
Splendid! This is a wonderful idea!
dumbest ever but does any1 use I feel lucky anyway ?
Today's answer is FRUSTRATED! (by slow ADSL speed) and global communication worse than snail-mail!
Atu Oma
I don't like this new Favicon though :(
previous one was way better!
Oh, look, a politically-charged spamdroid.
if the interface changes since i start typing in the search box, the buttons "Google search" and "I'm feeling lucky" loose their function, right?
I love this new add on. Great thinking!
I hit 'I'm feeling stellar" and got these beautiful pics from Hubble et al of the birth of stars, nebulae, etc. Beautiful!!!
survival is what ive been feelin along with a strong faith n hope that our world as we know it will change for the better for all
And I'm feeling angry. Damn language preferences based on IP still aren't affected by preferences from Google+, preferences of favorite language and even by preferences of search itself. They'd better fix that than adding shortcuts to things we already can quickly search for.
I'm Feeling Doodley
I'm Feeling Artistic
I'm Feeling Hungry
I'm Feeling Puzzled
I'm Feeling Trendy
I'm Feeling Stellar
I'm Feeling Playful
I'm Feeling Wonderful
I am feeling like I miss my IGoogle page.  I hate the new News format thing and miss my Igoogle.  I don't really care about emoticons.  Sorry, this was the only place I have found to express my dislike!
how can i get back to the i'm feeling looky slot
hate it. I can no longer simply chose, "I'm feeling lucky" I want it back. This new feature is stupid. I would have prefered a drop down menu where you could chose which of the options you want. Instead, you have to scroll over several times trying to get what you want and it never lands on, "I'm feeling lucky" I am upset.
I am Feeling Wonderful Google, Thanks For Asking
doesn't work
always lead me to the doodle page and nothing happened.
If Google actually reads this... that button, the "I'm feeling lucky button," what is that?  Some running gag between two people no one else knows?  Did you lose a bet with your wife or wives and have to code that in?  It is idiotic and does not function in any meaningful way.  I feel disenfranchised. 
+Michael Veprinsky. I like your commet
I'm feeling like I've got nothing better to do?
Is it true? I am lucky..nope not at all
I'm feeling lucky n soo cool
+Jonathan Seyghal A surprisingly large amount of people. You know, the ones that don't understand technology well. The ones who search for really long strings because they don't know how to Google or what Boolean is. The ones that search for something and type in the whole thing even though the drop box has what they're searching for. The ones who click the "Showing results for: (search criteria) instead of (srch crytearia)" because they don't understand that Google will show the exact same thing if they click that link.

I could go on most all day. 
om gaur
I'm feeling lucky

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