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Want to go where everybody knows your name? Don’t let them remember you for shorting the bartender. Ask the Google app if you need help after a few rounds: “How much is the tip on a $27 bill?” 

Get the app for iOS:
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0 - because if it's optional I ain't paying. If they expect their staff to live off it, they should pay better.
We don't tend to tip on Australia, so it won't get used much here 
if you really need an app for this , you don't deserve a SMART phone
We don't tend to tip on Australia, so it won't get used much here 
Pretty low tip, but I have a lot of friends in the "Service Industry" so 20% is what I toss
Get take out, save yourself the tip. It's a stupid system that needs to change.
+LeGrand Johnson except in most restaurants, you're still screwing that person over. If tipping went away, and servers and bartenders were paid an hourly wage that was equivalent, the prices on everything would at least triple. Stop being a cheap skate
We tip in the UK if the service warrants it, not because the staff don't get paid enough to eat themselves!

Charging for service, when it's called the service industry is ridiculous. It's just a cheap arse way to hire staff, pay them virtually nothing and laugh your arse off all the way to the bank.

I thought the US had minimum wage? Someone is bending service workers over a table, and the staff are too stupid to stop asking for it.
Wake up...21 century. . Tips off ... besides, they already earn enough
+Jason Newman the prices would at least triple? How so, when just about every nation on the planet manages to pay service staff an actual wage, without prices going through the roof?

How did you come to your conclusion, exactly?
+Steven J Davies they get paid minimum wage unless they make more than that with tips, then they get paid a smaller hourly rate, usually about half minimum wage
+Steven J Davies I'm an auditor in public accounting and it's beyond me how he's getting to "triple" or even a substantial price increase. By "price" I'm specifically not talking about the list price, but the out-the-door total cost to the customer, which is the price that actually matters.
I don't understand the logic of that system, +Shawn Meilicke. So, their pay is kept artificially low? Why?

I can understand why places like bars and restaurants would encourage tips, so they can pay the staff less, but surely if the wage was kept up rather than lowered, the staff would have more motivation to do an even better job and so potentially earn even more?

Crazy, crazy system. 
+LeGrand Johnson I'm at a loss, also. For a start, there should be no appreciable increase to a customer's bill, as any price increase by an establishment owner is more likely to drive business away, rather than recoup perceived lost earnings. 
Nice, but not sure if it's necessary. I use my smartphone ' s calculator. 
Restaurants and bars often only pay the wait staff $2ish per hour. Those people rely on your generosity for a job well done to pay their bills. If you're a habitual non-tipper I hope you don't frequent the same places, for your sake. I know what people do to stiffs :)
+Steven J Davies I'm not saying it's a good system, just letting you know how they do it.

I assume the reason is the obvious fact that owners want to pocket more money 
In SF, I've also seen a small charge added to bills to cover health insurance for restaurant staff ...don't understand why employers don't pay that. 
K 2 Remercie Google.
+Michael Kolesar Why not advocate/demand employers pay their employees a decent salary rather than guilt patrons to make up for the deficiency? Isn't this service industry ripe for disruption in that regard? I just came from Miami where service sucks at most restaurants/bars and they automatically tack on 18% gratuity to your bill. Doesn't seem fair to me. 
The problem with the system is that it punishes business that try to change it, so it's basically never going to change. If a business starts listing the real price for items (tips done away with, full cost of labor reflected in the prices), they'll look much more expensive than all of their competitors that continue to list cheap-looking prices with hidden labor costs. There's no incentive for any business to fight this system. We're stuck with it forever.
Morty Seinfeld would have loved this!
In a world of artificially altered prices / wages, something can and usually will give.

Obviously this is a model that has endured, but all it takes to change is for one element to demand it.

Here I see three elements, that this business model needs to survive - the establishment itself, obviously, the patron and the staff.

If one of those three said, universally, 'enough' - the model cannot continue. It's impossible.

The business, as +LeGrand Johnson says, will not do it - it's in their best interest for this to continue.

The staff are the best placed, but probably won't - people need to work, to pay the bills, and cannot risk not having that job when there are so many more waiting to fill that position.

What that leaves us with is the consumer. If the consumer woke up to what was going on around them, to the men and women that they normally take for granted, and began to boycott these establishments in some way... Someone, somewhere along the line will take notice.

Especially when they begin to see the effect in their bottom line.

The question is, can the man on the street be persuaded?
+LeGrand Johnson true but maybe there's a biz opportunity there. Just like restaurants that use organic, locally sourced farm produce -- they are often much pricier but people still go there because they align w/their ethics/principles (we vote w/our dollars). Maybe I'm being idealistic but I think people would support such a biz. 
That's a cause I could get behind. A barrier is that current and former tip earners usually jump on the "be generous with your tips because that's how they make their money" reasoning and usually not the "the system is screwed up. People are being tricked and others exploited" one. It would be helpful if we all got on the same train.
One way of helping that to happen is with +Nivita Verma 's disruption idea. With the information about this borderline exploitation practice in circulation, and what exactly can be done to help reverse it, a restaurant built on a different model would look much more appealing and 'ethical'.

People boycotting establishments, to frequent somewhere that paid a living wage, would be making a real difference as similar places in that neighbourhood began to see their income eating/drinking somewhere else.

To stay competitive they may well carry on as they were, with lower prices, but that can't continue for long - they would need to rethink their business model entirely. 
Having a few people working in that business, 15 % for sure not, normally 5-7 %, which is quite some tip money on a usual evening. And who can't calculate 5 % in head and even if needed multiply with 3, they should not drink that much alcohol anyway :).
No tip in China either. 
Also most Chinese are good at mind calc LOL
Free downloading&install support my HTC phone
Take 10% of the bill, in your head (move the decimal point) and add half that amount.  Don't need an app for that.
No tip in India, I wonder if dexter from the TV serial came to India, kills all the rapers and bad people, it would be really easy for him.
Damn iam local 3 beers and 25$ What

We tip 20% im'thinkn 2 much
+Aditya Gollakota that's why we don't like Australians when they come to US restaurants, they spect great service for $2.50
+jesus madero international visitors shouldn't have to cater for the flaws of any country's retail system. It's the government's responsibility to look after its citizens. 
And again google fails miserably. Why does it appearantly only recognize dollars as currency? I am sure Google has a list of currencies avaialble as it does auto conversion between currencies..

Time for google to get up of their hole and see there is a world out there. (rephrased poorly from a ruder version)
I can do this offline with a calculator... must be designed for really dumb people...
Screwing over your server in no way fixes the broken system. It only hurts their livelihood. If you don't want to take part in the system of tipping, I suggest you don't frequent the establishments where people bust their humps for it.
Mind you, some venues add mandatory gratuity of double the sales tax. If that's already being added to the bill, I don't see any need to tip. 
+Steven J Davies I disagree if you pay more the bartenders they will work (most of the time) harder and better ! I have one friends who's working in a wine bar he earn more than 2000€ per month and don't worry he's working very well but he doesn't have many tips...

+Gareth David So can I, however it is easy to just add the bill add the gratuity and add the number of people. I seldom have a calculator with me to a cafe/restaurant and if I need to us emy cellhpone anyhow I'd rather use this.
Yeah this threw me when i was in the USA for the summer.   I was told not to tip on tax.  So whats the tip on before tax gives the tip for that but the total doesn't work since it doesn't include tax.  
+Jason Newman what a load if rubbish, there are plenty if countries around the world that discourage tipping and pay all of the employees a living wage and the prices are not triple. Also once these low income earners get paid enough to eat out the market grows and prices fall.
There are no downsides to having a realistic minimum wage.
You have been misled by neocon crazies.
I see only one possible advantage to this america-style tipping custom: that you tip less if the service was poor. This encourages good service. Beyond that, I prefer a no tips system like the spanish one: you are not expected to tip, but you tip if you received over-the-median service. People get their salaries and pay the complete taxes for them, and they have enough for a normal live.
$27 tab gets $4.05 tip? Google fail. We in he service industry only make $2.13 an hour. Go talk to the Republicans if you disagree with how business is conducted. They've struck down server minimum wage hikes for over 30 years now. 
+mikey johnson put together a union and demand more money.   The USA is the only country that does this,  I always forget i have to tip when i visit the USA.
Good job I live in UK where tipping is not common. Pay a decent wage for service staff and you don't need an app?
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I worked at a job where I made four dollars over the minimum wage. And worked 50 hours a week. And still couldn't afford to pay all of my bills and feed my family. I went back to waiting tables at a small diner work 35 hours a week getting paid minimum wage I make ends meet again. Thanks to my wonderful tipping customers.. and I'm not that busy. Thank you to all who tip and keep a roof ovr r my kids heads!
Though I'm not a fan of tipping concept in general, I see an upside here - it's a bit like performance based salary - if you do your job well you'll get better tips.
It appears that the Australian culture rejects the idea of tipping. I am not often in a situation where a tip is expected.
My first thought for most things is "google it"
U can just do math regularly LAZY!!!!!!
I think we should all go to the nearest bar and
Talk this over.☺
You probably don't need an app or Now support for simple tips, either at 10 or 20%, but for other things, or when the bill is over $100 or needs splitting, then it's handy.
+Steven J Davies waiters get paid more than similar skilled jobs. The minimum wage in Florida is 9ish. Most waiters average 11-12. I have a friend who works at a fancy restaurant and gets paid 15. Just cause they have an hourly wage below minimum. Doesn't mean they can't feed themselves. The problem is that most cannot manage money well since they cash out every night and don't have a weekly paycheck to hold their spending untill
This is a great help for folk from modern countries when they shall visit US.
That is sort of like, as an employee in a jail/prison, you never want to piss of the offender who serves you lunch.... "Just wait a minute Ma'am, I need to wipe this off"... turns around and spits!  Never do it!
15 - 20 % of bill if you double the sales tax.(.in places that have s sales tax) it works out pretty well. Decent amount for a tip. T.I. P. S. TO INSURE PROMPT SERVICE. 
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