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Starting December 3, the world’s governments meet behind closed doors to discuss the future of the Internet. This meeting of the International Telecommunication Union or #ITU will take place in Dubai. Some governments want to use this meeting in Dubai to increase censorship and regulate the Internet.

Learn more about what’s at stake and how you can get involved:

A free and open world depends on a free and open Internet. And a #freeandopen Internet depends on you. 
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This sounds awesome! I like this. :-)
smuggle internet independent boxes with satellite connection to all the dictatorship countries or create a mesh network with cellphones and the last links should be next to the border. I offer myself to do both.
Me Be
Keep the internet free and open.
Hey government, get your damn hands off my Internet!
The ITU is the body that companies work through to agree upon and write the telecommunication standards, the engineering and mathematics of how networks function. It is similar to the IEEE. 
Rahul Roy
One does not simply censor the web. 
Let them try to close it and see what happens. I GUARANTEE that an alternative will pop up and start replacing a regulated Internet overnight.
why the world's governments want to direct the future of lnternet? ls it for their secret purposes or for their selfish end? let everybody in the world has a free and open access to it becos d world is a free and open to all of us.
Free and open is great. Google please extend that to cross-network sharing. Why can't I share to twitter and Facebook from Google+? Lead by example. 
Google, do what you must to help keeps us free! We support you!! Thanks!!
its too late govmt has controll already illuminati has had it since 1800
Yeah Ikr everyone is devoting their life to the internet. Its like paper is obsolete now
Keep the Internet free but, anonymity is an increasing problem. 
It is not only government which censors ...
Every business providing Internet services has "standards" and you cannot cross them...

smuggle internet independent boxes with satellite connection to all the dictatorship countries or create a mesh network
+EZE V - not everything is so simple:
Evgeny Morozov: How the Internet strengthens dictatorships
More control and regulation is the last thing the Internet needs.
Closed doors produce closed minded solutions.

It's called the internet not the controlnot, let them build there controlnot and leave our internet alone.
I am in! Support google, support open and free internet!
Internet must remain free , or internet will die
I have to laugh. Retired from e-commerce. It is ironic when one considers how the progressives, including Google's mgmt is screaming whem they get what they voted for
I believe many governments have seen just how much power the "free and open" Internet really has...especially with things like "Arab Spring", "Occupy", and similar "collective" events...and I believe some governments  feel 'threatened' by such power.  Can't let 'everyday people' wield too much power, right?  I'm just sayin'...
This has nothing to do with who you voted for, the big companies, like, sony, rca, Hollywood films and such, they are the ones crying, because they couldn't afford a 3rd Luxury Jet...
Good on you, Google. Keep the Web free and open. I'm proud to have signed the petition. No censorship. It's that simple.
The Internet is one of the most unique and innovative communication mediums humanity has ever experienced. It is the beginning of a global communications system through which people from all over the world can interact and converse at near-instantaneous speeds. The fallacy of regulating or enforcing laws of any sort upon the Internet and its users is that it is not a government and has no established authority whatsoever.

This is what makes it so unique: it is a virtual society like none other that is neither anarchistic nor ruled by any government or force. The Internet is a pure democracy, an entity that is ruled by the people and for the people. Perhaps more important is that there is no established head, leader, or representative of the Internet; therefore, the people as a whole are the representatives and the majority always rules.

On the Internet, everyone is an equal. Your age, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, class, title, sexual orientation, and beliefs on any topic are all negligible on the Internet. Discrimination, segregation, bias, and prejudice still occurs, but this is done by individuals or groups of people within certain areas of the Internet and even this waxes and wanes in these places. On here, people are judged primarily based on the content they produce and not on any preassigned status. The Internet is a democratic meritocracy and within it lies some of the purest forms of freedom available to any one individual.

What governments, corporations, and institutions wish to do is censor and regulate the Internet. This is for a vast array of reasons, from the desire to protect others from potentially harmful content or people to the fear that the equity and freedom provided by the Internet may diminish the power of these entities. With the latter, they have good reason to believe this because it's actually quite true. The Internet provides and outlet for people to voice their opinions, beliefs, and criticisms freely and unrestrained. It gives people a medium through which real-life events and organizations can be coordinated. Protests and activist campaigns can be formed and planned through usage of the Internet and all its resources. That is why some wish to oppress it: the power of the established authority is taken away and put into the hands of the People.

Regardless of whether the laws, regulations, or censors are implemented with good intentions, they are destined to fail nonetheless. Being so vast and flexible to the whims of its users, the Internet is impossible to control and any decrees by authority fall short of application within the confines of the Internet. Although people, companies, and groups may be subjected to government authority in the real world, they are free on the Internet.

Unfortunately, people can now be tracked and found by any government or corporation with authoritative power because they can demand information from internet service providers (ISP) and pinpoint your location by tracking the Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) assigned to an individual's computer or local internet connection. This takes away the anonymity and power of the people substantially and that alone is a tragedy. Further regulation and censorship may oppress people to the point at which their freedom on the Internet may not only be in jeopardy, but their very ways of life would also be at risk.

One of the main arguments for censorship and regulation of the Internet is that in doing so, governments and corporate entities can find and capture criminals and individuals breaking real-world laws through the Internet, thus making society as a whole safer. Unlike censorship and regulation in a real-world setting, where it can be acceptable under some circumstances for it to occur, application of those same restriction onto the Internet fails to take into account just how resilient it is. Unlike real-life, where a person can be oppressed and enslaved indefinitely, Internet users have multiple means and methods of evasion and counterattacking that renders such attempts obsolete.

An example of this is the fact that although the distribution of child pornography and illegally downloaded content (i.e., music, videos, movies, etc.) seems to be down, it has in reality been forced underground into a more resistant state and area in the Internet. Just like real-world laws had failed to prevent such offenses (and many others) with people because there are always methods of evasion and underground marketing available to those persistent enough, the Internet is just as (if not more so) powerful.

Remember that the Internet is essentially and ultimately a communications system and medium through which information and data can travel. In order to prevent people from abusing the power of the Internet, you must take the same extreme steps necessary to prevent people from abusing others in the real world: remove it from society. Since total removal of the Internet is nearly impossible at this point, even that approach would inevitably fail if utilized by an authoritative power.

In reality, the best way to regulate and censor the Internet is by not doing it at all. Coupled with pseudo-anonymity, this would of course allow for criminal activity, such as the distribution of child pornography and illegally downloaded content, to flourish, it would also give activist campaigns and organized efforts of protest or demand for change equal footing and ability to excel. In doing so, you are allowing for the people to regulate themselves and if the tendency of human nature holds true, the good side of humanity will always outweigh the bad.

The Internet is the embodiment of personal freedom and equality. Regulating and censoring it is in effect regulating and censoring human nature. Last I checked, trying to change human nature doesn't really work.
When you mean world's governemnt's, do you mean the United Nations?
When they start regulating internet, it will be the end to Freedom of Speech as We know it. After that only the BIG Money Barrens will have a say in this world. Remember there is a 4th "Checks and Balance," that is "The People." We have power to change this, but we have to stay together, keep informed, and spread the word. If anyone is ready to do something about this, then inbox me and lets talk. I am ready. How about you?
在中國,不開放。 In China , no open.

The Chinese Government is wrong for oppressing its people, 范東曉.
Take an example of these two people. It's just a preview of what will happen to our country, if we don't "Stand Our Ground Now."
We have to take a stand now. Everyone in every country, let's all speak out. It's starts by talking between you and I. Let's Do it.
+David Greene 怎么加上了我的名字。我不过发个牢骚(sorry, firstly i think you are a chinese,so I reply in Chinese. What you say is ture,but I can do nothing to change it, I just change myself.)
It's okay, +范東曉, I just thought it might be better if I used Chinese. I use Google Translator, though, and it is not very accurate. I hope the Chinese Government improves soon.
" It is controlled by no one — no single organization, individual, or government." *Doesn't Google own the internet?* :)
In Dubai?  Sharia?
what the hell? AGAIN? AGAIN America wants to take over the internet? First acta now this? I wouldn t be surprised if American government would bribe the other nations governments to start this madness.........
"在中國,不開放。 In China , no open."+范東曉 Yes we know, in France we speak a lot about's bad. 
Just so you know, +Alin Samson, this is an international meeting, so the United States is not solely to blame for this issue. In fact, numerous European nations are more oppressive when it comes to Internet regulation than those in the US. Oh and just so you know, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) was a legislative bill that was a plurilateral agreement between dozens of nations, the United States of America being only one of many.
+Wendy Sue get a life. If you think your freedom has been taken away, feel free to leave the country. If not, quit being a troll and deal with it. 
+Jim Munro Jim, you are the future "Kapo" for the United States.  If you do not know what that is, then  you really should look it up.  It is very tiring seeing people protecting illegal and/or legal immigrants and fighting for (special) rights of foreigners or people who have an odd sexual preference, in a country they do not belong to.  Not only am I tired of Asians and Middle Easterners using our universities and becoming technocrats, then turning around and screaming for what they need in a country they never belonged to in the first place, but I am mostly tired of people like Jim denying that these people do not have an agenda.  Jim, I can wait to see when you do become a Kapo.  I will be there still fighting as an American for the America I remember and will keep in my heart. What? are you like 20 something?  Well, little buddy, you have been brainwashed by the education system and all those minorities that wanted to teach you about their multiculturalism and same sex bought it, ate it and still haven't shit it out yet!
Another reason why i love google XD
They are probably trying to figure out the best way to TAX it.  Governments are greedy and would tax the air we breath if they could get away with it.
We All Need to Pay Attention with so much happening around the world and the Main Stream Media already under Government control( That's Right) Try listening to a news broadcast minus the commercials.Wake Up Everybody!!!!!!!!!
No government internet regulation! The government already regulates enough.
Government are only singling out those who do mankind dirty like terrorists.harm to children.abusers n general. People who don't live by any boundaries n are dangerous to us all.if they make it a safer place then who should be afraid.
US will never allow the UN to regulate the Internet...Gen. Alexander stressed that instead of expecting action from the UN, sovereign states should better secure critical infrastructure and government networks without official regulation.
+Jean-Philip Tremblay I don't see a down arrow when I'm on my home page typing something to share. Can only share with my circles, public, etc.
why these governments want to censor and regulate the internet? Does that mean anybody can't express his own opinion as demeed fit any longer? thereby inhibit the freedom of speech of an individual using internet, Is Google the right ownership of internet or the US? Let it be free and open ... becos we are no more in savage days. 
Keep government out of regulating the internet because they will just screw it up.
If governments take control of information on the internet what will Google do for money?
they will declare we are 'terrorists' and will pursue us till death... for
just willing to know the TRUTH or if knowing it will attempt to share it to
others... that's the very reason why they are enforcing GUN CONTROL but not
upon the criminals, but instead on the law-abiding citizens for not
accepting the NWO and receiving the VERIZON's Verichip on their right hand
or the foreheads (... and that's the reason also why the DHS, FEMA, IRS,
the FEDs and others are buying more than 7 billion rounds of hollow-point
bullets - that's for fighting the "freedom, democracy & liberty" mid-east
wars ?, those are just for you and me; nearly more than 3,5 bullets
per american men, women, elderly and children).... are you still NOT
believing in the giant satanic universal CONSPIRACY for global tyranny of
the beast.
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