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Wishing a happy birthday to Ukrainian architect Vladislav Gorodetsky, known for his many contributions to Kiev's urban development, in particular the "House with Chimaeras," an Art Nouveau building ornately decorated with sculptures of exotic animals.
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which countries actually show it as the doodle? Well I see and that's probably it. But thanks for the doodle!
T Goetz
This is for ALL the people who think they know so much of this Earth, So much to Government, & so much to the Religion... Maybe no one understands the sense of all facts that I write to place everyday, from website to pages of comments spoken on... To all who can read, don't be lazy cause i write longer sights then your mind can handle reading... 2nd when you can look to tell me any different to say this world is so perfect... then maybe i wouldn't be stating the facts I do... So if you care for your children, care for your loved ones in War, to even care for the Cities of the States in Broke red line status...Take a good look of all your material... it comes from Earth, including the weapons you use to call protection to even the rights you think you have... Take a good look at the World, take a good look at manufacturing, take a good look at the Government playing politician risk to life... So as you want support to your troops, look at the Government cuts.. look at the post traumatic stress they face due to killing life by order... Look at the way the Government makes cuts to them, to education, protection, to social security, to even education... Ever sit to listen to them bicker with each other on who is better then who... ever learn to know they were set on a Cola system that went broke, so they took their pension from social security to even handing it out to ones who never worked... Ever notice that the cuts they make, they are still getting paid.. How about medicare system that was paid by tax payers, as they took free benefit charged from that... Really Look at the facts... Now when it comes to earth, take a good look at source... water, oil/petroleum, natural gas from shale... under shale is mantles upper/lower where nuclear fusion is performed, not to say its 1500 celcius degrees... global warming/melting... well when it comes to the Earth, look at all you use to provide to take for greed to live... You can not live if the temperature raises above normal everyday of life. Your Heavenly life...Air... Sun... Water...Heart of Living Christ... Can not breathe without air, would freeze without Sun... would die of thirst without water... Could never exist without the heart of the living Christ of what ever year of time... So as you all show great disgrace, to even try to curve to change, to even try to do without... I point all the facts of life, whether you like it to accept it, to even care of it... If your alive, show respect.. if you shall not respect, then it shall be seen as disgrace... So take a list, put your name with where i shall see... Fakes, can not fake me out... cause just the words i speak, bother you... peace be with you.. amen
this is so true that's why this world is so messed up god bless you 
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