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Hey +Google Wallet, I would like to use the NFC chip on my Galaxy S II. When and where can I use that to buy stuff?
Will there ever be the facility to transfer money to a friend via google wallet?
it would be great if you guys made a link to the wallet apk every time a new version comes out. for those of us with verizon galaxy nexuses who are side loading it.
I wish I could use it but Verizon is being jerks.
When will Wallet be officially supported in Australia? It seems to work everywhere already, so why do I have to side load the APK? Just put it on Play now please.
Yes, but I do not want to go down that path of ROMS, flashing, etc. I am a pretty tech savvy guy, but those things confuse me.
Need this to work in the UK
+Brian Booher Hi, Brian, unfortunately the Galaxy SII does not contain a Secure Element -- the chip that actually stores credit card information. Some phones support NFC but lack the Secure Element. You may want to consider purchasing a Galaxy Nexus or other phone from Sprint that includes the Secure Element, and therefore supports Google Wallet.
google, please team up w/ nintendo and make the 3ds much better D: i rly want the 3ds to have youtube and a lot of google products like maps, earth, wallet, youtube, and almost all moble things invented from google... please?
Google, please do something, all peoples need to connect smartphone to DVD-RW.
Without pc, desktop, laptop, etc.
i am a robot beeeeeebeeeeebooooobaaaaa
I need this working on my One X.
All smart phone should have install nfc chip !
Welcome +Google Wallet to Google plus!
Owning a Galaxy Nexus in Germany, so I guess I don't miss that Security Element, more like the "Location Element".
hmm... im sure the WHOLE EARTH is going to be called google b/c google is taking over the earth!!!!!
+Braden Nida just search "android Google wallet market or play" from the mobile browser which will give you the link to the market. When you press the link point it to the play store app. Should work. Been using it on stock for a while now. Here's the link.
More Google products in Europe -> Germany, please!
Already thinking about moving to the US O.o
API from merchant to get transferred payment and to do multipayment to some account credit card, like reversible transaction, or some merchant needs to be a middle man, between offline merchant and buyers, so in/out payment API is needed
Yea +Sean Adair it always says this app is not supported by your carrier, doesn't matter if I'm on Wi-Fi or if I clear all my data off my phone, and all of the "tricks" to get it done nothing works
+Tim Anderson +Nick Chevsky I think I understand Tim's thoughts -- Google has pretty much shown that privacy and user feelings are second to ad revenues, which I do understand. Wallet seems like a play to get even more information (like purchases, buying habits, travel patterns, and so forth) about the people using it in order to sell that information to its customers. Don't think for a moment that increased spam isn't in part thanks to Google, or the people they have sold that information to.

The problem is that we all have to realize that to Google, the users aren't the customers, the people paying for the ads are, and they are the masters that will, and ultimately must, be served.
I would like to be able to perform certain admin functions from my laptop. Things like clean up the apps on the Android and as the Wallet evolves, there may be some functions that could use another networked device for 2 factor authentication methods.
if you have a business....what i can do to present it at Google ventures?
While we like the start, when will this be expanded beyond a rather limited Sprint network?
+Braden Nida i have it on my stock galaxy nexus... in order to load it, first i had to enable off market apps, then i went on google and searched for google wallet apk. some computer dude on the xda forum posted a link to the apk on a big thread, so i started off at the end of the thread and went backwards until i eventually found the most recent link. then i clicked on that, downloading it to my phone, then installed it. it installed just like any other nonmarket app.

its kind of time consuming and every time an update comes out, you have to redo the process.

not ideal, but it works.
Hello, I have a Galaxy Nexus running 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and don't see the Wallet app anywhere on my phone. Is it anything to do with being in Canada on a cell provider up here?
This is not an Official Google+ page? Where are "The latest Google Wallet info and product updates"?. Can you share anything as you're moving on? Hope we can get any response, thanks.
I am using Google Walet and having major issues with ach posting crediting up to ten business days later, I would not recommend this product, as there are much better services at there like Netspend. Thumb down for me. 
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