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If you have multiple Google accounts, signing in and out repeatedly or
opening up multiple browsers can become aggravating. Make your signed in woes disappear with multiple sign-in, which allows you to use up to
ten Google Accounts within the same browser. Open a new tab, sign into
a product that supports multiple sign-in (like Gmail), click your name
or email address at the top of the page, and select Add account from
the drop-down menu.  You can learn more here about multiple sign-in:

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As a Parent of three children I am responsible for monitoring their Google Accounts and online activity. This new feature will make it much easier for me to do this. Thank You Very Much!
has this been updated, because I've tried this before and never had it work very well.
Tho this has been in place for a while now. The one issue I had with it was when it would sign me out of all my accounts and I would have to log back into each on individually.

However, that no longer appears to be the case and I can now open up #Chrome  and I'm auto signed into one account. Choose my next account and all is good :) Thanks +Google 
Sandy G
couldn't live without multiple sign-in and it works great! thank you Google. :)
Another #searchtip  for you Googlers: if you ever let your friend borrow your computer to check their email, rather than having to log out of Gmail you can just open up an incognito window and they can log in from there without you logging out.  Everyone wins.
Just be sure to carefully select which account you sign in with first. Not all of google's sites support account switching and they will default to the first account you signed in with. Also, if you sign out of the account you first signed in with, all other accounts will be signed out, too. 
Once you're aware of these things, it's awesome. 
This works great for the services that support it... but for the ones that don't it's a total pain.  Having to log out of multiple google apps accounts to get to my chrome developer dashboard is annoying to say the least.  Same goes for app engine.
This feature is what keeps me active on Google+. My main account got banned because of the name (Same name as this one even though this one isn't banned) so having this feature makes it easy to switch accounts.

One for Google+, and one for everything else. I still wish I could take advantage of all the Google+ integration, though. =/
when can we have the ability to merge two accounts?
+LD Wetzel It was buggy when it was first released (at least a year ago, probably more), but it's MUCH more stable now. I've been using it for months without any problem, and I'm constant logged in to 5-8 accounts.
I've been using this for a while and it is absolutely brilliant. Can we have custom avatars please?
How about for the phone app Google? Multi account thread!
Suck! what for? is it food? don't you know too much of good stuff is bad stuff. It's ruthless as the sea, Am satisfied with the one i have. Fickle as the weather! 
+Michael Buck I've been using this feature for years - it's not new at all. It did receive a small revamp recently, but it's pretty much the same as it's been for a long time. Just FYI. Glad Google is pointing it out to people who may not be aware.
+XenoK Xihelien If you're using Google Apps, for example. Or have more than one account for whatever reason. I have 3 - 1 gmail and 2 Google Apps for 2 of my domains.
You know what's aggravating , having the flagship phone for Google and can't get the latest update and seeing Apple sending out updates to their phones as promised
I am finally down to two accounts, but I used to have more.  Using accounts for business, online activities, and even a very active online alias.  Filters are great and all, but sometimes it's nice to keep certain circles from ever crossing ;)  Thank you for your review of the updates.  I may give this all a try again, instead of one persona in Chrome and the other in Opera (which has Blogger support issues).
To me multiple accounts means multiple fake realities and you try to hind the real you. It's like playing a shell game.
I can not see or join normal hangouts today ;/
There are just the hang outs on air .
Is it just me ?*
+Dean Holyer: That's not true at all.  There are many reasons to have more than one email address.
1. You have a work email and a personal email.  This could be because you don't like to mix friends emails with work, or you had a personal email before you started your job (and you can carry it between jobs).
2.  You have a personal email and a "group email."  Maybe you have an email address for your entire family.  Or maybe you own the account for your knitting club.  Or perhaps a team that you're in at work.
3.  You have had another email address for a very long time but it's not that professional (like or something) and you decide to make a second for when applying for job interviews ( perhaps).

I don't think it means fake realities at all.  Just about everyone I know has more than one email account for one reason or another.
My view could be because all my life since 1976 when I started teaching my self how to program computers I've always tried to center my e-mails around one mail box. Since April 1998 I've used one g-mail account. I now keep about 2 gigs of over 100,000 e-mails and still have 8 gigs left of free mail space and at the cost of $0.00

I can see the uses of more than one e-box but I try to avoid that. I still have copies of some of my old Compuserve e-mails. At first in the 80's you could only have 20 emails stored on your account
Question guys, say I have a gmail I share with multi user, if I log into it and link it to multi sign in, would the other person who shares the gmail address be able to see my own personal accounts. I hope that makes sense
As a guess I'd say a single pass word for the whole email box, they would get into your private stuffm but if you gad a pass word for each letter that gives privacy.

The other option is to encrypt private letters so you general mailbox could have private areas. This could be as simple as using and attaching pass word coded zip files. And if it is that private do not use e-mail, the NSA people can break into anything digital. Even with the best pass words that will delay then at most 3 weeks.
+Richard Tan : Gmail has me still authenticate every so often for both accounts.
Also, multiple sign in is based on a per-session basis. In other words, on another machine, browser, etc, this information will not be preserved.
I have one gmail account and it locked me out for 30 days idk y?
Sean S
The way multiple sign-in works currently isn't good.  We need something like hotmail/outlook where you can link multiple accounts.
On Google, you can add accounts but when you log out, it resets and you have to sign in to multiple accounts again next time you log in to Google.
I have found it is much easier to create new profiles in Chrome, one for each account, and keep two browser windows open. 
Use Chrome instead of the multiple sign-ins feature... create multiple user accounts in Chrome for easy switching!
Tried it. It was a pain because some Google products support this feature, some don't. But while Google products are separate, our use of them is more seamless. So I'd start out in email and want to glance at my calendar but have to log out for that (as an example - I don't actually recall which products support this and which don't). Plus, it seemed to forget my accounts were linked. I'd be fine one day, and the next day it wouldn't have my other account listed. It didn't take long before it wasn't even worth it and I stopped bothering.

I like other people's idea of using Chrome accounts instead!

Also, Google makes it really hard to transfer things from an old Google account to a new one. For example I can import contacts from a Yahoo or Hotmail account but not another Google account. Why?? Don't you want to encourage me to keep using Google? (not that I'd ever think of going elsewhere but not everyone is as loyal) I'm in the process of changing my last name, which was in my old email address, so I've had to make a new account, and holy crap has it been a pain!!
Y would you want to be more than one person?
also how about not asking me for my phone number every time I log in.  You're acting like a little 3 year old, when I tell you you can't have candy, asking again and again isn't going to make me change my mind.
The purpose of repeating the asking is to get you fed up with them an to stop the whining you let them get what they want.

It's called bug them til they say yes.
I'm too stubborn for that though, i'll never say yes now unless they are willing to pay for it - I'll share my cell # for 200 bucks or a free Google Earth Pro membership.  I still won't answer out of state calls if i don't recognize the number, though
I agree with +Andreas Johansson and +Spencer Thiel - use Chrome (or Chromium) to do multiple concurrent browser profiles. This keeps your bookmarks/history synchronized better (I like to have different bookmarks related to the accounts I'm using), and it works more reliably. While multiple sign-in works fine for the average user in Gmail, a lot of folks that have multiple accounts are using GHA and have admin dashboards and such that still seem to fall apart with the multiple sign-in feature. That, and it is far easier to identify what account you are using via those silly little profile icons rather than sorting through all of your tabs/windows to figure out which account is active.
I have used its. very good service thanks
I have used it too, but what I really want is changing my email address easily someday (making a alias is also okay). Because my gmail account was registered when I was a child with almost random characters.
Yes. Very useful forma my job. I use three ordenador four Google accounts and I was tired of singing in and out. Thanks! 
+Andrew Hays cheers dude. As long as it does not remember on another pc then it should be fine. Need to play around with it.
I've stopped using multiple sign-ins because it screws up every Google service that doesn't support multiple login. If you need to use one of them, it will log you out of every other account, forcing you to log into all of them again.

Use the Chrome multi user feature instead. Problem solved.
The feature does not quite work and often times you have to sign out from all accounts as it get stuck in a redirection loop. Also various times things go to the first account you log into and not the account in the tab you are on. So the order you log into it make a difference.

Is Google happy to do such happenstance work?
That's a nice feature and help me a lot to manage my multiple accounts, thanks #google  
Hey +Google - every so often (for no apparent reason), all the accounts listed in the multi-account switcher disappear and I have to manually re-add them. What's up with that? And how do I fix it?
#google  all my accounts keep signing out this morning, telling me I'm logged in from someplace else.  The only other place would be my phone.  I can't get anything accomplished right now.
+Amanda Dominy I have been having the same problem with linked accounts have you found a solution?
+Sean Fallows nope :( but it hasn't happened in at least 2 weeks now (touch wood) - maybe they silently fixed it?

[EDIT] Wait, I take it back...
how long does it take for a new gmail account to become active ??
Well, it would be nice if I didn't have to do this every time I sign in - i.e. if the added accounts stayed added
How could I save this setting for multiple accounts?
Now, I added an account.
But the account disappeared when I log in next time. I had to type it again and repeat those processes.
yeah, that's what they are saying ... that that is the desired functionality (that's how it has been built) - which quite honestly sucks
But my question is, how do you delete one of them, I have two other addresses under my primary address that I want to delete, I just don't know how to, can someone please help me?
I linked my 2 Google + accounts (in same name but with different emails of course) because one was my original gmail account and the other is my I set up Google authorship from the older and more active Google + account and all was well. Now although the rich snippets code page says all is well, my image in the search results comes and goes...some days its there...some not! I would love to delete the smaller and inactive account BUT i need the for the authorship! Now I don't see that they are even linked anymore...all very frustrating...any ideas??
ldstokely5@gmail I have done everything your told me to do it don't wor, lLinda Stokely
My older account is new one is I need the first one what can I do ?
I tried to have 1gmail account and 1 email account I wanted to attach my photo to my gmail account and keep the email open with Ellen degeneres with photo on my gmail and email I also needed my reinstament to experian account put back on my gmail account. I know this is a lot but I have only had this for a month thank you patsy Hayes. Then we will have everything gmail
One email both with Ellen degeneres one photo attached and the same for one email
Thank you I am elderly and I just do not understamd

I just discovered this and this is going to make my life so much easier!!! thanks google!
+ Anthony, just add them from the drop down list when you create the post and you can post to as many as you like :)
I would be willing to pay for something that worked.  I have six actual G-mail accounts plus one that's on my Google-hosted domain.  Using the multiple sign-on feature works at first, but at some point, it loses all the accounts except my primary (and maybe one other) and I have to log the others back in again manually.  This sucks, and I'd be willing to pay a reasonable amount to avoid having to deal with it.
As cool as this multiple accounts thing is, it'll only become truly useful when I can choose which account I want to log out as, instead of being logged out of all of them at once!
is multiple account sign in available on the Google+ app also?  We're having to sign out to swap accounts.  
Every now and then i do wonder why Google is such a world leader as it is. When i can't easily swop around which Gmail goes with which G+ or which YouTube etc
L Mak
+Dave Hines I get the same error. Is there a way to report this issue to google?
This feature would not be needed in the first place if Google didn't start pushing their useless Google+ social network everywhere. As an Android developer developing for Android at my job + doing my own apps I find myself in a sea of accounts: google+ account, dev accounts, gmail accounts, test accounts. This is all plain nonsense. Especially with idiotic limitation you introduce on every step. Working with all this like walking in a maze where you have to break your head to achieve the simplest goals.
I think it's ace, but i don't need to get this message over and over thanks.   :-[
Some time now I've been off line because I had. Surgery on back now I'm playing read until I drop . I miss so much .
Does it work on mobile? I'm not seeing any options.
this privacy issue with Google is getting totally out of hand. I don 't WANT to give any personal information, and I don't WANT to engage in social networking on this site. All I want is a damned email. Google is dangerous. VERY dangerous.
My wife is trying to use multiple gmail accounts on the current version of Chrome, and whenever she logs out, the linked accounts are all dropped.  What am I doing wrong? I have a couple of linked accounts that work perfectly, so I know how to do it, but I'm either missing something, or... I dunno.
How can I sign out from one account out of 3 signed in account?
I was able to switch to diff accounts before but now--even though i can clearly see the right account and click on it--I only get my main account. It will not switch me to my student account! HELP!!
This is ridiculous. Google keeps erasing my other accounts. I'm about done with it 
I was wanting to make life easier, and switch over my google accounts to yahoo basically to access my mail easier.  I so wish I had just left it alone! I hate the way it is set up now.  FB is completely different than it was. Gmail, Google+ is now in yahoo then I have Chrome in another place.  does anyone know how to switch this back?  
The multiple account sign in page is a joke. Why have it all on one page if you need each account on a different browser? I wanted to play around with the Star Wars stuff but it won't let me sign in as myself. If Google has so many smart people working there they should be working on fixing this because sounds like a lot of people are unhappy.
The problem is Blogger. All my email is a different Google account. Going back and forth between my email and blogger becomes a nightmare. There has GOT to be a solution.
I am hopeful that atleast it may work out
I havent been able to access my second email account since you made this change,,, and cannot access my You Tube account that I had before your change,,,,help!

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