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Google's Knowledge Graph [] maps real-world people, entities, and the connections between them, and what better way to demonstrate the relationships between people and things in the world than by playing the famed game of "six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon"?  Try it out with your own search by using the search term [bacon number] plus a celebrity or public figure of your choice, like [bacon number john cusack].  Not only will you see their degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon, you can also click and explore through their background, movies, and more with the Knowledge Graph.  While every celebrity or public figure won't have a Bacon Number, features like this help highlight how people in the world are connected, sometimes in unexpected ways.

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Erich W
the bacon number can entertain for hours
It took a while but I finally found someone. Eric Brown, best known for his role on Mama's Family also had roles in about a dozen films. 
good to see Google's top engineers hard at work on the important things :)
I had the darndest time getting anything other than 2. Finally found one with imdb's help. That's cool.
When will knowledge graph support other countries and languages? (Spanish, for example ;-) )
It's nice to see what Google develops in US. But the world is not USA! Want to use knowledge graph as well, expecially because Google Now is extremely limited without it. (No Voice recognitions, no answers on my questions... only Links, no sports informations, interesting places or cinema infos)
PS: i'm living in Germany hope to see this lovely features soon! 
PS Sorry for my english ;-)
Not really new, just new to Google. does it a little better because you can switch out the actor/actress.  Ron Jeremy made for a really good connector, I was a little surprised.
Maria Skłodowska-Curie!! Maria Curie is wrong name.
Very cool...not really practical, but a mini game in and of itself.  Looking forward to more 'useful' KG advances.  

P.S.  It would be nice if you somehow showed that the search results were a result of the KG advances...
Try with Mark Zuckerberg (i know, sorry google..)
It's a four! (4)
Love it! Also that the new Voice Search in Jelly Bean says it back to you =)
your google is so good, I can't imagine to live without it: your +google, and all document that I can save in my google+, and blogspot, and everything, there is nothing like GOOGLE!
keeps getting better n always, Google ROCKS!
The link doesn't seem to be working for me...
+Hemanth G Just search "Bacon number" and the actor's name. Guess it works with other people too, but actors are the easiest to find a match. 
I couldn't come up with a name above 4. :/
Google, sometimes this has not been working correctly, For example, this had been Mixing up people with similar names. For example, this morning, it confused a comedian and a Porn actor. You might want to fix this. Also, If you type in Lon Chaney, it says he was in a movie with Keneth Branagh. Sorry for writing this here, but I do not know where else to put it. 
+Joe Stern There's usually an option for "Feedback" on most of the knowledge graph answers, at least on the side panel. That would probably be the best place to report it. 
FYI - I believe Rosalind Russell's Bacon Number calculation is wrong.

Rosalind Russell and Josh Brolin appeared in Picnic.
Josh Brolin and Kevin Bacon appeared in Hollow Man.

Picnic is a movie from 1955 and Josh Brolin was born in 1968.  Maybe worm holes really do exist?
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