Since we launched Google Goggles in 2009, the team has been busy expanding the number of images that can be recognized in categories like book covers, logos and works of art—even partnering with world-class art museums like the Getty Museum and Metropolitan Museum of Art

We've been at work adding new categories of objects that Goggles can recognize, like Sudoku puzzles and, starting today, currency notes. Now, when you point Google Goggles at a banknote you'll get a result telling you the type of bill you're looking at, including the country, denomination and the year.

We've enabled currency recognition for more than 45,000 different types of currency from 300+ countries, including some outdated currencies that are no longer in circulation, like the Italian lira and French franc. We hope this is helpful to travelers and any budding numismatists out there!
Google Goggles recognizes currency
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